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  1. OK, then any tutorial I see or read when they reference Host Path 1 I will ignore or use Host path 2 . Thank you very much
  2. Changed browser in Windows 10 to Edge and every thing seems to work, was using Firefox and Shutdown and Stop/Start Array did not work but in Edge it works fine. Thanks for your help
  3. I am running 6.5.3 , I have notice when installing or editing a docker app Host Path 1 is missing in all app configs, my other older 6.5.2 server still has Host Path 1 in all the docker apps config. Any suggestions Thanks
  4. I get this error in the log when trying to stop the array after installing unassigned devices, if i uninstall unassigned devices then the error is not there and i can stop/start the array. Error Jun 21 06:26:16 GDT-Unraid emhttpd: error: cmdStop: missing csrf_token Thanks
  5. When I install the App Unassigned Devices I am not able to stop array or shutdown/reboot from Webui, if remove the app unassigned devices then everything works fine. Any suggestions