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  1. I've followed your instructions but unRAID is "unable to connect to localhost" after it loads: 1. install unRAID on a virtual hard drive I created a new IDE hard drive for an existing "Win 8.1 Pro"-VM with 1 GB size stored into a single file named "unraid_test.vdmk" within Windows I created a new FAT32 partition named "UNRAID" I copied all unraid files to this partition I executed "make_bootable.bat" (the f option was already included) 2. start unRAID from virtual hard drive I created a new VM named "unraid test" with os "Other Linux 4.x or later kernel 64-bit" I used virtual disk type "IDE" and used the existing virtual disk file "unraid_test.vdmk" I started the VM and selected to boot in "unraid OS GUI mode" within the booting procedure it showed the following messages: waiting for /dev/disk/by-label/UNRAID (will check for 30 sec).... after 8 seconds: random: fast init done random: crng init done ... Cannot find device "bond0" Then the login window appears. I login as "root" without password and it shows the firefox browser for the url "localhost" and saying: Unable to connect Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost. ... I went back to the Windows-VM in order to check if the label of the partition/volume is wrong but it is still "UNRAID". Do you know what the problem is and how can I solve this? Thanks in advance!