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  1. Just a little piddly thing. 6.8 seems to force case on the Dashboard. My server name is tdm but it's displaying as Tdm.
  2. Had a look at that. That's another container/window browser to open to get to it. I'm looking for something that's in the same window/tab I'm in if that makes sense. It's not a big issue, but a nice to have. But I will look at code server for the hacking of other peoples code that I do.
  3. With the need to jump out into the CLI for at certain times, and not being a Linux diehard, it would be handy if the GUI had a notepad/scratchpad time page where we could but the various commands we need to use in CLI for easy reference. I have a textfile on my desktop with it now but it might be handy to have it as a page/plugin/menu option on the Unraid GUI as, at least for me, that's always open and on the screen when I click the Putty icon.
  4. Well done. You've been nominated for the most useful reply award. You must be proud.
  5. Thanks for the update. Based on what you've found, is there a possibility this issue could trigger disk read errors. Ive had a few recently and while they could be coincidence / batch timing related, I'm wondering if there is a connection.
  6. I dont use Mover. The stalls come when one of the media download dockers pulls down a file, into cache, then moves into the library, which is on the array. Or if I am just working on other stuff and accidentally start a file copy or move while media is streaming.
  7. My only gripe here is that limetech released an RC (rc4) with an expected fix. Now they have stopped that and are telling us to wait for the next version. Why the change? We all know limetech release time lines are as consistent as lottlo numbers so we're in a situation where this fix could be 1 day or 1 month away. I'm at breaking point where I have to do something now as the family has had enough of the stalled streaming. If I have to downgrade, I will, but there's a good chance I'll have to find another solution going forward. Unraid was great when I was the only real user of the server. Now that it anchors the family's entertainment I need something more reliable.
  8. It is a showstopper. If this issue isn't fixed then anyone that uses their UnRaid server primarily for media streaming through a household will have to find another solution. The Unraid show is effectively stopped for them. Using your argument that downgrading is a viable solution, then no issue would ever be considered a showstopper. Limetech was happy to throw out rc4 when they thought that would resolve the problem. It didn't. So if a resolution has been found why hasn't rc5 with that fix been released? Why has there been a change of approach in resolving this issue?
  9. Is it worth trying to load up Unraid 6.6.7 to see if there is a difference. 6.7 seems to have some weird performance issues.
  10. Actually now that you mention it I've had 3 of my disks (spinners) throw read errors and end up disabled recently (4 week period) . I have no reason to believe it's related to this bug but it's interesting you have seen the same. I've RMA'd 2 and mamanged to get one going again. I put it down to a bad batch and just one of those things but I may downgrade to 6.6.7 for a while.
  11. Oh don't get me wrong. I love Unraid and nothing gets close to it. But unlike the old days, now there are demanding family members who just expect things to work. That's a bit worrying if they still aren't sure what the issue is and are hoping it's related to another issue they are fixing. The SQL corruption is an easy fix, use a cache drive. This issue has no easy fix.
  12. Agree but this issue has made me review Unraid as the central server that runs most of the houses needs. This is a pretty big issue, if a copy happens while streaming video the movie just stops. Media streaming and the associated media harvesting and organising dockers is my main reason for unraid. To not have a single acknowledgement, other than now through a 3rd party, that they are aware of the issue and addressing it is poor form. It's a big issue, it needed those affected to be put at some ease. I've been around since the 4.x days so I'm acutely aware of what 'released soon' means. I hope we see something normal people 'soon' so I can fend off the wife and kids.
  13. I loved the idea of PiHole but after a server issue this week while I was out of the country, the family were without internet access due to the DNS setting pointing to the pihole docker which was down. I may need to build a Pi with POE to get the small, single cable pihole device I need. Unless anyone can suggest how to configure things so that the family isn't left in the 20th Century if the container doesn't come up.