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  1. No reason. Just a minimalist thing I suppose. Well, actually, it's also to try and prevent Windows from filling up images with junk. Seems to be like cats in that regard: It expands to fill all available space of a container.
  2. I do this semi-regularly. I have a base VM images that I use when deploying different OSs. Usually these are minimum size, and get expanded as required depending on use-case. +1
  3. Moved away from Server 2012 R2 (and FlexRAID) to unRAID a few years ago. Overall, really happy with the move. Keep up the fantastic work guys!
  4. If you click and hold on any of the headers within a panel, you can re-order them. (So you can have 'Docker Containers' below 'Virtual Machines', or 'Server' below 'Processor' for example) So far as I know, you can't move panels as a whole around however.
  5. I knew this. I've no idea why I hadn't that included. Good shout, thanks very much!
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'll make sure to keep this backed up. Feature request: Specify backup location and frequency of .img in VM Manager.
  7. Basically, title. I've pretty much narrowed the hardware down to a faulty mobo, so we'll ignore that for now. Having restarted the server from a few unclean shutdowns (these construction workers don't like mentioning when they're going to shut off power...) my VMs have vanished. I understand this is most-likely a corrupted libvert.img. I've tried bouncing the VM service, and deleting and re-creating the .img. Weirdly, when I do the latter, only 1 VM shows up. To my knowledge, it doesn't have anything unique about it, but just a curiosity. Anyway, long story short: Is there any way to recover more gracefully from this, or am I going to have to manually recreate my VMs, and link them back to the existing vDisks? Bonus question: Can I backup libvert.img with VMs running without any issues? (for future) syslog and diags attached. Thanks in advance for any tips. syslog server-diagnostics-20190801-2028.zip
  8. This is something I've actually asked for before:
  9. +1 Would absolutely love to see this. I imagine it won't show up until 6.8 or later, registering interest none-the-less.
  10. Nope, they're all spinning. I've been running this same hardware for a few months now and haven't had issues previously. Also, the array starts fine in maintenance mode, with the disks unmounted, so I don't think it's a power issue. Edit: 4U systems are bloody heavy... After some hardware troubleshooting, looks like I've either got two defective DIMM slots, or an issues with the CPU's IMC. Doesn't seem to be an OS issue after all!
  11. Happened again. This time, I can't start the array without the server rebooting within a few seconds. I can start it in maintenance mode, but I'm not sure where the logs would be. The system was set to log the syslog to /mnt/user/logs, but obviously I can't get there in maintenance mode. There is a syslog in /boot/logs, but it doesn't look like there's much there, attached anyway. Anyone able to offer advice on where to look for logs during the crash? logs.log
  12. You'd swear it was in an obscure place.... Thanks, I don't know how I managed to miss that, plain as day. Enabled. We'll see if this happens again. Cheers!
  13. Hi all, My server rebooted at some point between last night and this afternoon, cause unknown. I have diags attached, but I doubt they'll be much help considering there's nothing from before the reboot. I remember a request being made for unRAID to be its own logging server, but unless I'm mistaken this hasn't been implemented yet? It's an extremely humid, and pretty hot day here, so it could have just been a thermal shutdown, but it would be nice to have an idea as to the cause. Any help would be great. server-diagnostics-20190530-1605.zip
  14. Bumping this as it's the first result I found while searching. Would it be possible to get an option for this in the UI? Maybe something about setting a default location under the Date/Time settings?
  15. That was a mighty fast reply! You're right, of course. I was initially going to say that setting a daily move through cron would mean that the mover would run during a parity check (for some reason I assumed the "don't move during parity" option was only for the x% move), but on reflection, that would be nonsensical. Dumb-ass satisfied. Carry on.