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  1. How does one recreate docker.raw? My docker tab is horrendously slow to do anything. Similarly, I have a TON of containers.
  2. Just proceed with caution; someone mentioned too cert prune needed updating but I think for what you'd need it would still work - id hate to be wrong make sure to back things up please mate 🙂
  3. The other day JC21 mentioned he was working on/considering making it a variable. I guess at some point the old certificates pileup and slow it down and it times out. It was discussed that using using very prune helped. Maybe here: or here: poke around though; I know I just saw others Fussing about same thing recently 😀
  4. Good work figuring it out; about the story of my life too — I make a post and wham it hits me lol
  5. Yes, I have had to do this the last several updates to. Not quite sure why but it's kind of a nuisance.
  6. Thank you for sharing! Not sure if just myself or...once I set ENV Variable in the container settings and rebooted container I did NOT have to go into Vaultwarden admin panel and set Admin_Toke again. On my first of two instances I did that and I ended up having to delete the ENV variable in container settings. On my second instance, i just set the ENV variable in container settings, rebooted container and all picked up fine and didn't fuss about "ADMIN_TOKEN" being set in config file AND with a ENV. Never the less works great, thank you! EDIT: I lied; on second instance I had to do same as far as set in admin panel and delete the ENV in container settings. Kept getting: [2023-03-28 06:26:59.295][vaultwarden::api::admin::_][WARN] Request guard `AdminToken` failed: "Unauthorized". In the logs until I did
  7. There was some way jc21 was telling them, on github, to enable a "debug" type mode that provided more logging but not sure if he was kicking it off with a ENV or what.
  8. I couldn't confidently tell you it would change anything, but in your last pic my "NPM" fold is owned by "root": EDIT: what you did above with PGID and PUID appears to mimic mine.
  9. In shares browsing to that folder in appdata who does it show “owns” it out of curiosity? In a sec I can upload a pic of what I’m talking about…
  10. I did this, to see what existing PUID and PGID were: Then I set two ENV up in NPM container, "PUID" and "PGID" and set them to what above discovered that they HAD been and upgraded to 2.10.0. All is working fine/welll following these few steps.
  11. When manually upgrading this is when I’ve had to fix owner and permissions in the process:
  12. Look at who owns config folder and who had owned and what rights of the old one. Last few times I’ve upgraded Nextcloud I’ve had to change owner and permissions back to “what they were”. I could look at mine later and tell you if I needed. Never the les same thing. Upgraded would fail because when following manual upgrade instructions new folder permissions and owner weren’t correct.
  13. Did you use PUID and PGID and what did you change them to with ENV?