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  1. If i change template name from letsencrypt to SWAG what issues is that going to cause me? Is it usually referenced by container name anywhere else?
  2. I want to try Untangle and Sophos here, too, one day. At any rate, have pfSense running on a Protectli box here and a spare instance going on a r720 in XCP.
  3. So...Is it going to cause all kinds of issues changing containers name? Is the GIF above for SWAG legitimate lol? New support thread URL or re-title this one?
  4. What I would’ve expected but figured I’d ask; my certs aren’t up for renewal so should be same situation for me.
  5. One last question... I use Cloudflare Proxy... when I change the repository is it going to try to renew certs or is that something that will be maintained; existing certs kept? (If it wants to rewrite certs I need to go through and turn Cloudflare proxy off etc etc and don’t want it to fail renewal is why I’m asking...).
  6. Pardon my inexperience but how exactly does one just change repo? Download swag and point it at same app data as letsencrypt or?
  7. Very good chance I’m wrong but I’d swore someone said at one point that eventually going from Letsencrypt container to SWAG would require some interaction on our part... [emoji848]
  8. My needs warrant UnRaid and XCP-ng. Played with Proxmox and [emoji1304]
  9. Once certs are written turn proxy back on until it’s time/close to time to renew certs. What I do; keeps me covered most of the time. I’ll wait 80iwh days, turn proxy off, make changes to container with that it rewrites certs for another 90, then I’ll turn proxy back on.
  10. Alright guys, got everything going. Network deal gave me some qualms but finally got it figured out. I can’t figure out what I did or didn’t do/what is necessary to get my VMs to come back but 🤷🏼‍♂️ Thank you BOTH so so so much! I really appreciate it. Have learned a lot; thanks! You guys the real MVPs! 🎉😀
  11. Okay, got all that stuff recreated and core containers restarted. Issue now is that I need my "proxynet" network back...Don't remember how to re-create that sigh 😞
  12. Got it! Moving app data over now [emoji3] [emoji1695]
  13. Got it; now the only way I could find to format cache drive(s) was to change the file type, save, start array, format, then stop array, change to BRFRS. At any rate, it doesn't appear that I can change cache drive file type to anything BUT btfrs? What am I missing here on formatting cache drives?
  14. Can’t get array to stop; do I need to use command line to unmount the X above or?