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  1. The Plex Autoscan github has all the information you need written down in detail. "it doesnt even load" is meaningless without logs unfortunately.
  2. probably did that 10x times, didn't work for me at all at the time
  3. crazy thought, just throwing it out there, what if the combo BTRFS (COW) + sqlite (most our databases) is causing the write amplification...for appdata COW is iirc not disabled.... And truth be told, I'm still seeing a constant write pattern on a non-unraid system, with docker data on a btrfs ssd
  4. Glad to see it helped somebody...it also took me a while before I found the solution....never thought limetech wouldn't have thought about this usecase, although on ubuntu I also had to override the default systemd service. You'd expect an UI toggle to include all use cases and not just usb....
  5. The image was changed, no longer using s6 and the default entrypoint is now "rar2fs -f -o auto_unmount" and it's now based on Alpine. The readme was updated to reflect those changes....if you would prefer the old way until you figure things out it's as easy as using an older tag with a commit before the changes. Unraid template/support has been dropped however, because the templating system imo isn't really fit to pre configure this changed behaviour. Could have told you this within a minute on discord....for some reason I'm not always getting a notification email from the forum....
  6. Outputting to docker logs or rather stopping the containers from writing to docker logs made a significant impact on my writes, that's why all hotio containers don't output to docker logs by default.....it gave me a fighting chance to see my ssd's in action a wee bit longer....
  7. There is / should be an edit function if advanced mode is enabled.....
  8. You did enable advanced mode, right?
  9. Modifying (or deleting and creating one manually) the default mount setting /downloads from the template, so that the files would also appear in /data inside the unpackerr container, should also solve the problem.
  10. Try adjusting the variable to UN_SONARR_0_PATH /downloads/completed
  11. I got confused there for a minute, I'm asking the developer....I'm not seeing it either.
  12. sonarr says that the file is located in /data, you are mounting them in unpackerr container in /downloads
  13. ok thanks, I don't think sweeping everything under the carpet is a good way forward especially when we are talking about something so delicate as another mans reputation. Not exactly sure why this can't be cleared up in a single post without hiding posts etc.
  14. Why are my posts and other people's post being removed?
  15. https://github.com/davidnewhall/unpackerr/issues