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  1. Hi, i already have an unraid server based on hp Z620 + sas enclosure. I want another server in another location but i want a smaller one. My idea is to go for silverstone ds380 case. What couple mobo/processor would be ideal? I'ill probably run 1 or 2 vm (1 linux 1 windows), a bunch of dockers (probably the same i have in the existing server around 20 30 dockers). I want a server able to transcode with plex (2 or 3 streams) ans it's better if i have not to add a gpu. My existing server has 128Gig ram but use only 12%. CPU is a dual E5 2650V2 and load is around 15%. I don't know if i go for amd or intel and which gen.
  2. with 2.00.15 it seems good to me. it started as soon as i restarted the node docker.
  3. up! the problem is still present and i wonder if that's why transfer speeds with smb to macos is pretty damn slow (40min to transfer 5Gb) the mac address detected by the router are the physical adress of the adapter and a mac that seems tied to docker. 289: shim-br0@br0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc noqueue state UP mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000 link/ether 46:8a:aa:36:26:bf brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff notice : the address has changed since my last post
  4. i changed the name to "godzilla" and i also tried with "godzilla docker" godzilla is the name of my unraid server. Of i course i restarted both dockers.
  5. i found something strange. I have only one node. Server and node are dockers on my unraid server with default parameters except for ip of course. If i change the node name which is defaulted at "node name", the queue is stuck. As soon as i set it to "node name" back the workers start.
  6. it all depends of the load. Nobody can answer your question. It's not the size of your library that matters but the number of clients across your various dockers and/or vm, the need of i/o, disk troughput,...
  7. you have no A record. From my understanding you should at least have : A "your ip" CNAME and others depending on what others servers you may have. edit: i don't know how it works with your registrar but with mine A and CNAME records have to be with the complete subdomain name.
  8. i guess you don't have shown all your dns zone declarations. Investigate with a dns checker for example
  9. try to empty your browser cache
  10. I'm far from being expert but i think your dns declaration is wrong. you should use: CNAME Nextcloud you have assigned ip to so cname declarations should match this name for others subdomains.
  11. Hello, my router tells me i have 2 devices using the same ip. the ip is used by unraid server. I can't find the other one. arp -a on a lan host return unraid ip with an unknown mac address. I can see the mac address in unraid with ip link and it's attached to shim-br0@br0 i use one physical interface i have only one vm running with a different mac address. I have dockers running and one has a different ip (heimdall) what can be this mysterious device? edit: from my understanding, considering the interface shim-br0@br0 it should be a docker on custom network but i can't find it
  12. I don't know, didn't do the math but 1 pass preclear on 6Tb is 24H. 2 disks to rebuild (4 and 6Tb). If it can rebuild 2 disks simultanously at 100MB/s i guess it could be done in 17 hours. For now i'm waiting preclear end on 6Tb replacement drive. 4 tb just finished 1 hour ago. edit: rebuild has started for 2 disks.
  13. ok thank you. Preclear should end in 4 or 5 hours. Rebuild should take at least 3 days.