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Community Answers

  1. Dont tell how you resolved it, it might help the next soul.
  2. trape came up with a better version it installs it in usr local bin , im not quite sure if that makes a difference or not, but ill test with next restart. anyway my approch should be definitly working (but not so elegant)
  3. hey, thanks for your fast support. I would use it, if i knew how. 😁 U say u fixed it yesterday, but why i get these errors when building it NOW?
  4. am i the only one where the mergefs is no longer working? edit: thanks for the fix, that is working now again... -E TAG worked. edit2: I came up with cd /tmp wget tar -xzvf mergerfs-static-linux_amd64.tar.gz mv /tmp/usr/local/bin/mergerfs /bin rm -r /tmp/usr/ sleep 10 edit3: trape came up with a better version VER=2.36.0 wget -qO-${VER}/mergerfs-static-linux_amd64.tar.gz | \ tar xvz -C / it installs it in usr local bin , im not quite sure if that makes a difference or not, but ill test with next restart. anyway my approch should be definitly working (but not so elegant)
  5. Am i the only one with Was running fine for years...? #!/bin/bash rm /bin/mergerfs sleep 10 docker run -v /mnt/user/appdata/other/mergerfs:/build --rm trapexit/mergerfs-static-build mv /mnt/user/appdata/other/mergerfs/mergerfs /bin there was a update 1 day ago maybe it broke it?
  6. So i found a problem. we have some differnt places connected via vpn (ipsec) via fritzbox. lets call it main (where server is) A B C Usually im at main and can connect perfectly to all locations. Currently im in A and couldnt connect to B. But i can ping ip adresses in B. Everywhere the ID SERVER is set to main. Should that work? edit: i think i found the problem. A cant connect to B or C. Cant the server relay the connection? I tried -e 'ALWAYS_USE_RELAY'='Y' -e 'RELAY_SERVERS'='' (which port is the correct?) TO clarify i want to connect to to connect to because 1.1 cant direct contact 2.1, is that possible? I thought thats what relay are for? edit2: nvm, i found it, this works, sadly i need to set always use relay
  7. You should post this genereall tutorials inside your first post. Why answer these questions over and over again? Also you could use my tut i wrote there.
  8. Thats when it cant boot from cd / file maybe try other iso? btw you dont try to install windows 10 on 30gb right?
  9. Wouldnt change it there. Install user scripts plugin and make a script run ONLY once at startup A guide for what? Just change all directories (of temp files) which normally would go to appdata to dev shm.
  10. yea ofc, its just a simple google search away I have all my dockers on dev shm and made it nearly full ram ("only" have 64gb)
  11. Ah, okay, that wasnt clear from the instructions. Edit: im now on RC19, ipvlan and bridge enabled, will report back if crash/freeze again.
  12. Thats all you need. \\serverip (depending on your network you can also use servername)\sharename You really want to be sure what you expose to the outside world. Ill only do plex. (in a docker) But best would be VPN depending on your scenario.
  13. It doesnt really matter. You shouldnt point unraid to outside anyway. Under shares you must set export to yes to see it. (its per share)
  14. Thank you for your fast response. Like i said i already enabled log again. Its advised to use ipvlan, thats what ive set docker to. Question is why is that: When i set it to ipvlan? In which config file i can look which config is really set? You know i had the problem that unraid didnt removed debrie out of the network.cfg once i removed my 2. network card, so i wanna make sure its correctly in that .cfg. Since i didnt had problem with ipvlan (its was enabled even before upgrading to RC) i would rather go with the recommended setup. / if that changes, i might go back to macvlan.