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  1. Sorry I've been head down in development and other responsibilities the last couple of months and didn't see this until a developer we've been working with pointed it out. We don't always have all the answers but you'll get no B.S. from me and you can always email directly:
  2. Some of that might be out of date. Anyway I noticed in researching this the other day there are both CONFIG_THUNDERBOLT and CONFIG_USB4 kernel options. The USB4 settings are not enabled in the kernel for 6.9 but are for 6.10.
  3. Pretty sure this is not going to work with 6.9.2 as-is. Please unplug the device, open terminal window, and type (or paste) command above. This creates a file called /etc/udev/rules.d/99-removable.rules After that file is present, then hot plug the device and see if it it's recognized. We will be publishing 6.10-beta soon, any further work on this will need to be accomplished in this release. Note: for anyone wondering: we simply added Linux kernel support for Thunderbird/USB4 per user request. We made no "promise" that we are committed to Thunderbird/USB
  4. We don't have any thunderbolt hardware. But as this suggests, from a terminal window type this: echo 'ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="thunderbolt", ATTR{authorized}=="0", ATTR{authorized}="1"' >/etc/udev/rules.d/99-removable.rules Then see if your device gets detected upon plug in. If not, post
  5. With 6.9 it is possible to have plugins install modules, no need to recompile the kernel or the root file system.
  6. Try using /sys/block/sdX/stat # for the entire device /sys/block/sdX/sdX1/stat # for partition 1 on the device The smartctl command definitely increments both read command count and sectors read count for the entire device. I cannot reproduce this issue, which is to say, works for me.
  7. I, umm..., ripped that code out, I think for 6.9.1? maybe 6.9.0.
  8. ...and be sure to disable at some point since that is going to write to the flash quite a bit.
  9. We're working on a design that lets driver plugins be automatically updated when we issue a release.
  10. Could be faulty hardware - can't rule that out.
  11. That message is output as a result of seeing I/O on partition 1 of the device. That is, code has detected I/O counters have incremented since the last time they were checked (polled every second). If there has been I/O to partition 1 then we assume the device must be spun-up. The 'read SMART' command is then issued to get the device temperature. Specifically it looks at /sys/block/sdb/sdb1/stat Then adds the 3rd and 7th values (sectors read and sectors written). I don't see this happening on my test servers, but I don't have any SAS devices.
  12. Ok we can check if self-test is in progress when we think it's time to spin-down and reset spin-down timer instead of spinning down. I'll add that to work queue for next release.
  13. This release contains bug fixes and minor improvements. To upgrade: First create a backup of your USB flash boot device: Main/Flash/Flash Backup If you are running any 6.4 or later release, click 'Check for Updates' on the Tools/Update OS page. If you are running a pre-6.4 release, click 'Check for Updates' on the Plugins page. If the above doesn't work, navigate to Plugins/Install Plugin, select/copy/paste this plugin URL and click Install: Bugs: If you discover a bu
  14. There's a longstanding kernel bug that flags usb flash media as "rotational". We'll try and a get a proper fix in.
  15. For upcoming 6.9.2 we updated the realtek r8125 to version 9.005.01 (from 9.003.05). Might fix this, but since Realtek, might not
  16. There were some changes in that driver in kernel 5.10.26 Unraid 6.9.2 will include those changes.
  17. Interesting. Unraid OS 6.9.1 is on kernel 5.10.21 and the referenced patch is not applied. Upcoming 6.9.2 release is on kernel 5.10.27 which does have the patch. Working on finalizing the release now.
  18. Very interesting. To fix, open a Terminal window and type: echo 'shfsExtra="-o default_permissions"' > /boot/config/extra.cfg Then you must Stop/Start array. Also this will persist across reboots, hence to undo you must delete the file. This is a mount option that tells FUSE to let the kernel handle file system permissions. This used to be how FUSE worked by default and somewhere along the line it got changed, probably in transition from FUSE v2 to v3. This bug will get fixed in Unraid OS 6.10 where we can have a little beta testing before wider deployment.
  19. The 'mover' does indeed move symlinks correctly, well I ran a test script and it worked. It will not move any files that are "in use" meaning opened by some process. I suggest you turn on mover logging (Settings/Scheduler) and see what shows up in the system log.
  20. This is implemented in Unraid OS 6.9.x which makes /root/.ssh a symlink to flash config/ssh/root directory.
  21. Can someone please create a "tldr" of what user Port22_Login_root_ScanBot is on about?
  22. There is a nifty password strength validator available via Community Apps: Dynamix Password Validator Adds the "zxcvbn.js" javascript password validator script, which is used for password strength validation. Passwords are rated in five strengths: worst, bad, weak, good, strong