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  1. Yeah, I ended up pulling the wiserain docker and have it working. WebGUI gives you a lot more though I never use it. Flexget is one of those no fuss set and forget apps that I love
  2. Does anyone know/have a flexget docker that is more updated? The version in this docker is 2.10.61 (2017-06-13). The other dockers I found on Apps are just as old, if not older.
  3. Yes I have a similar issue. Web frontend won't load. There is an issue with the config.json in the container it seems. What's the easiest way to roll back the container to pull the previous container?
  4. No, I didn't. Not possible, not sure if it will be posssible. The syslog server in unraid serves everything in my house. Routers, WAP, hubs, etc. Anything that can utilise a syslog server has it's logs sent to the unraid syslog service. Ideally I'd love for it to be a disk outside of the array if for no reason other than that would be my preference.
  5. The inability to create groups in UNRAID hit me today. I have two RPIs running Pihole. In an attempt to save the SD Card, I wanted to have pihole save it's log files on an UNRAID mount. It seems PiHol is quite finicky about the ownership of the log files and needs pihole:pihole as the owner for it to work. Alas, I can create a pihole user, but no provision to create the group that's needed.
  6. Thanks. Found the setting, it was on Auto. Set to Yes and all good now.
  7. I've noticed I can't map directly to a pool disks. I have a mirrored cache and a single ssd called system. U used to be able to access them via \\tower\cache or \\tower\system. Now I can't reach them, Is this by design? If so, is there anyway a user can revert back if they want too? I have a few scripts and other setups throughout my network that look for the above paths that are now failing.
  8. Here is my go file entry # start Intel GPU for Jellyfish modprobe i915 chown -R nobody:users /dev/dri chmod -R 777 /dev/dri
  9. I installed the new container (named just Tdarr). Is there anything special I need to do to get my CPU GPU activated? It doesn't seem to be using QSV when encoding.
  10. Background: Just installed 6.9b25 from stable 8.3. I have never had cache setup before, just used the cache drive for docjer and appdata etc. Mover has never been used With 6.9 I setup 2 cache pools. System which will have appdata & docker.img, and cache pool of 2 SDD which I intend to use as a proper cache drive. I have set these up and they appear to work ok When I go to scheduled tasks / mover, I see the following: I have setup shares to use the cache drive, appdata which is Prefer and a couple of other shares as yes
  11. I've just rebuilt my server and installed a NVMe and a second SDD because I was looking to do that exact same thing you've got. I was going to setup the NVMe as unassigned and move the dockers and appdata there as googling showed there are a few people doing that to improve the performance. With 6.9 and multiple pools, does that provide the same performance gains as an unassigned drive? I was waiting for 6.9RC before dipping my toes in but I might move a bit faster if it will give me what I wanted without needing to make too many chages.
  12. The current setup of Unraid allows for it to be a syslog server. But the setting only allow you to select a share on the RAID. Syslogs aren't something I find worthy of RAID redundancy and by forcing the syslog to a raid share, that disk never spins down. Is there a way to have the syslog directory reside on a unassigned drive? I currently have an unassigned drive that's mounted as backup (\\tdm\backup\) and I'd love to have the syslogs there rather than on the RAID. Does anyone know how it can be done?
  13. What's the easiest way to setup a cron job in the container? Or uses the server's crontab to trigger a command in the container? I'm trying to sync 2 Pihole installs, one on a Raspberry PI, and this container. The final step is to run "pihole restartdns reload-lists" in the container to read the sync'd db and custom.list. Any ideas would be appreciated. For those interested, I just copy (rsync) the gravity.db and custom.list from the RPI directly to the appdata/pihole/ directory on unraid. The restart command will read the new files in. I'm simply using cron to kick