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  1. Just came here to say - I’ve been trying to get silly shares available over Tailscale for a few days. My understanding was it “just worked”. Never the less my experience has been frustrating and admittedly somehow likely to be self inflicted. Just wanted to say thanks - some combination of changing “NTLM” group policy in Windows along with advice in this thread about turning netbios OFF and some specific SMB extra configuration(seen below) info I am happy to report success. No idea truly which change was most relative to resolution - but thank you folks - all of you; my remaining sanity can now remain intact. Edit: this:
  2. Is there any reason this no longer shows up in the app store?
  3. Seems like it works fine; just not sure about the port 3012/3 between my two instances. :-)
  4. When converting to client push as explained here: Do we delete the "WEBSOCKET_ENABLED" AND "websocket" port 3012 mappings in our Unraid Tempalte? Then just add 3 variables above?
  5. Overview says " Need settings.yaml in appdata directory (Read First)" but doesn't point me anywhere towards what I need to be "reading first"?
  6. Came here with same issue; that button needs to be better identified, somehow.
  7. I have two instances of Vaultwarden on my Unraid. Both use same email as my login. Would I generate ID and KEY one time and use it in both places or "generate it twice"? Also, do we delete "Websocket Port" from container information? Delete the "port 3012" references from our reverse proxy, too?
  8. Updated from > 27.0.1 by changing container tag and waiting for update to “finish.” When I was done I was presented with this: The fix was to run this command: docker exec -it NEXTCLOUD-CONTAINER-NAME occ db:add-missing-indices Does this/can this/should this be baked into upgrade script(s) on startup of container with new tag post upgrade process?
  9. And I just got the github email - thank YOU
  10. My instance is prompting today to update to Nextcloud 27.0.1 - the correct answer is I just want to wait for container to be updated to update it? My container is locked to "" but I do NOT see a 27.0.1 container release so I just wait and I do NOT upgrade in Nextcloud itself?
  11. I apologize. I’ll open my own thread tomorrow, but yes, it seems at exactly 30 minutes in it “recovers”
  12. On 6.12.2 and 6.12.3 Everytime docker starts it stays like this a substantial amount of time. Do not have plex here; but Jellyfin. Anyone else see this?
  13. Just chiming in to say; I am in same boat as above - cron job is NOT running... Oh and files were "last edited" "in 2 hours" LOL; well some. Some are correct and say XXhours ago or yesterday etc.
  14. So do I need to stay locked onto “” or what’s recommendation for things like this with fixes and such? Or will the fixes move to “…-27.0.0.”?
  15. Anyone else seeing this issue with most recent iOS app update?;