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  1. Hello, i have an opportunity to grab a couple of DX800 sonnet storage enclosure at a good price. As it come with the atto R380 raid card i guess it's a 3Gb/s version. It seems to me that it's pretty standard sas stuff so i will be able to use it with a lsi hba. There is an expander inside the enclosure but no clue about the chip used by the expander. Is there someone here who knows more about that ?
  2. Installed this in 6.7. I upgraded to 6.7.2. I was unable to update plugin. It was stuck on splashscreen. I used the script to update files on flash. It's working in version 6.7.2 but when i go to the plugin page i only show the splashscreen.
  3. Is there any option to deal with accented characters ? I can't import files with accents or from a folder with a name with accents.
  4. DDR3 is quite cheap i went with 128GB (8x8 + 16x4). I have not finished configuring unraid but for now using less than 24GB with 34 dockers and 4 vms. I probably could use a tmpfs in ram too.
  5. +1 with snapshot management and correctly editing xml files of vm unraid would become much more user friendly.
  6. depends on the importance of your vms and containers The spinners in the array (1 or 2 for parity it's up to you) I would make a cache pool with the 2 850 pro. Till here that's what i made for my server. I don't have the need to add a nvme ssd. If i had a high i/o demanding vm i'll probably run it from a nvme as unassigned drive with a daily backup on the array.
  7. it looks like a dns problem perhaps with your router and upstream dns server.
  8. yes the synology option is expensive but the size is ideal, i prefer hotswap cage and i probably will take time to find a used one. If i'd find a case that meets my needs i'd be very happy to build my own expansion unit. To be clear i'm not happy to buy another synology box as i plan to remove my ds1815+ from my shelf.
  9. My unraid server sits in a hp Z620 workstation. I have 2 parity and 1 data drive in the internals bays. In the 2 5,25" external bays i threw a 3x3,5" cage for data drives I also have a pci-e bracket which old 2 sata m2 drives. I only have room left for 1 m2 nvme ssd. Finally i have 4 data drives. I'd like to use some drives from machines i will soon stop cause replacing them with unraid. Expanding storage with dell md1200 or similar is not an option for me as i can't use rackmount server due to depth. So i don't have many options as i don't consider using usb enclosure Building my own storage expansion unit is hard when it comes to source case and backplane (i'm in france) So it leaves me with the option of using a desktop expansion unit from synology like the DX1215. First question: can you use a dx1215 with an hba from lsi or other brand than synology? it seems to me that it uses a standard sas port with an expander. and second : Which one could you use with unraid ?
  10. i think i have the most commons containers used here i have: pihole letsencrypt HDDTemp Grafana - Influxd - telegraf heimdall Portainer homebridge unifi-controller UniFi-Video tvheadend - plex - tautulli - ombi nextcloud - mariadb - onlyofficedocumentserver - phpmyadmin calibre sabnzbd - radarr - bazarr -lidarr - lazylibrarian - hydra2 - sonarr binhex-krusader QDirStat MediaInfo DiskSpeed HandBrake Virt-Manager I'd like to have an interface in unraid to manage stacks. i also have 3 vm running and some others i need from time to time.
  11. just installed this container. Great job. I have imported my library and for now it's working very well.
  12. with a huge delay, thank you for your answer. I had some strange behavior from my unraid machine but i think it's now behind me. I finally managed to install new docker container. I have now 32 containers all running well. I'm on a trial license which i will probably convert to a registered. I regret 2 or 3 things but unraid is a good os. I'd like to have vm xml modifications saved, docker wait for network to be avalaible before starting and few other things.
  13. Hello, i was setting up a new docker container which ended up in error because of loop devices are full here is the result of df -h: Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on rootfs 63G 1.3G 62G 2% / tmpfs 32M 320K 32M 1% /run devtmpfs 63G 0 63G 0% /dev tmpfs 63G 0 63G 0% /dev/shm cgroup_root 8.0M 0 8.0M 0% /sys/fs/cgroup tmpfs 128M 508K 128M 1% /var/log /dev/sda1 15G 614M 15G 5% /boot /dev/loop0 12M 12M 0 100% /lib/modules /dev/loop1 12M 12M 0 100% /lib/firmware /dev/md1 3.7T 868G 2.8T 24% /mnt/disk1 /dev/md2 3.7T 3.8G 3.7T 1% /mnt/disk2 /dev/sdb1 466G 243G 223G 53% /mnt/cache shfs 7.3T 871G 6.5T 12% /mnt/user0 shfs 7.8T 1.1T 6.7T 15% /mnt/user /dev/loop2 30G 14G 15G 49% /var/lib/docker /dev/loop3 1.0G 17M 633M 3% /etc/libvirt I guess it may be related to the fact i installed dvb firmware. What can i do ?
  14. Hello, Since 2 weeks i installed unraid for evaluation purposes. I like that and i will probably move my data on unraid. Although there are bunch of things that bother me like the lack of docker stack management ( however i could build a stack with portainer ) For now i have an array with 2 parity drives, 2 data drives and 2 cache drive. I have 2 other drives to add to the array. 1 is running a preclear. The second which is a WD60ERFX is problematic. The pre read is at best at 100MB/s. I changed sata port, sata cable but the result is the same. I wanted to run dlg diag on it but it on doesn't recognise the disk. Is there a way to make this run ? I noticed that from time to time a vm can't startup and complains about an adress already in use. I thought i had a misconfiguration in my dhcp server but it's due to vnc driver. How can you configure this to avoid the startup error ?
  15. Hello, I'm new to unraid and in the process of moving all my stuff from a 2 node proxmox cluster to unraid. My server is a HP Z620 (2x2650v2 128Gb) with 2 ssd for cache pool, 2 parity disks, 2 data disks. It also have 4nics (all are intel). Currently only one is plugged with no bonding as i had config issues with bonding. For now i'm on trial just to decide if continue with unraid or if i replace my 2 nodes with te Z620. I have not imported my vm and have created only few dockers. I have troubles with 2 dockers: unifi-controller and plex Unifi-controller: once a day it looses AP and USG. I see the devices as disconnected or adopting. When i log on the devices i see that inform ip has changed from unraid's ip on the lan (192.168.0.x) to the containers ip (172.10.x.x). I suspect it could be related to the nightly ca backup but don't know how to troubleshoot. Previously all my dockers run in a dedicated debian vm. I have never had issues due to restarting controller. Plex: it displays errors messages like content unavailable or no local connection for the client. Plex content is hosted on a synology nas and accessed trough a smb share. Previously plex was running as a lxc container with absolutly no issues. How would i best use my 4 nics ? bonding the 4 ? dedicate 1 to docker another to vms ? don't use the one with amt for unraid ? Can i use bonding and still use amt on nic 0?