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  1. There's an ongoing thread in the bug reports forum that is trying to figure out really bad concurrent array performance. I wonder if they are related?
  2. I'm sure this is a very basic question but I can't seem to find the answerr. Is the nginx install of this docker geared/configured purely for remote proxy, or can it be used as a webserver as well?
  3. This has been working fine for me from the first release. A few re-installs or rebuilds when some of things happened but each time it's pretty straight foward. What's important is that you run the first library scan from a pc that has a kodi client install that also uses the MySQL backend. In fact, after creating the DB, it might be easier to confifure everything on a PC and get the client working there. Then you know your settings, paths etc work. The headless kodi is just another kodi client but running on a server. The config to use MySql is the same. It's worth the effort of getting it working
  4. The only other thing would be to check if you have any specific 6.7 plugins that won't work in 6.6
  5. Everything bar the copy. The video I was playing on the HTPB stalled, doing a unraid directory listing on my pc was very slow with the top bar slowly filling. The copy that I triggered via Krusader seemed to be slowed as well. I really wish the Lime boys would at least acknowledge they are aware of this issue.
  6. OK, let me do another test in a more controlled manner (making sure I don't surf out to another page etc.) and I'll fire up system stats in another window. I'll send it through once done. Thanks
  7. I've got some weird results that I'm hoping to get some explanation too. Here's the controller benchmark followed by the disk benchmark. I've colour coded the matching disk models in the benchmark test. I'm surprised the same model drive on the same controller can show such wild results.
  8. OK, ran some tests. Copied a 1Gb file from cache to array and no video stalling. Copied a 4.3Gb file and when it got to about 2.8Gb the video stalled. Then everything was slow for about 35-40secs before it all came good again. So the latest RC doesn't help with this problem.
  9. Installed the RC this morning. Should be able to give a report tonight as to whether it helps..
  10. This was a couple of years ago. Might be worth hunting down others with your board to see if they have senior issues before buying a new one.
  11. I bought an ASROCK for my UnRAID a while back. Due to the senors chip not being supported I ended up using it as my desk top. In my case it used a Nuvoton NCT6683D eSIO chip which only ASROCK seem to use and wasn't supported very well. When I contacted ASROCK they were very firm and clear that they don't support Linux so they wouldn't help.
  12. WAF - The most important variable when building a home server used predominantly for media streaming Wife Acceptance Factor
  13. Glad I found this as I thought I was going crazy. I have the same symptoms where a video stream will hang/freeeze if there is a background write happening on the array. At first I thought it was a lag spinning up a disk for the write so I have one spin-up group that spins up all disks when even one is up. That didn't solve the problem. I was about to spend the next weekend with fingers under the hood moving disks from the onboard sata to the LSI2008 SAS-2 card to see if I could find a sweet spot where the errors disappeared. If there have been some changes to address this in the latest Beta/RC, I'll happily try it out and see if it works. I see it's flagged as minor. Technically it is, but if you had in WAF to the equation then it's a showstopper.
  14. Got this up an running easily. Great plugin. I just hope my i5-2500 doesn't self-combust. Is there a way of limiting the load on the cores? I know I can pin cores but I'd feel better knowing I can max out on 80%. Probably more for emotional reasons than technical ones. Came across an error today. I dropped a few big files in, 17gb and a 10gg before work (~07:00)00. Came home (~19:30) and the two threads were showing 30% and 39% complete. That didn't make much sense 12 hours after kicking them. Checked the log and I see ffmpeg threw an error early in the piece and stopped the conversion. Every hour unmanic checked for files, saw they were already in the queue so did nothing after that. It's been sitting there doing nothing. Here's the log. Not sure if it's a known thing or not. I would have expected that the file gets tagged as failed, and the next in queue get processed. The Log: tdm-unmanic-20190849.txt
  15. OK. Thanks for the update.