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  1. Anyone have trips or tricks on backup Nextcloud and SQL DB or do you all just use the CA Baxkup/Restore plug-in solely?
  2. Sometime it's the small things in life LOL; FINALLY got all this sorted out. Converted to SQL DB and got the silly security warnings ALL fixed. "All checks passed." Anyone else having Nextclouds Security check update the scan on their website? Says my scan was last done in October and I hit "trigger re-scan" hours ago and it still hasn't updated hmmm :shrug: oh well
  3. Well, successfully got this accomplished. Now in security warnings I have: "MySQL is used as database but does not support 4-byte characters. To be able to handle 4-byte characters (like emojis) without issues in filenames or comments for example it is recommended to enable the 4-byte support in MySQL. For further details read the documentation page about this." Which leads me THIS. Going to try to go through those motions a bit later today. Appears I'll flip this: "[mysqld] innodb_file_per_table=1" ON and then proceed to follow the MySQL steps at step 2 and restart and repair NextCloud etc. Hopefully it goes easy 🙂
  4. Just read through it. Essentially he’s doing same thing as I am currently.. well I mean using the dns Resolver for one specific network and Forwarder for another network. I’m currently using Pihole for adult network and pfBlocker for kids network. Not sure using dns Resolver and Forwarder how he is would help me any though... [emoji848] goodness one wouldn’t think this would be this hard [emoji2361]
  5. Yeah not sure I’m prepared to change all the ports up and have to reset up all the subdomain.conf files. Can you please explain more(see my idiot edits above LOL) about how you are using both Resolver and Forwarder? Would you recommend maybe I just take Pihole out of equation? Could you show screen shots of your settings for Resolver and Forwarder and DNS Settings under General Setup? Pm me maybe if you don’t want redacted info in public? [emoji3]
  6. What does employ dns run on? Yeah I figured out with Pi-Hole how to forward domains to unraid server(IP) BUT Letsencrypt listens on port 180 and 1443 and forwarding with Pi-Hole I can’t specify port. Any info you could provide about Employ dns would be appreciated! I’ve even tried setting up another reverse proxy on unraid, to locally forward, but it won’t let me use it on ports 80/443 so just seem to be jammed up every which way I turn. [emoji2959][emoji2361] EDIT: I’m a idiot. You USE Resolver AND Forwarder on PFSense. At any rate, yet please provide any and all relevant details. Maybe I’ll have to take Pihole out of loop and just use pfBlocker only instead I guess [emoji848][emoji2373] I didn’t think it was suggested to run both Forwarder and Resolver though? EDIT2: yeah with Cloudflare in between I’ve tried PFSense NAT+Proxy but failed every which way I’ve tried it.
  7. Pi-Hole is only doing DNS. What I’m trying to accomplish: working NAT for local hosted Subdomains. What I think problem is: Pihole not making PFSense aware of subdomains locally hosted OR Pfsense not automatically picking up on NAT because Cloudflare is proxying connections before forwarding back to local server/services.
  8. I’ll third this. Exactly why I gave up on it some months ago. Not sure what it’s issue is.
  9. Google: https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/218506997-UniFi-Ports-Used
  10. Somebody surely must have some suggestion(s)? Sad day
  11. I am assuming I would run the appropriate command while NextCloud is running, right?
  12. Any suggestions? Anything?
  13. If it was posted my search skills didn’t turn it up... When I set NC up initially I was dumb and did SQLite3 DB. I’m wanting to convert to a MariaDB. I see this page has the docker command fo convert but if I recall running commands in the Nextcloud docker is slightly different. Could someone enlighten me as to the correct command to run to convert to a MariaDB? Nextcloud Article
  14. I posted this on Reddit, too, but forgive me for reaching out here too. Good Evening, Hoping someone can get me pointed in the best direction possible. Going to try to outline my setup best as possible but it’s possible I’ll leave something out. -PFSense- Resolver ON/ DNS Forwarder OFF)(DHCP DNS being handed out is Pi-Hole address below) -Unraid Server- -Pi-Hole- -Letsencrypt- On Unraid Network Proxynet -Proxied Services- all on “Proxynet” defined above. -Proxied services all going through Cloudflare CDN then to my WAN IP via way of A Record. Apps in question: Bitwarden, Nextcloud/Collbora, Guacamole and Emby. I have my reverse proxy all set up, seemingly fine. Can browse to nextcloud.domain.net and get to NC etc. So what I need help with... I can’t for life of me figure out how to SplitDNS with my setup configured like this. I’ve tried setting up NAT a kazillion ways pointing the above, nextcloud.domain.net etc, to and no dice. With NAT it doesn’t let me predetermine port numbers? I’ve tried messing with port forwards from and to different interfaces as well and just can’t figure it out . The port numbers coming into Letsencrypt are are 180/1443. I have also been setting up a Host Override in DNS Resolver in PFSense to no avail, as well. All my DNS hit Pi-Hole and it has conditional forwarding to forward local domain stuff back to PFSense to be resolved but obviously my FQDN of reverse proxied stuff it doesn’t catch. In PFSense>System>Advanced>Firewall & NAT I currently have Nat Reflection mode to “Pure NAT”, but I’ve also tried NAT + Proxy as well, too, without success. I’ve also wondered if I have issues here because I have my Proxied Apps hitting Cloudflare CDN and from Cloudflare being A Recorded to my PfSense instance. So perhaps Cloudflare being involved is why PFSense NAT can’t pick up on the fact these services at my domain are local? So, what do I need? Any and ALL advice if anyone has a similar setup or has gone through figuring this out? Pointers? Tips? When messing with NAT myself which exact IP and PORT should I be pointing to for services, despite actual services being on different ports on Unraid? Please. Help. Before. I. Go. Crazy. Lol Thanks!
  15. Inside Letsencrypt their should be a ZoneMinder. Subdomain.conf that should work without many changes?