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  1. Yeah, not sure what they’ve got going on over there. Literally only use Mongo for RocketChat and I can barely keep it going for that lol
  2. Yeah for RocketChat here I had to “lock onto” “mongo:4.4.7”
  3. The gateway you created in pfsense for Unraid; what “interface” would that be? Can you share your gateway info for Unraid from pfSense, please?
  4. Comment out the “proxy_redirect” line in the OnlyOffice CONF. Restart Swag. Profit.
  5. Thanks a ton for the continuing efforts! :-)
  6. Is that a new thing this specific build, 71, is “looking for” since it has been an issue before out of curiosity? (I’m gonna spot check a few of my Confs to see how many it may be issue with before I upgrade…)
  7. Did you update plug-in thing in pic above, too, inside Nextcloud?
  8. Morning, Skois, I saw Nextcloud this morning had a update for Collabora Online. I don’t think updating that helps with our Collabora issue BUT I looked at change log File permissions was the issue we were having when upgrading so perhaps this tidbit of info is relative to our issue upgrading Collabora past whatever version it was broke on?
  9. So at moment it IS safe to change tag to for now? Can you please keep us posted on your findings with them, Please? :-) Edit: thank you man; appreciate it!!! All the thanks.
  10. Skois, I see quote above about not update Collabora; sure as fire mine didn’t work. I see where your quoted saying go back to; I did, it worked. When was that post made by you? Can’t seem to find its origination. Has anyone figured out what’s wrong with 6.4.10 yet by chance? Do any versions after work before getting all the way to the broke 6.4.10?
  11. For anyone interested this got updated to 1295. See info in link above. :-) Thanks folks!
  12. Thanks for the thorough response. Me and the 10479 people that will ask after me VERY MUCH appreciate it :-)