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  1. Lovely. Now I have to rebuild my array because I updated my OS. Might be time to roll back to 6.8 which was rock solid for me...
  2. I have a 8TB IronWolf from June 2020 in my UnRAID with no issues after the initial pre-clear. Today I took the plunge and upgraded to 6.9 from 6.8 and within a few hours after the update I got a notification from my system that I had a drive in a disabled state. I am not very strong in this department, so I am hoping people with more HDD knowledge than me can help shed some light on my SMART results and recommend a course of action. The array is currently stopped pending what I learn here. Plus I am not really sure what the warranty process is like with Seagate. How d
  3. Well I mean that is how subnet masking works. You can summarize (catch all) if you set it up correctly. But whether this docker can support that or not I don't know. I changed my LAN_NETWORK to "," and still no luck. The reason I didn't mention the other networks is I don't feel that it matters. I need to get one working first. No use troubleshooting 7 things at once. I logged into the docker and verified my networks were in the IP tables: sh-5.1# iptables --list-rules -P INPUT DROP -P FORWARD DROP -P OUTPUT DROP -
  4. I'll give that a go, though I don't see the difference. I have other devices on other subnets contained within that /16 network that I would like to be able to access the docker as well. What is the difference between and,,,,, The br0 isn't my goal, it was just for testing to try and gather more data. I need it to run in bridge mode anyway in order to route other dockers through this one.
  5. I am running into some trouble with what I believe is the LAN_NETWORK parameter and the IP_TABLES blocking me from accessing the deluge web GUI from a different subnet depending on the docker network configuration. I tired to use the binhex FAQ and some other searches, but I just couldn't find anything that applied to my particular situation. Here is the setup ONE: unRAID is at PC I am attempting to access the binhex-delugevpn web GUI from is at LAN_NETWORK is set to to encompass everything Docker is configured a
  6. Not quite what I was getting at, but I get it. I want to have my unRAID server at I want to have a docker (binhex-delugevpn) at I want to have a docker run through binhex-delugevpn and be accessible at (because the ports are run through binhex-delugevpn). They're all on the same network. No layer 3 required, just different IP addresses. I don't want my binhex-delugevpn and my unRAID server at
  7. I am slowly trying to learn about routing one docker container through another. I've watched SpaceInvaderOne's video which was a great help. I have also read up on the changes to the binhex dockers with regards to passthrough. What I am most curious about is networking configurations. I typically prefer to use br0 networks for my dockers to keep different workloads on different addresses. Right or wrong, this is just how I have everything currently set up. What I am learning is that if I want do have one docker route through another docker (binhex-delugevpn in my case
  8. I am not worried about data loss. I am just worried about how unRAID will handle the system, appdata and domains folders going missing. Will it automatically recreate them on the array until I replace the cache setup and move them over or something?
  9. That makes sense. Thank you for the help. I am assuming the hardware errors were on the cache pool, or were you referring to the data array as well? What is the best way to recover from this being that my system, appdata and domains folders are on the failing cache pool?
  10. It shouldn't be a 3 device pool. I set it up with only 2 drives. I replaced one a while back, could that be the 3rd drive? There are no historical drives listed if I stop the array. Plus the drive it thinks is missing, it is also reporting as present?
  11. I believe my 2 drive BTRFS cache pool is falling and is stuck in read-only mode. I cannot get my Docker service to start: Sep 30 08:35:59 unRAID root: ERROR: unable to resize '/var/lib/docker': Read-only file system Sep 30 08:35:59 unRAID root: Resize '/var/lib/docker' of 'max' Sep 30 08:35:59 unRAID emhttpd: shcmd (216): /etc/rc.d/rc.docker start Sep 30 08:35:59 unRAID root: starting dockerd ... Sep 30 08:36:14 unRAID emhttpd: shcmd (218): umount /var/lib/docker I am trying to use the mover to clear out my cache drives so I can replace them, but that will not work either. I figured tha
  12. My word, that is embarrassing. That was it. Thank you.
  13. Works fine in shell. Issue appears to be with FileBot... /tmp # cd /storage/temp_files/ /tmp # touch testfile /tmp # cp testfile /storage/Movies/ /tmp # ls /storage/Movies/ | grep test testfile
  14. I am not using any automation, I am trying to do it all manually inside FileBot, so they're all blank. Do I need them even if I am not using the AMC script?
  15. I am running into an issue with permissions and it doesn't seem to pop up in this thread via search. I have 3 shares: 1 - Temporary storage place on my cache drive (/mnt/user/temp_files) 2 - Movies folder (/mnt/user/Movies) 3 - TV Shows folder (/mnt/user/TV Shows) I have my Docker container setup to pass (/mnt/user) to the container as (/storage). When I bring up the WebUI I can configure FileBot to pull my media files from the folder on my Cache drive and tag them, but when I try to copy them to the parity protected share on the array I get an error. I