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  1. I stumbled across these when i was searching for what certain settings in the various config files were. These servers had no password and i could access their boot mnt. Then I was able to run the webgui as well. Everything was open.
  2. What do people here do when they come across a wide open unraid server accessible on the internet? Ideally I'd like to let the owner know just how exposed they are but other than renaming their server to something like "This server is open to the internet", I'm not sure of any other way. In the last 24hours I've come across about 5 such servers without specifically going looking for them. For now I've just left them alone and moved on, but I worry about them.
  3. I didn't try that but I managed to get it up and going by editing the docker.cfg file and changing "No" to "Yes". Restarted the server and the docker service is running. If there is something specific you want me to check when starting in Maint mode, let me know, happy to run some tests or captures info.
  4. Any advice at all? I just cant start the docker service no matter what I do. I managed to fire up the unifi controller on the raspberry Pi I use for Pihole so home network connectivity is back, but all the other containers (Kodi etc) are down.
  5. My server went offline last night. The console looked fine but I couldn't ping it. Restarted and it booted and loaded the array fine but assigned itself a 192.168xxx.xxx address as opposed to me LAN's 10.10.x.x range. Fix common problems gave me "Unassigned Devices Plus not installed", something I haven't seen before and something I can't find a reference too. Not sure if it's related. I stopped the Docker service to work on the network but now I can't get the docker to start again. When I try to start it doesn't like the paths to the docker img and appdata directory. They are on cache. docker image path drop down shows cache then the docker folder. The appdata dropdown doesn't show my cache directory. Cache drive (500Gb SSD) is up, running, I can access it from the server CLI. But back to the network. I assigned a static IP and it takes it fine. Last night I was able to ping from the server cli fine but from a network device I couldn't ping the server. I tried various things like swapping NICs over (i had a disabled NIC in the server) and various other things I don't remember now. I just noticed (the next morning) the when I select static IP, it defaults to a /16 and the default gateway says "link" (no quotes). Changed it to /24 and made sure the right gateway was entered the server has finally come up and I can reach it from other network devices. I still have issues with the docker service. It won't start. It doesn't seem able to find the paths for the docker.img (now deleted as part of last nights fault finding) nor the cache drive appdata directory. In fact on the drive/share dropdown it doesn't even show cache anymore. Log files attached. When the server became inaccessible (around 9pm), the logs from the retart straight after the issue, and the logs and diags from now, server running but docker service not starting. I need to get the docker running as it's affecting the home Wifi (unifi controller runs as a container). tdm-diagnostics-20200108-0832.zip syslog-20200107-223953.txt syslog-20200107-222728.txt
  6. I tried ShellOverride settings and am now getting a different error: FOMon Jan 06 2020 21:37:28nzbToSickBeard: KeyError: (3, 8) INFOMon Jan 06 2020 21:37:28nzbToSickBeard: time_left = PYTHON_EOL[(major, minor)] - now INFOMon Jan 06 2020 21:37:28nzbToSickBeard: File "/config/ppscripts/nzbToMedia/eol.py", line 62, in lifetime INFOMon Jan 06 2020 21:37:28nzbToSickBeard: days_left = lifetime(version) INFOMon Jan 06 2020 21:37:28nzbToSickBeard: File "/config/ppscripts/nzbToMedia/eol.py", line 111, in raise_for_status INFOMon Jan 06 2020 21:37:28nzbToSickBeard: raise_for_status(version, grace_period) INFOMon Jan 06 2020 21:37:28nzbToSickBeard: File "/config/ppscripts/nzbToMedia/eol.py", line 91, in check INFOMon Jan 06 2020 21:37:28nzbToSickBeard: eol.check() Not sure where to go from here Edit: Got it working, just needed to download the latest nzbtomedia script.
  7. As above, I just didn't have the option to do that with this container nor the lsio container. By installing the official plex container it all came good and the option was there. I've now run this and the lsio container over the appdata directory the official container created and they now both work fine. Maybe it was just my setup. Anyway, all good now.
  8. It was the same behavior from the webgui on the server. My servername never appeared at the top left above the content. I have it up now, but with the official container from Plex. I tried the linuxserver plex container and had the same behavior as this binhex one. I then installed the official plex container and it finally showed me where I could add media. The only difference between the 3 dockers that I could see was the official one made you "claim" your server. Not sure if that matters or not but I'm up.
  9. No, never used Plex before so there's no doubt I'm doing something stupid. Always used Kodi but Santa dropped off a Smart TV early that has a Plex app so I thought I'd give it a go. I see the following from the Web interface (http://my.server.ip:32400/web/) and from the Windows client I've installed (screen shot below). I can't see where I can add my media to Plex.
  10. I'm pobviously missing something so basic a that I feel like a fool asking this question. I've installed the docker, fired it up, all seems to be running, no obvious errors in the log files. When I go to the WebGui and click on My media I get the following: Add your media to Plex Organize, beautify, stream, and share your personal collection of movies, TV, music, and photos anywhere, on all your devices. To get started, download our free Plex Media Server software on the device where you store your media. I'm running the container so obviously I have PMS running. I have an account registered on Plex but I haven't subscribed to any service which require payment yet. I wanted to see how it goes with my devices before doing that. Attached is the PMS log and below the docker config screen shot. I know there's something obvious and basic I'm missing, but I don't know what. Plex Media Server.log
  11. Just a quick note to anyone that might be going to the Ubiquiti forums for support, they don't support the controllers running in Containers and will stop offering support even if the issue is obviously not container related. Best not mention you run the controller in a container if you go there looking for help.
  12. OK, that does make sense. I've been meaning to find out whats been keeping my Disk 4 from spinning down for a while. Looks like enabling RW when Disk 4 never spins down will keep them all up. Cheers.
  13. OK, thanks. Might have to look at what settings I played with. Only thing I did was enable reconstruct write so I'll disable that and have a look.
  14. I've noticed my disks no longer spin down with this RC. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so I'll start a separate thread, but if no one else has seen it then it's got to be my local problem.