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  1. Thanks for the thorough response. Me and the 10479 people that will ask after me VERY MUCH appreciate it :-)
  2. What is the new repository? Is it in OP? I don’t understand why this is changing t or etc? Any back story?
  3. I think they said Send was working on :testing not sure; don't want to muk up password manager to find out.
  4. Is it possible to take contents of the update and paste them into install DIR on Unraid? Can't seem to figure out where the actual files it runs with are residing though...
  5. Any of this helpful?
  6. Deleted the default file and restarted container; still getting webfinger error here, too.
  7. This post/thread...Yall gonna have to skim and read around but they solve your issue; despite that it's about RocketChat. I successfully upgraded to 4.4.4. I do have a error every hour about some time crap but the DB itself works and etc. 🙂 You all WILL HAVE TO READ around to find exact post with info but in this "area" of thread you'll find conversation about the RS junk.
  8. Perfect makes sense. Have you played with PhotoPrism much? Got tons of pics... been looking for a gallery solution. Ignorance because with Unraid and Docker I sometimes think I know what I’m doing; and I’m often wrong lol Thank you for the reply! :-)
  9. Pardon my ignorance...: with PhotoPrism is it possible to map a few different "Storage Paths" of pictures? If so how would I do that? Just add the same path below again and map to different folder on Unraid but point to same /photoprism/originials/ or??
  10. Appears RC still works but anyone have any ideas on what this is in log?
  11. Same upgraded to 20.0.7 without incident. Thanks!
  12. Would that be related to seeing this in my NC instance today? Looks like AppStore opens and such today though? Also seeing update to 20.0.7; maybe that fixes conundrum? Also, with apps server maybe being broke is it even safe to attempt to update to 20.0.7 today at all? [emoji848]
  13. Any advice on how I could get this updated to newest version, r1295? Not trying to break all the things...