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  1. The FBI thanks you for that btw...
  2. FYI, DyonR his containers have the same leak...
  3. I provide seperate templates for some of my images...a non-vpn one and a vpn one.....does that make them "SUPER Unraid Optimized"? But seriously now, I've seen at first hand for many years how a drag it has been for the different *arr support people teaching people how to properly deal with docker + paths....slowly they've been making progress, but now you come in and start telling everybody that the wrong way of doing things is "Unraid Optimized"? That doesn't sound productive at all. Surely people are capable of creating a new folder and pick a custom bind mount according their own pref
  4. All support is done on the discord server. But, yes switch to hotio/cloudflareddns
  5. There's no point in you putting puid and pgid in your template, because sct's image doesn't support it. Did you actually ask sct permission? I think he rather do the template himself maybe in collab with the selfhosters repo....for me it's all the same
  6. I'm always gonna be slower, since sct knows when he's going to push the button. Certainly not hours....the build does take 30-40 because I'm also releasing arm64 and armhf. Got puid pgid support, images slightly smaller, shared alpine base with some other of my containers, app is tested to see if it starts before pushing to dockerhub and (no limits)....
  7. Unpackerr dev trying to get info on the best approach to get his own template into CA...gets ignored and the responses he does get are besides the point. @limetech you as a person don't need to apologize to me, you've been nothing but friendly towards me. People also seem to not understand the meaning of my post, the main point I was trying to make is that people shouldn't try and guilt other people into accepting an apology, trying to make them the bad guys, because they won't respond.... BTW Tom you know damn well that I haven't been treated fairly here an
  8. Could be, maybe my welcome party has given me a bad aftertaste, then again it's just your opinion and we all have one. Having said that, it doesn't make it any less true.
  9. Although I can't speak for my fellow team members, decisions like these usually aren't taken by a single event, in most cases it's just the final drop...not saying it was like that in this case....but don't start "expecting" stuff in return just because a cheap apology was made. Some new developers trying to get into the Unraid community are belittled and left hanging without a proper response, you don't see them getting an apology.... IMO, the backlash was just too big in this case and that's why you get this nice apology, just simple business damage control at its fin
  10. It's not as if they've been very welcoming to new community developers wanting to get in on the unraid something like this was bound to happen to older highly respected community developers....just my 2 cents. Luckily time heals all wounds and in 6 months time a new unraid user has no idea this even happened. Burning bridges is a thing and people will keep doing it.
  11. People seeking support here are encouraged to visit the discord server (, any lack of activity on this forum is no indication of container maintenance/updates speed, those will remain best in class. I can however make no promises on the longterm availability within CA, in that case I suggest people to manually add an unraid templates repository or switch to linuxserver if that's a possibility. More info is always available on the discord server.
  12. hotio

    Hotio v CA

    You know what would happen if I did that? Somebody telling me "Just install CA".
  13. hotio

    Hotio v CA

    Every developer knows this, regular users have no idea where to go look to find additional url's, but it's besides the point and off-topic. We're talking about CA in particular here.
  14. hotio

    Hotio v CA

    Now that I've got some time to kill, I'm more than happy to clear up some things... That's you telling (fabricating) that my offer wasn't sincere. If I recall correct, I told you I was more than happy to do it AND that I would try and get outside help onboard, from linuxserver and selfhosters team members. I also did not say that I had a problem with a "moderated system", I only said/implied that I had a problem with a moderated system that's moderated by you and how you are feeling when you get out of bed in the morning. This is mainly due to a lack of knowle