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  1. There's 2 fairly good mobile apps on Android. I use Companion. Doesn't give you every option the website does but it's great for starting and stopping VMs and docker containers
  2. Oh dang. Glad to see this is possible without googling how to pull it off via the terminal
  3. The mover is a great tool, but only having the options of keeping files permanently in cache or moving everything at a predetermined time makes it somewhat unflexible. Would be a huge additional if users could move files in a specific share from cache to array if say, the file hasn't been modified in x amount of days or if the file is older than x, etc . For example, new media downloads could stay in cache longer so accessing new media would be faster or files needed for a work project could stay in cache until they haven't been modified for a week or so. This is pretty easy to pull off with scripts but having a nice UI to help users do this would make cache even more useful.
  4. I always thought a mover option based off file date would be nice. Like, move files that haven't change in a few days to the array
  5. Love the dashboard but it would be nice if we could hide specific Docker apps and VMs. Don't really need quick access to every app
  6. Yeah, I've tried Android X86. Unfortunately it ran like crap and some apps don't work well on it
  7. +1. Would love to be able to run a Android VM, mainly for Tasker
  8. Do you have the user scripts plugin installed? Seems like it'll do what you're looking for
  9. Oh, I know. Pipe dream. Would love a more customizable dashboard similar to Organizr but I'm not gonna hold my breath
  10. +1 Mainly just want the user script plugin accessable from the dashboard
  11. I'm looking for a way to distribute video encoding jobs between my new unraid server and my old server. Has anyone done this with unraid? I've been looking into Clustercode and Pytranscoder-ffmpeg , but I can't test either until my parts come in
  12. Never tried that docker but you can use tasker yatse and ifttt to control Kodi with a Google home
  13. something like this for retro games would actually be pretty cool. As wrong as piracy is, for a lot of old games, its really the only option./