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  1. Glad it helped you. Additionally, I recently found and added the docker "Rebuild DNDC" that monitors any custom containers, so any other dockers pointed to your custom wireguard4dockers container will automatically rebuild if the Wireguard container is updated. It is available under community "APPS" tab. It works 90% of the time updating linked containers without issue. A few times I had to reinstall one of my linking containers, but not a big issue of community Apps is installed. Here is the support site:
  2. Hi Everyone, Thank you for the great information in this thread. I am adding a few more tweaks and notes below in order to run the native UNRAID Dynamics Wireguard simultaneously with the Linuxserver Wireguard Docker. I now have two working versions of Wireguard running on my machine with one specifically for use with whatever Dockers I decide to add to the new Wireguard VPN. When intially created, I named my new docker "wireguard4dockers" as shown below. When downloaded, you have to add a lot of the variables into the template, so this takes time, and if you have an
  3. Hi Shane, I have been running Samsung SSD Drives for 4+ years as part of a cache pool and recently just added my fourth Samsung SSD to the pool without any issues. Prior to that I had used a single spinner for the cache drive. I also use a Samsung SSD Pro Drive through unassigned devices for my Plex transcodes and for VM's. Transcoding creates a lot of writes to a drive and can burn through a warranty & lifespan pretty quickly on the lower grade SSD models. Perhaps others have had issues with Samsung SSD's, but for myself I have not. I've had an Unraid s