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  1. Thank you for your response. It has been almost a day since my las check and SMART shows that total write are the same as yesterday (W 20.4TB - R 12 TB), so, I'm assuing that everything is just fine the way it is. Thanks.
  2. I was on 6.9.0-beta25 but start having issues with my dockers not updating, I tried 6.9.1 in the past but moved back to 6.9.0-beta25 because for some reason 6.9.1 does not recognize my drives on the LSI card. A few days ago I tried 6.9.2 and noticed that my LSI card drives were properly recognized. Personal opinion but it looks like the 6.9.x unRAID version release hasn't been as smooth as with other versions. Btw, thanks for your answer, looks like my only chance now is to wait for 6.9.3.
  3. Hi all, my system has 2 parity drives and both are set to spin down 2 hours after something write to them; have been working like that for the last 2 years. System copy all new files to cache and around 10 pm unRAID transfer it to the array. So, I recently update my system to 6.9.2 and I start noticing that parity drive 2 is always spin up, even after I manually spin it down; additionally, after around a minute the Parity 2 Log shows something like this: May 16 09:27:10 Tower emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdc May 16 09:28:12 Tower emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdc It
  4. Understood, thank you @PzrrL. I really appreciate it.
  5. Thanks, I was able to locate it using the command line, however, I would like to get there to edit a file in there. Is there a way to get there from Windows? I was trying Krusader but afetr I locate /usr/local/ I wasn't able to found /emhttp folder in there. I know it is there since I can access from command line. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I need to access to "/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker" but haven't been able to locate it. Is it possible for someone to explain to me how to access to this address? Thanks.
  7. Hi, nice plugin. It is running in my UNraid box. Regarding the plugin I just havce one question: My server is set to copy new filkes to cache drive and at certain time of the day move it to the the main array. So, before the plugin first execution I just copy a new file to my server and as explained before it was located at my cache drive; then I execute the plugin command. Now I'm trying to guess if Unraid will be able to move this particular file from the cache drive to the main array. Just fro your reference this was the command I executed: /tmp/ --lo
  8. Hi Johnnie, thank you for taking the time to answer me. Do you know if there is a guide I can follow to update the firmware and where to download it? Sorry for asking this, I know I can google it but I have 0 experience with flashing SAS cards.
  9. Hi all, hope some of you guys can help me. First I would like to provide you with some background of the hardware I'm running, these are the specs and configurations: Processor: Core i5 8400 Motherboard: AsRock Z370 ITX Hard Drives: 6 drives/4Tb each (1 Parity/5 for storage) Unassigned Devices: 1 250 Gb SSD (Plex Database)/1 500Gb HDD (Downloads and files conversion to x265) Expansion Cards: 1 SAS9211-8i I'm having problems with a drive on my UnRAID Box that appears as "Disabled" and its content is being "emulated" by parity. The one tha
  10. Sorry for asking this but, what is "LSI" and how can I access and modify it? My problem was solved by replacing my old WD Black 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe (WDS256G1X0C) with a NVMe WD Black SN750 but, I'm curious on how to fix this problem. Thanks.
  11. Thanks, as you said it is a 1st gen WD SSD. Well, hope to be fixed soon.
  12. Hi, hope somebody can help me with this odd problem: Recently my Unraid server starts to send me email notifications related to an error during triming: "fstrim: /etc/libvirt: FITRIM ioctl failed: Input/output error" and also "fstrim: /var/lib/docker: FITRIM ioctl failed: Input/output error". It is happening since installation of UnRaid 6.7 RC3, I never had this issue with 6.6. I'm using as cache drive an WD Black 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe (WDS256G1X0C). I know I should restore 6.6 but it is not an option because since some plugins updates (maybe because of 6.7) m