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  1. OK, that does make sense. I've been meaning to find out whats been keeping my Disk 4 from spinning down for a while. Looks like enabling RW when Disk 4 never spins down will keep them all up. Cheers.
  2. OK, thanks. Might have to look at what settings I played with. Only thing I did was enable reconstruct write so I'll disable that and have a look.
  3. I've noticed my disks no longer spin down with this RC. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so I'll start a separate thread, but if no one else has seen it then it's got to be my local problem.
  4. Changed Status to Solved 6.8.0 RC6
  5. Is anyone else seeing issues with looking up show/episode details in Medusa through TVDB? Not sure if it's a local issue on my install or a wider issue with the latest update.
  6. Updated. So far so good. Thanks !
  7. Can this implementation of Letsencrypt be used to manage certs for external (outside of the home LAN) websites? Use case, I have a few domains hosted externally with a webhost who makes it difficult to get letsencrypt going. They prefer to sell you a cert. If there was a way to issue and renew the certs for these external sites from this docker it would be great. I did look at https://sslforfree.com for the external sites. That works fine but there is no auto-renewal facility.
  8. Just to double check, this sets up a server for the Java version of Minecraft? It's what my kids keep bugging me for.
  9. Thanks for the explanation. Yes, it's a non-issue and has no impact on the functionality of anything. But it's an oddity so IMHO worth highlighting to limetech in case they had nothing else to do and felt like looking into it.
  10. I don't use an adblocker these days. PiHole has eliminated the need for that I've stripped down my plugins to LastPass, nzbget-chrome and Transmission easy client. Still happens. Next time I have a multi-update I'll disable one at a time.
  11. An ad blocker, lastpass, transmission monitor and nzbget minor. Need to check if there is anything else. But pretty sure this wasn't showing in earlier releases. Over the weekend I can load up a 6.7x and check.
  12. When there are multiple dockers to update, the first status message for each docker being updated writes to the very first line of the status window. If it helps I'm on Windows 10 and using Chrome Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  13. Yes. I have a script running at array start via User Scripts that I needed to install when the flash drive got locked down. When I'm home I can try disabling that
  14. Updated. So far all good. The status bar showing Array Stopped•Starting services... despite the array having started is still there though, but thats just cosmetic