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  1. I’m using Nextcloud on a MacBook Pro. Very happy with this solution. I basically installed the Nextcloud application on a Mac Pro and then a MacBook Pro. You just drop the files in your Nextcloud and the files are synced to all devices running Nextcloud. It works similar to Dropbox, but all of the files are stored on each computer as well as on unRaid.
  2. Glad I could point you in the right direction. I and others will undoubtedly find that incorrectly setting up VLAN’s will cause those broadcast messages and cause the sort of issues you were facing. My thanks goes to @ken-ji for initially pointing me in the right direction.
  3. Another alternative you could try is I have successfully used it instead of VNC and it worked very well.
  4. I’m not saying this is your issue, but I had a lot of problems connecting from a Vlan to my Krusader docker when my Vlan wasn’t configured properly. I was constantly getting lockup’s. This post helped to clear up my Vlan issues: At any rate, this should help you to determine the proper setup of your Vlan’s.
  5. I don't have AFP enabled under settings. Other than that, I have my security set to private and I have my SMB User Access set to Read/Write. I don't use sabNZB, but maybe it's locking the files. I guess a good way to test would be to stop sabNZB and see if you can delete a file.
  6. So I have been running my system since Wednesday of last week and I no longer have any call traces on macvlan. I may try the next suggestion and place with a DHCP pool on br4. Right now, I’m very happy that I can eliminate the call traces. *** Just an update on this. No more call traces in my system as of July 4th. I would say my problems have been resolved. ***
  7. I get roughly the same error when I boot unRaid. I haven’t delved into it.
  8. Windows 10 has a firewall. You may have to turn that off.
  9. Well I'm glad my odometer doesn't go up like my cache otherwise I would need a new vehicle a lot sooner
  10. So basically, nothing to be concerned about.
  11. I thought I would throw this out, to see if anyone else is seeing the same thing. Ever since I setup my unRaid server (early this spring) , I have seen a large number of writes on my SSD cache drives. Currently, it has only been running for 2 days, 15 hours and these are the current values: Granted, I do have the following on the cache drives: I have two VM's and a few dockers running. I also have the trim plugin Dynamic SSD Trim. I'm just wondering if it's normal to see that high number of writes or maybe I have something setup wrong. Thanks for any feedback.
  12. Okay, thanks for clarifying. BTW with my current setup no call traces so far with broadcast messages and macvlan. I should note that one other change I adopted from @ken-ji‘s setup, is that I also setup the Network Protocol to IPv4 + IPv6 for both the interface and the VLAN which I cannot really see that resolving any issue. I just thought I should mention it.
  13. Thanks @ken-ji and @bonienl. Well, after reading what you wrote, I’m wondering if there is some sort of bug / glitch that caused br4.34 to be available only after I setup a pool on br4. At any rate on my system br0 is my main unsaid network. I have some dockers running on that which are operating in bridge mode. So @bonienl are you inferring that in the Docker Settings a pool should always be assigned otherwise Docker is running a DHCP server and is competing with my routers DHCP server? By the way, ever since I setup br4 as shown in my earlier post, my system has totally settled down. I’m not actually using in my system / router at all. I’m going to leave my system going for a couple more days to see if the call traces are resolved. If so, I can do some more experimenting.
  14. Hi ken-ji, Posting that helped a lot and I was able to figure out my issue. Apparently I needed to assign a pool to br4 as well in order for br4.34 to be available. So my docker settings now look as follows: Just out of curiosity, are you actually using 192.168.2.XXX for anything in your system. Or did you just set this up for isolation. Thanks for you help. I will see if this rids me of the call traces.
  15. Hi ken-ji, Can you be a bit more specific. When I set IPv4 address assignment: to None on my example VLAN 34, I cannot then start the dockers and br4.34 is no longer available. Thanks.