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  1. Another kernel update, more base package updates, bug fixes. Version 6.7.0-rc7 2019-04-03 Base distro: aaa_elflibs: version 15.0 curl: version 7.64.1 gnutls: version 3.6.7 harfbuzz: version 2.4.0 icu4c: version 64.1 iproute2: version 5.0.0 iputils: version 20190324 kernel-firmware: version 20190402_67b7579 libedit: version 20190324_3.1 libssh2: version 1.8.2 lsscsi: version 0.30 mkfontscale: version 1.2.1 nano: version 4.0 shadow: version 4.6 shared-mime-info: version 1.12 sqlite: version 3.27.2 talloc: version 2.2.0 tdb: version 1.4.0 tevent: version 0.10.0 wget: version 1.20.2 xfsprogs: version 4.20.0 Linux kernel: version: 4.19.33 Management: rc.nginx: eliminate unnecessary 10 sec delays webgui: Dashboard: add settings shortcuts webgui: Docker: Add More Info link (docker registry) to context menus webgui: Updated jquery cookie script from 1.3.1 to 1.4.1 webgui: Keep status visible for paused array operations
  2. limetech

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc7 available

    What release did you upgrade from? The extra delay in this step is due to a change that went into -rc6: fstab: mount USB flash boot device with 'flush' keyword This tells the vfat file system to be more aggressive in flushing data to the USB flash device, though not fully "synchronous". This was done to cut down on USB flash device corruption and should not be noticeable in normal operation. It is odd that the "Syncing - please wait" message did not appear immediately, we'll have to look into that.
  3. limetech

    MD5 Checksum fails with upgrade to RC6

    Changed Status to Closed Changed Priority to Other
  4. limetech

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc6 available

    No I messed something up trying to publish -rc7.
  5. Lots of base package updates, other fixes. Hopefully one of the last -rc's before stable release. Version 6.7.0-rc6 2019-03-25 Base distro: adwaita-icon-theme: version 3.32.0 at-spi2-atk: version 2.32.0 at-spi2-core: version 2.32.0 atk: version 2.32.0 bash: version 5.0.003 ca-certificates: version 20190308 coreutils: version 8.31 curl: version 7.64.0 (CVE-2019-8907, CVE-2019-3822, CVE-2019-3823) dhcpcd: version 7.1.1 dnsmasq: version 2.80 docker: version 18.09.3 e2fsprogs: version 1.45.0 ethtool: version 5.0 file: version 5.36 (CVE-2019-8906, CVE-2019-8907) freetype: version 2.10.0 git: version 2.21.0 glib2: version 2.60.0 glibc: version 2.29 glibc-solibs: version 2.29 glibc-zoneinfo: version 2018i-noarch-1 gnutls: version 3.6.6 gtk+3: version 3.24.7 infozip: version 6.0 (CVE-2014-8139, CVE-2014-8140, CVE-2014-8141, CVE-2016-9844, CVE-2018-18384, CVE-2018-1000035) iproute2: version 4.20.0 iputils: version 20180629 jemalloc: version 4.5.0 jq: version 1.6 (rev2) kernel-firmware: version 20190314_7bc2464 kmod: version 26 libaio: version 0.3.112 libcap-ng: version 0.7.9 libgpg-error: version 1.36 libjpeg-turbo: version 2.0.2 libpsl: version 0.20.2 libssh2: version 1.8.1 (CVE-2019-3855, CVE-2019-3856, CVE-2019-3857, CVE-2019-3858, CVE-2019-3859, CVE-2019-3860, CVE-2019-3861, CVE-2019-3862, CVE-2019-3863) libvirt: version 5.1.0 libwebp: version 1.0.2 libwebsockets: version 3.1.0 libxkbfile: version 1.1.0 libxml2: version 2.9.9 libxslt: version 1.1.33 libzip: version 1.5.2 libXcomposite: version 0.4.5 libXcursor: version 1.2.0 libXdamage: version 1.1.5 libXdmcp: version 1.1.3 libXext: version 1.3.4 libXft: version 2.3.3 libXmu: version 1.1.3 libXrandr: version 1.5.2 libXxf86dga: version 1.1.5 lvm2: version 2.02.177 lzip: version 1.21 mcelog: version 162 mozilla-firefox: version 66.0 (CVE-2018-18500, CVE-2018-18504, CVE-2018-18505, CVE-2018-18503, CVE-2018-18506, CVE-2018-18502, CVE-2018-18501, CVE-2018-18356, CVE-2019-5785, CVE-2018-18511, CVE-2019-9790, CVE-2019-9791, CVE-2019-9792, CVE-2019-9793, CVE-2019-9794, CVE-2019-9795, CVE-2019-9796, CVE-2019-9797, CVE-2019-9798, CVE-2019-9799, CVE-2019-9801, CVE-2019-9802, CVE-2019-9803, CVE-2019-9804, CVE-2019-9805, CVE-2019-9806, CVE-2019-9807, CVE-2019-9809, CVE-2019-9808, CVE-2019-9789, CVE-2019-9788) mpfr: version 4.0.2 ncompress: version ncurses: version 6.1_20190223 nghttp2: version 1.37.0 ntp: version 4.2.8p13 (CVE-2019-8936) oniguruma: version 6.9.1 (CVE-2017-9224, CVE-2017-9225, CVE-2017-9226, CVE-2017-9227, CVE-2017-9228, CVE-2017-9229) openssl: version 1.1.1b (CVE-2019-1559) openssl-solibs: version 1.1.1b (CVE-2019-1559) p11-kit: version 0.23.15 pcre: version 8.43 php: version 7.2.15 pixman: version 0.38.0 rsyslog: version 8.1903.0 sqlite: version 3.27.2 sudo: version 1.8.27 sysvinit: version 2.94 sysvinit-scripts: version 2.1-noarch-26 talloc: version 2.1.16 tar: version 1.32 tdb: version 1.3.18 tevent: version 0.9.39 ttyd: version 20190223 util-linux: version 2.33.1 wget: version 1.20.1 xprop: version 1.2.4 xtrans: version 1.4.0 Linux kernel: version: 4.19.31 CONFIG_X86_MCELOG_LEGACY: Support for deprecated /dev/mcelog character device OOT Intel 10Gbps network driver: ixgbe: version 5.5.5 Management: fstab: mount USB flash boot device with 'flush' keyword rc.sshd: only copy new key files to USB flash boot device rc.nginx: implement better status wait loop - thanks ljm42 smartmontools: update drivedb and hwdata/{pci.ids,usb.ids,oui.txt,manuf.txt} webgui: Per Device Font Size Setting webgui: Syslog: add '' entry in local folder selection webgui: Syslog: included rsyslog.d conf files and chmod 0666 webgui: Syslog: added log rotation settings webgui: Open link under Unraid logo in new window webgui: Use cookie for display setting font size webgui: prevent dashboard bar animations from queuing up on inactive browser tab webgui: Replace string "OS X" with "macOS" webgui: Updated Unraid icons webgui: Switch plugins to a compressed download
  6. limetech

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc6 available

    There was a small change introduced in a package update that set the console to blank after 15 min and then poweroff after 60 min of inactivity. Maybe this is what you are seeing.
  7. limetech

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc6 available

    Thanks for the diags. There were a large number of base package updates in -rc6 and you have plugins that install a lot of packages. My guess is that one of those plugins is reverting some package, making this issue happen. Reboot in 'safe mode' and see if Plex metadata update works correctly.
  8. limetech

    [6.7.0 RC1] Drives drop off Marvell controller

    Honestly, I've been watching every Linux change log for anything related to Marvell and haven't seen anything in a long time. Also we have several servers with 88SE9485 based controllers and haven't seen any "drop off" issues, so not sure what to make of this...
  9. Or try reseating the card. If that doesn't work, card might be D.O.A. Also, do you have adequate power?
  10. Probably updating to 6.6.7 failed somehow. I suggest you plug usb flash into PC, make a backup, reinstall using Flash Creator Tool and then restore your 'config' directory contents from your backup.
  11. On your new rig, once it gets to the Login prompt, login (as root user) and type the 'df' command, should look something like this: root@Test1:~# df Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on rootfs 1970548 530088 1440460 27% / tmpfs 32768 224 32544 1% /run devtmpfs 1970564 0 1970564 0% /dev tmpfs 2021920 0 2021920 0% /dev/shm cgroup_root 8192 0 8192 0% /sys/fs/cgroup tmpfs 131072 172 130900 1% /var/log /dev/sda1 3781076 212928 3568148 6% /boot /dev/loop0 8832 8832 0 100% /lib/modules /dev/loop1 6016 6016 0 100% /lib/firmware In particular /lib/modules and /lib/firmware should be mounted on loop devices.
  12. limetech

    Time Machine over SMB (Mac OS Sierra)

    That Enhanced OS X interoperability setting was created because when first experimenting with the so-called "fruit" settings (for better OS X support), some users reported problems in normal access via Windows. If no one reports problems with this set to Yes we will probably get rid of this setting in the future.
  13. limetech

    Enable optional Huge Pages

    Yes we'll look into this. There was an issue with this back when VM support in Unraid was first being developed, which I can't remember atm, but @jonp might.
  14. limetech

    6.7.0-rc5 server unresponsive

    Changed Priority to Minor
  15. The best solution to this is going to be a hardware solution. That is, you need to pass the entire USB controller to your VM and use those attached ports for your bluetooth device. The USB subsystem emulation in KVM is dicey at best.
  16. limetech

    [6.7.0-rc4] Web Console Stops Working

    Changed Status to Retest
  17. limetech

    [6.7.0-rc4] Web Console Stops Working

    -rc6 has updated webterminal, hopefully solves this.
  18. As explained here there was a pretty significant flaw introduced way back during Linux kernel 4.19 development having to do with page caching. The most obvious effect with Unraid was to cause spin-up of drives not involved in large transfers due to cached device top-level directory i-nodes getting reallocated prematurely. The latest kernel patch release (4.19.24) fixes this issue. More webGUI refinements are also included. Version 6.7.0-rc5 2019-02-22 Linux kernel: version: 4.19.24 Management: update smartmontools drivedb and hwdata/{pci.ids,usb.ids,oui.txt,manuf.txt} webgui: Syslog: sort logs webgui: Dashboard: replace inline style statements for style section webgui: Dashboard: added control buttons webgui: Updated icons and cases webgui: Suppress PHP warnings from corrupted XML files
  19. google that message and lots of links come up. Could be microcode, bios, strange interaction with certain usb devices used by VM's. Make sure your bios is up to date, and never hurts to run a couple memtest passes.
  20. I'll have to think about this. What happens with 'mv' is that it thinks source and destination are in the same file system (/mnt/user) and so it ends up doing a 'rename()' which is the operation 'shfs' sees (and also performs). I could certainly add code that analyses share config and do a 'copy' instead, but what concerns me is that rename() is special in the file system: the vfs layer ensures rename() is atomic, and if we actually did a copy, it would break this, which could lead to other very strange issues, and even data loss, if some application was relying on that.
  21. limetech

    Update your BIOS

    Putting this here because probably the most people will set it. Due to the crisis in the computing industry over Meltdown, Spectre, and the like, operating system developers have been working diligently with academia, CPU developers and hardware manufacturers to provide solutions. Some of these solutions require both hardware changes in the form of CPU microcode and software changes in the form of operating system and other subsystem mitigations. Despite what might be reported in the press, this work is ongoing. Probably everyone is familiar with the warning from motherboard providers: "Do not update your bios unless you are experiencing a problem." However some changes in the latest OS releases require corresponding bios updates. AMD is particularly affected because they don't typically provide "early microcode update" as part of OS start up like Intel does. Case in point: Everyone has to decide for themselves whether to attempt bios update, and take responsibility if something fails and you brick your motherboard. But particularly if using Virtual Machines, we highly recommend keeping your bios updated, especially for AMD platforms.
  22. Yes this is an unfortunate side-effect of how 'mv' command is coded and why 'mover' was written. The fix for this would result in the 'mv' operation failing in this particular case, which is probably not what we want either. Interesting problem which doesn't come up when moving stuff around via SMB. What is the thing that is executing the 'mv' command in OP's issue?
  23. You can try adding this on your append line: module_blacklist=bluetooth,btbcm,btintel,btrtl,btusb For example, for GUI mode boot, the syslinux append line would read: append initrd=/bzroot,/bzroot-gui module_blacklist=bluetooth,btbcm,btintel,btrtl,btusb