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  1. I always thought a mover option based off file date would be nice. Like, move files that haven't change in a few days to the array
  2. Love the dashboard but it would be nice if we could hide specific Docker apps and VMs. Don't really need quick access to every app
  3. Yeah, I've tried Android X86. Unfortunately it ran like crap and some apps don't work well on it
  4. +1. Would love to be able to run a Android VM, mainly for Tasker
  5. Do you have the user scripts plugin installed? Seems like it'll do what you're looking for
  6. Oh, I know. Pipe dream. Would love a more customizable dashboard similar to Organizr but I'm not gonna hold my breath
  7. +1 Mainly just want the user script plugin accessable from the dashboard
  8. I'm looking for a way to distribute video encoding jobs between my new unraid server and my old server. Has anyone done this with unraid? I've been looking into Clustercode and Pytranscoder-ffmpeg , but I can't test either until my parts come in
  9. Never tried that docker but you can use tasker yatse and ifttt to control Kodi with a Google home
  10. something like this for retro games would actually be pretty cool. As wrong as piracy is, for a lot of old games, its really the only option./
  11. Hey everyone, I'm currently waiting on parts for a new unraid build and I got to thinking about my old hardware. I'm considering connecting it to the new server via a SFP+ and using it as a media encoder. Wanna try clustercode so I can have both servers encoding but if that doesn't work handbrake. Got me wondering if anyone has tried something similar and what everyone is doing with their old unraid hardware.
  12. Unraid is based off of slackware, so you should be able to install whatever software you want. A headless server doesn't really need a WiFi manager or a way to change keyboard layout, but I'm sure it's doable with a few quick Google searches. Installing software isn't as easy as Ubuntu based distros, but it's doable. Using a VM is the better option though. The performance loss using KVM is barely noticeable.
  13. There's already a full desktop. Boot into gui mode
  14. I use aptalca/docker-dolphin and I'm playing around with filebrowser/filebrowser from community applications. Didn't like Krusader. Too much going on for me
  15. Oh, quotes were needed around $target. Tried fixing that myself but missed that. Thanks again
  16. Thank you. Works as long as there's no spaces in the folder name
  17. Need some help. I'm trying to set up unraid to move any folder larger than 5G in my download folder to a watch folder I have set up with the handbrake docker. Any one know how I can accomplish this?
  18. I use an old Android phone running Tasker to do this. Works great
  19. Why not just have two separate folders. One that only exists in the cache and one that uses the array then use a script to copy any older file from the cache folder to the array folder
  20. Hey everyone. Recently ran filebot manually and noticed they've launched a Patreon to help with Linux development. If you're a filebot user, you should definitely consider pleading towards this project
  21. It would be nice if unraid had a away to automatically manage files in specific folders based off of user dictated conditions . For example, move *.PDF files from download folder to document folder, delete files smaller than x, delete folders smaller than x, or run filebot when new video is added to a folder. There's a few programs for window (file juggler, Belvedere) and Mac ( Hazel) that already do this, but unfortunately I've yet to find a linux alternative.
  22. UnRaid is already more than just network attached storage. Why not also give users the ability to easily manage files without dealing with docker or network privilege settings? Kinda seems like the web UI for a NAS OS should include an built in way to manage your files. Also +1 for ability to disable it if desired
  23. unraid really needs a better way of browsing files than using a docker file manager, using the command line or using another pc on the network. would be great to have a simple file browser built into the web ui that allowed you to browse your local files and do simple functions like copy, move, delete, rename, and open some files (documents, videos, music, and text files for example). Basically something like built right into the webui.