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  1. I'm looking for some clarification on the Disk Verification Schedule and the Tasks. So the help says So in this example you have 3 disks and you have put each disk on a separate task. My understanding of the above is that Task 1 executes on the Monday, then the following Monday Task 2, and the following Monday after that Task 3. But then when does it restart? The next Monday after the week with Task 3 finishing its back to Task 1? If I select Monthly, is that going to run Task 1 in Jan, Task 2 in Feb, Task 3 in March? Is there anyway to set it
  2. I've run extended on all 3 disks. I see some errors but they seem to have happened quite a few powered-on-hours ago. ST2000DM001-1CH164_S240QKH5-20210128-0750.txt ST2000DM001-1CH164_W1E22PJR-20210128-0749.txt ST2000DM001-1CH164_W1E26DX7-20210128-0750.txt
  3. What are your share settings? As far as I know, if the share has cache set to anything other than No it'll be included in the size.
  4. Just upgraded this machine from v5-rc15 to 6.8.3 and practically immediately I've got a warning about disk3 with SMART "reported uncorrect is 6". Is this something to be worried about at this time? backup-diagnostics-20210127-1952.zip
  5. In the saga of dealing with this, and now the idea of loose cables being in my mind; I'm a little worried about putting this machine back together. I use 2 supermicro 5in3 cages but the case i have available is a bit tight and to make room to work i just placed them on top of the case and then ran the new sata cables to the cages. Thankfully everything has been running fine now, but I'd like to get the cages back in and hopefully not have more errors. In the event of errors appearing and most likely being assumed its a bad cable connection. Where would I go from there?
  6. Oh I just realized I never updated my last post. After disk3(sdb in graphs above) vanished during the parity rebuild, It dawned on me that disk1 and 2 still had all their data. So I ran out and bought new 4TB's. In the graphs above Parity 1, 2, and disks 1, 2, and 3 are all new 4TB drives. Disk 4 and 5 are the original disk 1 and 2 respectively. The rebuild of parity completed early this morning. It's been at least 6 years since I used ddrescue. I'm going to give a shot at the original disk5 (sdi in those graphs above) and see what it can save for me. Origin
  7. So just to confirm, New Config then reassign original parity, disk1, disk2, followed by original disk5 and for disk3 i want WCAWZ2814440 which claims to have 9 power on hours? I have a hard time believing it actually has 9 hours because I can look at my screenshots of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 disk configurations and that drive has been in use just as long as the rest. If I added another parity after doing the new config, would that be ok or mess something up?
  8. I've attached both smart entries. I should note that disk3 was rebuilt 2-3 days ago using the current disk3 thats somehow failing. But this is the one and only disk5 that i've been trying to rebuild. live-disk3-WDC - is the current disk3 in the array thats erroring disk3-WDC - is the very original disk3 that was replaced I have not bought those 4tb i was thinking of buying yet. I did however buy a bunch of new sata cables and replaced all of them. They're all very firmly fitting and clicked into place with no movement. disk3-WDC_WD20EARX-00M
  9. Ok. So I went for a walk and had spent some time thinking. In my panic of having never dealt with multi-drive failure at the same time, I completely forgot about my second machine that duplicates everything. So really I may have only lost everything since Sunday morning. I think i'll just cut my losses and call it a day on attempting to repair this array. Theres too many errors and issues going on, i mean how can i rebuild one thats missing while another is having read errors. If I can, I'm going to start the array and at least try to get a document i spent
  10. Looks like it'll be several hours before that completes. Hypothetical thoughts/questions here: So every Sunday I start up another machine running my second license of unraid and i run the command "rsync -avW ..." to basically image all shares from this machine except video and tvshows. As it currently stands with disk5 being emulated and disk3 with read errors. If the array were started and I wanted to copy something off, as long as the file isn't in the error portion of disk3 i should get a clean file. But if disk3 has a read error, would the copy fail or would i
  11. SMART short self-test on original disk3 and disk5 returns "Completed without error". I'm thinking I should probably take the 4TB I was using the rebuild disk5 with and see if i can successfully copy original disk3 and 5 onto it.
  12. Is there someway I can test and tell using the original disk3 and disk5 drives? disk3 is actually a rebuild from 4-5 days ago so i have the very original disk3, i have the currently active rebuilt disk3 in the array. I'm starting to question if the original issue was a loose cables to begin with which started this.
  13. disk 5 is emulated, disk 3 is one throwing sector read errors. i have syslog copied to flash which i forgot diag doesn't capture. syslog(2)_trimmed is the latest one from the flash drive, its 890MB in size. All i "trimmed" from the file was an unbelievable number of "Jan 15 05:48:00 storage kernel: md: disk3 read error, sector=3679445936". disk2 errors occurred from wiggling a sata cable thinking that may've been disk3's issue. After that happened i replaced loose sata cables and disk2 has not had issues yet. syslog_20210115_0702.zip
  14. Ah ha. Thank you. I have run the hdparm command as per that post and it now reads /dev/sdh: max sectors = 3907029168/3907029168, HPA is disabled I also restarted after running the command and now when I add the drive in the webui it says replacement disk installed. Just wanting to double check that that should be good enough to start the rebuild? Edit: also to add, just double checked bios and there is no one option that mentions bios saving, backup, rescue..etc. Edit2: Rebuilding, thanks again for your help