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Hi guys, 


I tried searching for this but didnt find anything - sorry if its been posted before! 


I just upgraded from 6.5.3 to 6.7.2. I love the new dashboard layout but it would be great if we could customise it or hide panels. For example im not really that interested in having my motherboard details on the page, especially near the top of the page where I have to scroll past it to get to CPU utilisation. I know you can minimise it, but hiding it completely or being able to move it to the bottom of the stack would be great... 



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2 minutes ago, Tjlejeune said:

Would love a more customizable dashboard similar to Organizr but I'm not gonna hold my breath

I would expect it sometime, but the current implementation doesn't allow for additional cards without hacking the system  (whereas how Custom Tab works isn't a hack and just leverages what the GUI already allows)

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+1 for this


Mostly I'd just like to be able to move cards between columns... The three column layout is great, but super lop-sided on both my servers; column 1 ends up 2-3x longer than column 2, with column 3 only being slightly better (just under half as long). If I could move the cards from one column to the next, even if I had to go in and edit a config file somewhere that says 'this should be rendered in grid X-Y', I'd be totally fine with that!

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I really want to move the dashboard parts around. Also for me the 3th column is very short and has not a lot of information and the first one is way to long to view everything. Not a good experience and very frustrating. Especially because you can move stuff inside of the column.

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