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  1. Did you figure this out? I have the same issue. The ip in the log belongs to my laptop. Restarting my laptop stops it, then after a day or so it fils the log again with the same error.
  2. One question. I have rtorrentvpn setup using wireguard. When I want to access unraid remotley I use wireguard for that too. For some reason I cant connect to rtorrent web-gui when using wireguard connecting to unraid. All other containers web-gui works except rtorrent. Is there any settings I need to do to access web-gui when connected to my server with wireguard?
  3. I use a lot of hardlink between my media libraries. Now I want to empty two of my drives so I need a way to move all the files without breaking all hardlinks. Any suggestion?
  4. Hmm. I thought if I put the command under the "if" part of that script it would only be issued if the cache disk is >xx% ful, like the mover would in the script? Maybe I am mistaken, but in this script everything under "if" only runs if the disk threshold is met? #!/usr/bin/php <?PHP $moveAt = 70; # Adjust this value to suit. $diskTotal = disk_total_space("/mnt/cache"); $diskFree = disk_free_space("/mnt/cache"); $percent = ($diskTotal - $diskFree) / $diskTotal * 100; if ( $percent > $moveAt ) { exec("/usr/local/sbin/mover"); } ?> So I need to figure out on how to combine the script above with these commands. docker exec comand mover && docker exec comand (when mover is finished) Not very elegant, but can I replace exec("/usr/local/sbin/mover"); with exec("/mnt/user/various/unRaid/script/; Then in the I have the docker exec (command to pause all torrents) mover && docker exec (command to start all torrents) I get it to work, but then I dont have the threshold part in place.
  5. Hmm. That might work, need to test it first Do you know if it is possible to issue the pause command only if cache is >60% full? No need to pause the container if mover wont run because of cache drive is less the 60% full. I know mover can be started using script, and from mover settings it wont run if cache is less than 60%. But while doing this with a script it will cause rtorrent to pause/resume each time the script runs regardless of mover will be running or not Edit: So I need to add the pause & unpause command to the mover script? Clearly the "docker pause/unpause rtorrentvpn" wont work like this, but what format should it be in to work? if ( $percent > $moveAt ) { docker pause rtorrentvpn; exec("/usr/local/sbin/mover"); docker unpause rtorrentvpn; }
  6. Probably, but stopping a torrent container can cause problems if a torrent is during dl or recently finished and no session has been saved the last 20 minutes. So I prefere to sett all active torrents in a pause state, run mover then resume all torrents
  7. Thanks. That covers one part of want I want. Still need to figure out how to stop/pause all torrents and then restart them after mover is done
  8. I am looking for a script that does the following: - check if cache is more than 60% ful - If so, then pause/stop all torrents in rtorrent and start mover - if cache is less than 60% full do nothing Anyone got a script like this?
  9. I might just keep it at 2 columns. I never had 3 columns before anyway. I didn't even know it was a possibility until I noticed it on yt today 😄
  10. Haha 😂 So reducing it to 67% sorted it out. Now I just need to adjust font size in display settings. Thank you
  11. Saw a tutorial for unraid today and I noticed that they had 3 colums in the dashboard. I only have 2 and wonder how I managed to do this and how I can get back to normal layout.
  12. Is it possible to change the startup path and what path the "home" button has?
  13. So I finally got it working with wireguard, but no the web-ui wont load anymore. This is the same issue I had when updating the container so I had to use and older version. To day i started over with a new install but stil no web ui I found one error in the log, not sure if it is related. ERROR: could not load module /lib/modules/iptable_mangle.ko: No such file or directory
  14. I have a script that runs 10 minutes after CA auto update. This scripts add icons to labels I use and to trackers that dont have and icons/banner. It copies files from "trackers" and "labels" to the same directory inside the container. I have to run it after every update or it will reset. #!/bin/bash docker cp "/mnt/user/various/unRaid/icons/rutorrent/." binhex-rtorrentvpn:"/usr/share/webapps/rutorrent/plugins/tracklabels/"
  15. I want to replace a data drive in my server. I have a lot of hardlinks I want to keep. So I am wondering if hardlink is broken if I replace a data drive with a new drive and let the array rebuild.
  16. Is there any way to use this plugin without breaking hardlinks?
  17. Since you are using Deluge and not rtorrent you should probably ask in the deluge thread.
  18. What steps have you done so far? What vpn are you using? Have you added the vpn files to the correct folder? What error do you get in the log?
  19. Yes it works, but not sure how we can find our username since we only use email for login. Waseh @Waseh Can we get an update to the latest Beta version to include the fix added? Looks like the plugin is running an old beta version.
  20. The fix is actually live, we just need the plugin to be updated
  21. Jotta changed their API two days ago. Should be fixed in next release
  22. Can I use this to make incremental backups from my shares on unraid? Backup documents, photos and some other shares to a backup share, or is this for clients to send backups to unraid?
  23. I am having the same problem. After the container got updated during the night autodl stopped working. Then I have to go to irc-server settings and press ok and it starts to work again.