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  1. My UnRAID server is for the most part quite solid, but I do get the occasional restart or server hang. Nothing has ever popped up in the syslog before the event, and as it's headless I've never seen what the screen is showing. I can go a couple of months without anything or I can have a few in a short space of time. Yesterday I had a lockup where a cold restart was needed to get back. I just had a server reboot. Because it's not constant, or can be triggered, I've refrained from trial by elimination and starting it without plugins or dockers and slowly adding until I get an event. It would take too long and render my server useless for what I need it for. So for now it while just be something to deal with but I've attached my diagnostics in case someone has the desire to wade through and see if there's anything obvious amiss. There's a few errors in the syslog at every startup but I've always ignored those without knowing what they mean. TIA to anyone that has the time to have a look. tdm-diagnostics-20200525-1502.zip
  2. They did have headless/SQL backend as a student type hackathon topic at one stage but never eventuated. Will try Emby to see if there is much difference but Jellyfin seems the more admirable platform with the right intent so I wanted to give that a shot first
  3. Cool, good to know. I have started playing with Jellyfin but it's not working as smoothly as I had hoped, but that could be my issue so I'll keep plugging away, Off topic, but surprised the Kodi guys gave up on a headless instance to manage a centralised SQL DB. I think they still consider a SQL DB as "experimental"
  4. Just noticed this post. IF LS don't think this container will continue to be maintained many better start looking at moving over to another centralised solution. Can we have some clear direction? This container has been central to everything I have to the point it kept me with Unraid as my home server solution. It would be a shame to see it go but life moves on I guess. I started playing with Jellyfin over the weekend. Got it running with Kodi but it's nowhere near as instant and snappy as Kodi with a SQL backend. I guess I could just keep the SQL backend and use one of the clients to do the updating.
  5. Thanks. That worked. My world now has Peegs !
  6. In \binhex-minecraftbedrockserver\minecraft\resource_packs\ I have: Directory: Z:\binhex-minecraftbedrockserver\minecraft\resource_packs Mode LastWriteTime Length Name ---- ------------- ------ ---- d----- 13/4/2020 23:09 chemistry d----- 13/4/2020 23:09 vanilla -a---- 26/4/2020 17:20 86334885 Fuserealismv1.1.8.zip -a---- 26/4/2020 17:16 328143 Peegs.zip The contents of Z:\binhex-minecraftbedrockserver\minecraft\valid_known_packs.json contains: { "file_system" : "RawPath", "from_disk" : true, "hashes" : [ "YQrplf18wEDMbrJ/Iga1e9MNP2/xHkE2E7jmJCR4EhE=" ], "path" : "resource_packs/Peegs.zip", "uuid" : "c5f509ab-77a8-4abe-a18a-befaa5c949ee", "version" : "0.0.1" }, { "file_system" : "RawPath", "from_disk" : true, "hashes" : [ "tMNKXPdxyz6VR+QEfegJh9B7OAfRpYdrAzgRcMA1EvI=" ], "path" : "resource_packs/Fuserealismv1.1.8.zip", "uuid" : "bc2a0bc9-e3a2-4702-9319-d4d3231dfdbc", "version" : "0.0.1" } ] In my \\tdm\cache\appdata\binhex-minecraftbedrockserver\minecraft\worlds\The Garden directory I have the following: Directory: Z:\binhex-minecraftbedrockserver\minecraft\worlds\The Garden Mode LastWriteTime Length Name ---- ------------- ------ ---- d----- 1/5/2020 15:52 db d----- 26/4/2020 17:23 resource_packs ------ 1/5/2020 15:52 2069 level.dat ------ 1/5/2020 15:52 2069 level.dat_old ------ 1/5/2020 15:52 10 levelname.txt -a---- 26/4/2020 17:47 168 world_resource_packs.json Directory: Z:\binhex-minecraftbedrockserver\minecraft\worlds\The Garden\resource_packs Mode LastWriteTime Length Name ---- ------------- ------ ---- -a---- 26/4/2020 17:20 86334885 Fuserealismv1.1.8.zip -a---- 26/4/2020 17:16 328143 Peegs.zip The contents of Z:\binhex-minecraftbedrockserver\minecraft\worlds\The Garden\resource_packs\world_resource_packs.json is: [ { "pack_id" : "c5f509ab-77a8-4abe-a18a-befaa5c949ee", "version" : [ 0, 0, 1 ] } { "pack_id" : "bc2a0bc9-e3a2-4702-9319-d4d3231dfdbc", "version" : [ 0, 0, 1 ] } ] Let me know if you see anything obvious I've got wrong there. Server restarted multiple times. No errors in the Logfiles
  7. My kids are starting down the coding path and I'd like to setup a simple webserver at home for them to use and play around with. There is an apache docker in the store but it seems out of date. I was wondering if anyone uses a simple Apache (or other httpd), PHP and possible Node.js container that works well with unraid. Ideally the config file would be available in the appdata area, the actually webfiles /www could be any share/path on the unraid server. I was looking at these containers, they look ok, but I'd need to try and understand how I get it all going with unraid https://hub.docker.com/r/thecodingmachine/php/
  8. As yes, 1.14 sorry. I'll keep playing around and see what I can find. Am I right the only log available is the docker log?
  9. I stuggled with the texture packs. No errors that I can see but nothing available to download or being forced to download when I start. Is it possible it's a versioning issue. The texture packs say 1.5 and my server is running 1.4 ?
  10. Yeah, it was. They all are. After much fiddling and reinstalling etc, I got everything back up again. I need to create the proxy hosts as publicly available and pull down the cert in that setup. Once the cert is applied and all is running, I then change the security from Public to Access group. Save that and all is good.
  11. I was changing some IPs and ran into all sorts of problems with ngix letsencrypt. Without changing anything, if I request a new cert I get the following error message: nginx: [emerg] unexpected ";" in /data/nginx/proxy_host/18.conf:46 [nginx] starting... 18.conf in this case is the proxy host I was trying to renew. Line 46 has the following: # Access checks must... ; It seems to be missing the 'satisfy any' string be foe the semi-colon. If I manually add the satisy any, so it looks like this: # Access checks must... satisy any; it start's the renewal, goes a fair bit further until it throws this error: Duplicate relation "access_list" in a relation expression. You should use "a.[b, c]" instead of "[a.b, a.c]". This will cause an error in objection 2.0 [4/25/2020] [10:18:33 PM] [Nginx ] › ℹ info Reloading Nginx [4/25/2020] [10:18:33 PM] [SSL ] › ℹ info Requesting Let'sEncrypt certificates for Cert #61: nb.rdkl.me [4/25/2020] [10:18:36 PM] [Express ] › ⚠ warning Command failed: /usr/sbin/nginx -t nginx: [emerg] unexpected ";" in /data/nginx/proxy_host/18.conf:46 nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed [4/25/2020] [10:18:36 PM] [Express ] › ⚠ warning Command failed: /usr/sbin/nginx -t nginx: [emerg] unexpected ";" in /data/nginx/proxy_host/18.conf:46 nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed At that point if I reload 18.conf, the satisfy any has been removed and the solitary semi-colon throws the error. Any ideas? At this point I can't touch any working proxy-host config as doing so will break it.
  12. My UNRAID server (tdm) has 2 NICs so I've decided to use both. Wasn't as simple as I thought. Network Gear: UNIFI Managed Switches. Unifi Controller running on a RPi PiHole and Unbound running on the RPi 5 x VLANS 1. untagged/Mgt - Unraid Server, RPi 2. 110 - Adult devices 3. 120 - Kids Devices 4. 130 - IOT (TVs, Google Homes etc) 5. 140 - Guest The Unraid server used 1 NIC, on the untagged VLAN, IP address of\. Everything worked fine My goal was to use the 2nd server NIC, drop it onto the 130 VLAN (IP Address and then have all the docker containers running off that NIC. On the nw switch I allowed only the 130 VLAN to the 2nd NIC. DHCP configured and it gets the desired IP address. I have 2 bridges setup. br0 has some dockers, br1 the others. This is mainly a transitional phase as I will move all to br1 when things are working fine. First problem arises at this point. My PCs can no longer resolve the Unraid server. Previously tdm resolved as and all was good. Now tdm resolves to An additional issue that trying to ping fails. Only a local hosts file entry fixes this. To reach the dockers I need use a reverse proxy as the IP addresses fail. being able to resolve tdm to by all devices without a hosts file is my main goal at the moment. By now it's probably all a bit of a mess. With Unfi as the DHCP, PiHole the DNS, various tinkering etc. If there's no obvious of easy fix I'm prepared to redo the networking from scratch if there's an easy guide to achieving what I want to achieve. Or is what I want to achieve not possible/impractical? (current network settings attached)
  13. In my \appdata\binhex-minecraftbedrockserver\minecraft folder I have a 1.2Gb file called bedrock_server_realms.debug. Does anyone know what it is? Can I delete it without fear? Having an extension of debug I'm assuming I can kill it. Last modified over 10 days ago.
  14. Not sure if related but as this is the latest Dual NIC thread I'll ask here. I've setup dual NICs in my server. and 10.10.3 is where all my IOT typed devices live. I've started moving some dockers there and all is good, they can still talk to each other and the server. But... tdm (the server name) doesn't seem to resolve on my PCs / laptops anymore. Actually anything not on subnet can't resolve. Is there any way I can have the advertise a different hostname? Or is there some other setting which I just need to click to resolve it all. I got around this on my main PC by editing the hosts file, but I really don't want something so manual on all devices
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    Happy Birthday Squid. Agree with trurl, 50 is painless. Well, as long as you exclude the pain you start to get in your joints.