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  1. Anybody know when multiple Array Pools will be available ? Thanks
  2. Every time i add a peer i have to reboot the server in order for wireguard to start working again, is this normal ?, After rebooting every thing works fine including the new added peer. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
  3. Not sure mine did the same, have not tried with new version yet.
  4. Just upgraded to Beta 24 and lost activity on dash, I am connected now and using Tunnel but the dashboard has this displaying
  5. Just install Nginx Proxy Manager Docker, not able to login, using and password changeme, It comes up with No relevant user found Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Anybody know when multiple cache or array pools be available ?
  7. OK, then any tutorial I see or read when they reference Host Path 1 I will ignore or use Host path 2 . Thank you very much
  8. Changed browser in Windows 10 to Edge and every thing seems to work, was using Firefox and Shutdown and Stop/Start Array did not work but in Edge it works fine. Thanks for your help
  9. I am running 6.5.3 , I have notice when installing or editing a docker app Host Path 1 is missing in all app configs, my other older 6.5.2 server still has Host Path 1 in all the docker apps config. Any suggestions Thanks
  10. I get this error in the log when trying to stop the array after installing unassigned devices, if i uninstall unassigned devices then the error is not there and i can stop/start the array. Error Jun 21 06:26:16 GDT-Unraid emhttpd: error: cmdStop: missing csrf_token Thanks
  11. When I install the App Unassigned Devices I am not able to stop array or shutdown/reboot from Webui, if remove the app unassigned devices then everything works fine. Any suggestions