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  1. This one works fine for me inside and out [emoji2373]
  2. You have a MariaDB setup and linked to Nextcloud? If so it would appear something with that isn't setup right. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  3. Your using Letsencrypt on Unraid? What port do you have it watching on? My LE reverse proxy runs on 180/1443; so whatever ports your reverse proxy is watching is what you need to forward 80/443 from pfSense to; and yeah whatever IP of your Unraid box is.
  4. Are you forwarding 80/443 in pfSense to reverse proxy on Unraid?
  5. Try updating manually. Link to instructions in first post. Update GUI seldom works right, for me anyways. May be worth a shot. [emoji16]
  6. I got it added to Nextcloud Config and the www2.conf file and was generating a bunch of errors in Nextcloud. Not sure what I did wrong and honestly just didn’t spend much time on it. Theirs a Tmp folder share on Unraid and debated it but haven’t made it back round to it sadly. It may be worth you playing with though!!![emoji3] Would also like to say I played with pm.max children and changed it to on demand etc and overall performance is much better. Once I was able to get a ~2.5gb file uploaded. I’m wondering at what point docker.img starts to unload stuff on its own, because as you said large upload gets docker.img filling up. Not sure at what point it starts trying to figure out what’s on dumping stuff. Mine doing large upload gets docker img up to ~60%.
  7. Does everyone have "tmp" share set to use cache disk? Also, is their some way to point Nextcloud to use the "tmp" share on Unraid? I know it would be something like /config/www/???? but what would file structure in Nextcloud look like to use Unraids "tmp" share? I know where all I need to place to url to tmp, just not sure how it would be formatted or structured? Thanks!
  8. That’s in Appdata>Nextcloud>php folder, correct? The one inside nextcloud directory?
  9. Can anyone please tell me which PHP file in nextcloud gets edited for this: WARNING: [pool www] server reached pm.max_children setting (5), consider raising it To add more “children? Php.local.ini Or Www2.conf?
  10. At a glance remove brackets from letsencrypt 'trusted_proxies' => 'letsencrypt',
  11. Could anyone confirm/deny that this could be adapted to Nextcloud on Unraid and would/should work or nah? EDIT: I got brave...or stupid. Can CONFIRM this DOES work for anyone having issues with Gallery on v17 and shared folders only giving folks viewing gallery as a guest options to "download". Fixes THIS: https://github.com/nextcloud/photos/issues/128
  12. Could would anyone provide assistance in doing this on Nextcloud on Unraid? https://help.nextcloud.com/t/new-photo-app-in-nextcloud-18/69949/20
  13. Anyone else seeing “Warning/Camerarswpreview/You do not have perp globally installed. Using a depreciated built in perl. In their logs? Is their someway for me to install Perl? Or Update it? Anything?
  14. I’m wanting to setup Preview Generator. I see that previously there were problems with amount of memory in PHP. In Nextcloud’s current state what would correct way to check and or change memory for the PHP.ini in my attached image be? Preview Generator