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Community Answers

  1. Are you the author for this thread tho? You have uncomplete instructions in your first post which makes it harder for ppl to get it startet.
  2. But i see now i already suggestet that a year ago, also told him the config errors he made and its still there... so he just likes to "fix" the same problems over and over again - i guess.
  3. I dont have that problem, but i cant understand why you not automatic do the neccessary changes...?
  4. Yes. I just enabled it and restartet. What is your config?
  5. Did u grant the docker higher rights? That was the only thing, besides config, for me, i got it today running...
  6. Yes, i know. Problem is i needed to restart too many times, it only saves last log...
  7. by now i noticed it, to make it short, the question is, why higher rights? cant we just passthru the usb?
  8. Is there any reason there is no pre configured variable for usb passthru? Or is that not needed? Or there is no mention in this thread, nor in the coral driver plugin, how to do that? shouldnt something liek this be direct in the template and or first page? Only mention i found is in the docker description i should give frigate admin, but cant the usb just be passed thru without higher privileges?
  9. I dont know how many diags i posted (not for this bug tho) without any results...
  10. hmm im getting Feb 4 15:31:13 Unraid-Server kernel: traps: lsof[9355] general protection fault ip:14a86c037c6e sp:f82cd84126b6b03b error:0 in[14a86c01f000+169000] Feb 4 15:39:34 Unraid-Server kernel: traps: lsof[6297] general protection fault ip:14881de10c6e sp:79d5a8ef6d1aeb51 error:0 in[14881ddf8000+169000] everytime i try to delete something within plex (like click media info, and click delete file something.mp4), the circle spins and after a long time, it gets successfully deleted... anyone else n oticed this? Ive tried it now 3 or 4 times, same thing happend, some files work without a problem tho. interestingly is this error appears in the second the remove is successfull? edit: tryd running "lsof" in terminal, getting more of those errors..?
  11. Ah, okay, i didnt know that. I thought you just link to nvidia... Then i dont see a fix for this.
  12. Yes i understand that. I would suggest to keep all versions, so it never changes the version without user input. I guess you only store the links and versions, so not the real drivers, right? So that shouldnt be a problem.
  13. Even the confusion is confused!!! You said "If you are upgrading or downgrading to another Unraid version where that specific driver version is not available it will indeed fall back to the latest option since this is the only viable option for me since the plugin can't know what version one would like use now." I told you i also did a update, so this is probably what happend? Are we on the same tracks now?
  14. I cant tell you what exactly lead to this. I just noticed it atleast 3 times by now. (since u released this) I did numerous restarts and a update. If you say it defaults to latest when its no longer in the list, i think we have the problem already found... 🙂