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  1. -Daedalus

    Backup a primary unRAID to a secondary unRAID

    +1 I've love something like this as well. To expand on this: It would be great to be able to setup sync options as well, something like: Pick your share (specific, all) Pick your sync type (one-way backup, bidirectional sync) Pick your schedule (day, month, etc.)
  2. -Daedalus

    Docker container size statistics

    Very nice! Off-topic, but is there a possibility of getting those pop-ups to match dark/light themes? Always seemed a bit jarring to me to have blazing white pop-up boxes on a black theme. I don't suppose there are global pop-up-bg/pop-up-text colour variables you can change?
  3. -Daedalus

    Unraid OS version 6.6.1 available

    Before it gets buried too much: I saw in the 6.6.0 thread, some people needed to delete dynamix.plg to get the webUI showing properly. Is there anything specific that's been noted previously we should watch out for with this update?
  4. -Daedalus

    Mover enhancements

    Can I ask what controller you're using? 300GB shouldn't take days. It should be done in an hour, and that's at only about 60MB/s, which you should be able to far exceed. Also, if you have a bunch of other stuff writing directly to the array at the same time, this can cause disk thrashing on the parity drive(s), which can slow things down quite a bit.
  5. -Daedalus

    Mover mode - Immediate

    Valid point. I didn't think about the parity disk here. If you end up in a situation where you're writing to more than one disk, the parity disk will be having a hard time of it. Wouldn't be so much concerned with multiple things happening on the cache, given it'll outpace the disks by miles, but the parity disk thrashing is a valid point, and probably renders it moot, unless you were to limit the move to sequentially moving files as they come in.
  6. -Daedalus

    Mover mode - Immediate

    I'll be completely honest, and say that I know know the low-level stuff with the mover; I don't know what functions it calls, how much overhead is involved, etc. I was only asking to do it on a per-file basis, as soon as copied, because I imagined that would be less expensive than basically having the mover continually called just in case something new was added to the cache.
  7. -Daedalus

    Mover mode - Immediate

    I'm aware, however it's not quite the same thing. You could set the mover to run at 10%+ utilisation, and if your cache drive is always above this, it'll do what I want, but I would imagine it's a more elegant solution to check if new files or added, and move only them.
  8. -Daedalus

    Mover mode - Immediate

    I know some of this can be handled with user scripts, but I'd like to see more native settings for the Mover. The main one I'm thinking of is treating the cache drive more like a cache on a RAID controller - Once a file gets written to the cache, it is immediately moved to the array. Useful for those who have small SSDs, or for those only running a single SSD rather than a pool, and don't want to leave important files on the cache for hours unprotected, or for those who simply want the write performance increase, and aren't worried about power consumption/noise from all the array disks not spinning down. (Ideally, I'd love to have the cache act like this, on an unassigned device, and leave VMs and Docker on the pool)
  9. -Daedalus

    Docker Groups

    A great idea. I've been feeling like my dashboard has been getting a little cluttered myself recently. Maybe something like what Google Images does when you click an image? I would also like something like this for VMs too: Hyper-V Cluster ESXi Cluster Game Servers Development Machines Great idea!
  10. -Daedalus

    [ 6.6.0-rc1 ] VM performance on threadripper 2990wx

    Silly one, but since you quote 50% and 25% reductions in benchmark scores, have you looked to see what CCXs your cores are mapped to? If they're on one of the secondary CCXs (that don't have direct access to the IMC) then that might be part of the issue. (Unless of course you've got much better scores changing nothing but the unRAID version back to 653. If that's the case, then feel free to ignore the above)
  11. -Daedalus

    wish for a manual or automatic parity pause

    Dell's PERCs have a user-defined 'rebuild rate' (default of 30%), which as far as I understands is a QoS system for the I/O to the disks. I've no clue if something like this is possible with unRAID, but it would be functionally pretty similar to what you're suggesting: If other stuff is happening, prioritise that, rather than the parity check.
  12. Can someone ELI5 this? What makes this DUP profile in particular great?
  13. Hi all, Was futzing around with a SteamCache container, and somewhere around that time (coincidentally or not) I stopped being able to access the terminal from the button in the web UI. The server is completely fine otherwise; I can access it via the web UI and an SSH session, but is there something I can do, or a service I can restart to get the terminal button working again? I'd rather not reboot, as that means shutting down quite a few VMs, etc. Thanks in advance!
  14. -Daedalus

    [Support] cheesemarathons repo

    Hey cheese, thanks for the help! I did try .110 this morning before work for the steamcache_ip, and it didn't seem to change things, but trying it again now worked. I'm getting "MISS / HIT" output in the log (also for a Windows update that got pulled down at the same time). The only odd thing is that it doesn't seem to keep everything. I install a 1GB game, and I only have 600MB of cached files. I install another 1GB game, and the cache grows to 1.2GB. I'm not even sure how much of it is Steam and how much is from the Windows update. Any idea what might be happening? Looking for content on a different endpoint, maybe? Anyway, it's working, so that's a plus. I'll start re-enabling bits tomorrow to see if it still works with the 'true' flags set (no reason why it wouldn't, but hey).
  15. -Daedalus

    [Support] cheesemarathons repo

    Hey cheese, thanks for the reply! The bootstrap output from before was me manually running it when the container was started. Didn't realise it was run anyway. I changed nothing, restarted the container (for the hundredth time) and it the DNS test in PowerShell works! ... but now when I change a machine's DNS to point to SteamCache, I get a no internet error when trying to download a game. My machine still has internet access though, so I think it's just the Steam servers themselves that can't resolve. I can't login to Steam in this state either. Container config attached. I also tried changing LANCACHE_IP to match the container at x.x.x.110 (the wording was a little unclear which one I should use) but everything's the same. Any help would be great!