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  1. Getting a lot of "system error" when trying to start containers. Grabbed a diagnostics and log file; attached. Any help, please?
  2. Anyone have any ideas what "service unavailable" would allude to out of the blue? Restarted container; same thing. EDIT: Evidently a few days ago I made a "breaking" change. No idea why just today it became and issue; figured it out. I dumb, basically. Live, learn. Sometimes I learn more than I live; that day is today LOL.
  3. Well I moved my PostgreSQL Nextcloud over; it works fine etc but can't seem to get the self hosted version of Collabora to work. It's configured just as it is , and works, on my NC 24.0.6. Only difference I see is on NC 25.0.1 the "Nextcloud Office" version is 7.0.1 and on my NC 24.0.6 the version is 6.3.1. Anyone have any ideas? Anyone else having Collarboar work correctly in NC 25? EDIT: I am dumb; had to add second instance to "aliasgroup2" in Collabora container. 🙂
  4. I moved a test instance(w/ PostgreSQL) to 25.0.1 after you said this yesterday and it does indeed seem to be going fine! Thank you!
  5. Sorry, I know this is a lot, but can you provide any instructions on how you're doing this exactly?
  6. Thank you! Will upgrade one instance later and see what happens lol. All this database issues got me scared lol
  7. Can anyone confirm this is working fine on 6.11.2?
  8. I am almost afraid to ask... Is there anyone on 25.0.1 without issue and doing good?
  9. For what it's worth: My container is on Nextcloud 24.0.6 and I have been keeping the container updated as releases updates and haven't had ANY issues lately. Are all of you with issues on/trying to upgrade to 25?
  10. Does this to me too but I wasn’t smart enough to fix it or work around it lol
  11. No. Literally only that link above. Sadly I’m too stupid to get very far “out in the weeds” lol
  12. OP has said over and over he won’t do “major update” but will wait for a .x release after major.
  13. LITERALLY didn't have it installed until this guide sent me here a few days ago; I followed this guide: