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  1. Thanks for the report, fixed in next release.
  2. I think rsync will create a destination file with same name as source file but prepends a '.' to the file name to make it "hidden". Then when transfer completes it performs a 'rename', thereby deleting previous copy of source file, replacing it with new copy. I think if you can use the '--inplace' option it doesn't do this, instead it opens destination for write which deletes old file and new data is written to the file.
  3. You could also create backup folders on the usb flash device and 'mv' files there, then new files will write to new blocks; though eventually the flash will fill up. For example, say you're going to update the OS. Already the update process will 'mv' (move) current bz* files to 'prev' folder, deleting those files and making their blocks available for re-use. You could first rename 'prev' to say 'prev-20200727'. Now Update OS will create a new 'prev' folder and 'mv' bz* files there - noting that 'mv' does not actually move it just changes a few pointers to place those files in the target directory. This way over time you end up writing further and further into the device. You could do similar thing with 'config' directory. But in normal use the usb flash is barely being used. We have usb flash devices used in test servers that have been hammered for several years now and still work fine.
  4. Here's the problem. As soon as we publish a release with Nvidia/AMD GPU drivers installed, any existing VM which uses GPU pass through of an Nvidia or AMD GPU may stop working. Users must use the new functionality of the Tools/System Devices page to select GPU devices to "hide" from Linux kernel upon boot - this prevents the kernel from installing the driver(s) and initializing the card. Since there are far more people passing through GPU vs using GPU for transcoding in a Docker container, we thought it would be polite to give those people an opportunity to prepare first in 6.9 release, and then we would add the GPU drivers to the 6.10 release. We can make 6.10 a "mini release" which has just the GPU drivers. Anyway, this is our current plan. Look about 10 posts up.
  5. Thank you for the report, fixed in next release.
  6. AFP has been dropped. How can it possibly work better than SMB? Are you using really old macOS?
  7. The next iteration of 'multiple pools' is to generalize the unRAID array so that you can have multiple "unRAID array pools". Along with this, introduce concept of primary pool and cache pool for a share. Then you could make different combinations, e.g., brtrfs primary pool with xfs single device cache. To have 'mover' move stuff around you would reconfigure the primary/cache settings for a share. This will work not get done for 6.9 release however.
  8. Better yet, from Main click on Flash and then Flash Backup to download entire contents of the usb flash boot device.
  9. Your key was sent to your hotmail account several hours ago.
  10. We have a solution for this in the works ...
  11. That is the exact config I was trying to get right because in my development workstation I have a 3-device btrfs raid-1. What you get from statvfs() is blocks - ie total blocks free - unused blocks avail - blocks available to be assigned Normally free==avail, but in case of btrfs avail takes into account raid organization We only care about size and free - where size is the number of blocks available to hold user data, and free is how much of that total is available. For next release I'm doing this: size = total-free + avail free = avail Using this I think everything's correct except for odd number of devices in a raid-1, which is unfortunate.
  12. But negligible given absolute amount of data written. A loopback is always going to incur more overhead because there is the overhead of the file system within the loopback and then there is the overhead of the file system hosting the loopback. In most cases the benefit of the loopback far outweighs the extra overhead.
  13. Have you tested lately? In my tests 'df' also reports things wrong, eg, raid5/6 usable size. It would be useful to compare output of 'stat -f' with 'df' output.
  14. email support@lime-technology.com and we'll resend your key. Include GUID or original email to make it easier to find your account.
  15. You're in luck! A new patch release of driver is on the Tehuti site and waddayknow it builds. Watch for next release and let me know if it works.
  16. The 'statfs()' call, or 'stat -f' command returns 3 pieces of info for a volume: fsblkcnt_t f_blocks; /* Total data blocks in filesystem */ fsblkcnt_t f_bfree; /* Free blocks in filesystem */ fsblkcnt_t f_bavail; /* Free blocks available to unprivileged user */ Prior to report of raid5/6 being reported wrong we just used f_blocks for total number of usable blocks in the file system and f_bfree for total free blocks. These numbers take into account btrfs 'raid' level and work for single,raid0,raid1 of any number of devices. Then to fix raid6/5 reporting I tried using f_bavail instead and that seems to work for free space but f_blocks for raid5/6 is still wrong. In next beta I have switched back to using f_bfree. The raid5/6 numbers are just plain wrong and this is a BUG that btrfs developers are too stubborn to fix. raid5/6 is still "experimental" and so I am done wasting time on this. If you use raid5/6 then beware these numbers are wrong.
  17. In my experience mobo wifi is not all that great because servers tend to be tucked away in closets or basements. 🤷‍♂️
  18. Probably at some point. What's your use case? Maybe there are workaround such as using a VM to supply wifi support.
  19. Not ignoring. It's a lot of work and big support headache. We have to balance against other features that are a lot of work.
  20. This is a tricky one because it requires changing license key model to something that periodically "phones home". In the past there has been near mutiny by our users to even suggest such a thing, but the times - they are a changin'
  21. There are lots of ways to configure, please post diagnostics.zip - that'll tell the tale. Tools/Diagnostics
  22. Please reboot in 'safe mode' and see if the same crash occurs. Perhaps a plugin has replaced a library out from under smbd.