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  1. People seeking support here are encouraged to visit the discord server (https://hotio.dev/discord), any lack of activity on this forum is no indication of container maintenance/updates speed, those will remain best in class. I can however make no promises on the longterm availability within CA, in that case I suggest people to manually add an unraid templates repository or switch to linuxserver if that's a possibility. More info is always available on the discord server.
  2. hotio

    Hotio v CA

    You know what would happen if I did that? Somebody telling me "Just install CA".
  3. hotio

    Hotio v CA

    Every developer knows this, regular users have no idea where to go look to find additional url's, but it's besides the point and off-topic. We're talking about CA in particular here.
  4. hotio

    Hotio v CA

    Now that I've got some time to kill, I'm more than happy to clear up some things... That's you telling (fabricating) that my offer wasn't sincere. If I recall correct, I told you I was more than happy to do it AND that I would try and get outside help onboard, from linuxserver and selfhosters team members. I also did not say that I had a problem with a "moderated system", I only said/implied that I had a problem with a moderated system that's moderated by you and how you are feeling when you get out of bed in the morning. This is mainly due to a lack of knowledge on your part and not wanting to spend the time to research the differences by comparing the repos and the offered features of the different images. From personal experience I can say that the Plex Inc. container can be very lackluster when it comes to updates. I recall a time I was waiting almost more than 2 weeks before I finally gave up and ditched their container. Some of their other tags at one time hadn't seen any security updates in over a year (if you think that's fine...be my guest). Linuxserver and hotio are very similar, although hotio provides an additional tag that can be useful for some people on top of some environment variables that can aid in server discovery and in case of a lockout. I can't say much about binhex, besides that it'll be probably arch based. I have never heard about needio and dockerhub gives me 1 result of a image that's severaly outdated. But, lets not forget that this all started with you wanting to remove the official Scrutiny containers, that's very wel maintained by the developer of Scrutiny the app. Selhosters merely provided the means to let people enjoy those containers where the developer has no interest in supporting CA. The fact that linuxserver and hotio also made a container, probably is a result for me personally because I felt that the official one didn't behave like I wanted it to and thought I could do better. Your rules also dictate if I recall correct that it is not allowed to put other peoples stuff in the template repo, exception being selfhosters. Here you are just making up bad chosen examples to prove your point. If Candy Crush would fit to be put in a docker container, I'm sure you'll find multiple on Docker Hub. But, why don't you try doing a search for "linux distro" on Google...see what comes up then, why so many? They all run the same kernel basically....well that's FOSS at work for you. You keep saying that, but stifling innovation is exaclty what you are doing. Many have looked at CA and said "screw it, not going to bother with these rules" and moved on. "Any one can always install a random app they find on docker hub." You should try doing it as a new user, telling on the forum that you installed something from DockerHub...it'll take only a couple of minutes before somebody comes telling you that it's a stupid way of doing things, just install CA they'll say. "for the benefit of the Unraid community", "to not confuse the users",...all these nice catchphrases, they sound marvelous. Newsflash: it are those users aka community you keep using as a shield who are requesting these "multiple" containers to be included, because they like choice and don't eat only vanilla ice cream their entire life. "and in cases of disputes I accept the decisions made by the moderators and the administrators of this forum itself." This is absolutely true, but then you go and rewrite CA and make up other rules (which can change at a whim) to get your way anyway. Let's hope you'll be making better decisions in the future, otherwise I have my doubts on it being "safe and secure", pushing people towards a container that hasn't seen security updates in over a year does not equal "safe and secure".
  5. hotio

    Hotio v CA

    Don't worry, I'll be pulling all my stuff from CA...I'm done with his toxic behaviour towards other developers. No matter how hard he tries to convince everybody it's not to confuse people. It'll probably save him some development time too for his "proactive" aproach. LOL
  6. Seems my posts are dissapearing again.....
  7. hotio

    Hotio v CA

    Let's rip out all docker stuff from CA, because when push comes to shove they are all the same docker images that get installed and you don't need CA for that. You keep going the way you're going and there won't be anything left in CA, atleast that'll take away all the confusion. There's however no point in arguing with you, you've made up your own bizarro rules and that's it.... PS: go search the Google/Apple app stores for "alarm clock", see how many you find...shouldn't matter that the query differs from one specific as candy Crush, you're comparing apples to oranges anyway....
  8. Looking back at it, your entire response (dockerPolice) was misplaced here and shouldn't even have been made.
  9. hotio

    Hotio v CA

    He already offered and I accepted (and I'm sure we can find others to help), but he was quick to back down...so....says enough. There's also fundamentaly nothing wrong with moderating for the reasons you listed...but that's not what's happening or what people have an issue with. There's no good reason to remove multiple containers just for the fact that there's more than one.
  10. hotio

    Hotio v CA

    I'm not pissed about multiple apps being shown, the more the merrier...or the CA app in itsself. The problem lies in one person (and some alt accounts) wanting to rule with an iron fist about what gets shown and what not. Sure he's the creator, but because of the way it gets heavily pushed on this forum, it might as well be natively included. There's nothing confusing about seeing multiple docker containers for the same thing and a user wanting to know the difference between them also doesn't make that person confused, it makes him curious. Maybe we should ask Google to remove all links to Unraid? Because it sure is confusing seeing all these NAS OS's show up, Unraid, FreeNAS, OMV, ....
  11. The fact that CA is moderated to shit and that one person has multiple accounts like dockerPolice...
  12. I think it's time that unraid gets rid of the crap that's called CA, if it ever wants to be taken seriously. Doesn't make any sense to delete the official docker image...
  13. for that you'll have to setup another feature of unpackerr or use something like rar2fs (but this requires a tweak to radarr/sonarr, which I haven't been able to make them implement, despite my best efforts) https://github.com/davidnewhall/unpackerr/blob/de11d983c278a68b60011d3925f9fdea1e694ab5/examples/unpackerr.conf.example#L67
  14. the difference is that nzbget already unpacks stuff