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  1. Glad you got it working. Out of interest, what thunderbold aic and display are you exactly using? Can you reference them? I wasn‘t aware that passing through a thunderbold card controller works that smooth with UnRaid.
  2. T0a

    ODroid H2+

    @al3388 Would love to hear your feedback with Unraid running on the new ODroid H2+. This little device got my attention too.
  3. This could be accomplished with a share set to „cache only“ and the user scripts plugin. With rsync you can then copy the files time-based to an Array share.
  4. Take a look at the file activity plugin from the community apps section.
  5. I just updated it and tested the new release with my external USB drive. Sadly, a refresh on the main tab still wakes up the drive. The option "PASS THRU" is enabled. Found this in my logs when I refresh the tab: May 31 23:27:23 Zeus unassigned.devices: Error: shell_exec(/usr/bin/dd bs=446 count=1 if=/dev/sdb 2>/dev/null | /bin/sum | /bin/awk '{print }') took longer than 5s! Note that the device is formatted as ZFS and reported as "zfs_member" by UD. Can confirm that the command wakes up the drive: root@Zeus:~# /usr/bin/dd bs=446 count=1 if=/dev/sdb 2>/dev/null | /bin/sum | /bin/awk '{print }' 23591 1 Edit: Solved with 2020.05.31a. Big thanks @dlandon!
  6. Let me know if I could assist you with testing e.g. I can grap the changes from a Github branch and modify my Unraid installation when you don't want to push a release yet.
  7. I see, then I had the wrong suspect here, sry. Should have read the code in more depth to get a better grasp. Okay, any ideas what could be improved to prevent the wake up then? Do you think disabling of checking the size when PASS THRU is enabled would be a good solution? People might want to see the disk usage even if they pass-through the drive. Can you point me to the code part? Would it be an option to make it optional to show the "Unassigned Devices" section in the main tab? For the time being I removed the "Unassigned Devices" section from the main tab by editing the header of "UnassignedDevices.page". The change will be reverted when I update the plugin though.
  8. I got an external USB hard drive (WD Elements). When I put it to sleep via 'hdparm -y /dev/sdb' and click on the main tab (or refresh it), the 'Unassigned Devices' section refreshes (takes a few seconds) and wakes up the external drive again. I can reproduce this, pinning the wake up of the drive exactly to the time refreshing the main tab. * The drive is formatted with ZFS * "PASS THRU" is enabled * Auto Mount USB Devices set to No Why does the plugin wake up the drive? After troubleshooting the issued rescan command on refresh here (/sbin/udevadm trigger --action=change 2>&1) wakes up the drive. Can I exclude the drive from the plugin without removing the plugin? I don't want the plugin to interact with this respective drive. Is it possible to disable rescan on page refresh? Can I remove the "Unassigned devices" section from the main tab only displaying it in the plugin section? Other solutions?
  9. Playing around with ZFS in Unraid the for a few days now. Thanks for keeping the Plugin up-to-date! I created a single zpool on an external USB disk using the commands mentioned in the first post. The device name changed however from 'sdb' to 'sdg' and the pool was not loaded automatically any more. Thus, I exported the pool and imported the device via its unique UUID i.e (source) : root@server:~# zpool export extdrive root@server:~# zpool list -v no pools available root@server:~# zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id extdrive root@server:~# zpool list -v NAME SIZE ALLOC FREE CKPOINT EXPANDSZ FRAG CAP DEDUP HEALTH ALTROOT extdrive 928G 139G 789G - - 0% 15% 1.00x ONLINE - usb-WD_Elements_25A2_575833314142354837365654-0:0 928G 139G 789G - - 0% 15.0% - ONLINE root@server:~# This makes sure the pool is loaded, even if the device name changed. For me it looks like it is recommended to create the pool using the unique UUIDs rather than device names. What do you guys think? Edit: Seems like it does not work well. After reboot another device name is assigned and despite the fact that the pool is mounted via UUID, commands like 'zpool list -v' stuck Edit2: Looks like that the "stuck" behaviour occurs, when the device labels changes (e.g. re-plug USB drive) while the pool is still loaded. Thus, I ended up doing the following via UD plugin: #!/bin/bash PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin case $ACTION in 'ADD' ) ;; 'UNMOUNT' ) ;; 'REMOVE' ) ;; 'ERROR_MOUNT' ) DEST=/mnt/extdrive zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id extdrive zfs mount -a if mountpoint -q $DEST; then rsync -a -v --delete a b 2>&1 [...] sync ud_backup_exit=$? if [ ${ud_backup_exit} -eq 0 ]; then echo "Completed UD backup" else echo "UD backup failed" fi else echo "Backup drive not mounted, exiting" exit 1 fi zfs umount /mnt/extdrive zpool export extdrive if mountpoint -q $MOUNTPOINT; then echo "Error while un-mounting ZFS drive" else echo "Device can be removed" fi ;; 'ERROR_UNMOUNT' ) ;; esac I assigned this script via the UD plugin and configured auto-mount for the device. Now I can plug in my ZFS USB device and remove it once the backup is finished. Using the "ERROR_MOUNT" state is kind of a hack. Would love to have the "ADD" state renamed to "MOUNTED". Then an additional state "ADD" would allow to just indicate the occurrence of new devices. Maybe also custom mount commands for the UD plugin would be cool for kind of scripting with ZFS drives. How do you guys handle such cases?
  10. Pretty cool post - will take some time to work me through. Wanted to post a comment after reading the first few paragraphs. I have a failover pihole setup in place utilizing keepalived. Two pihole instances, each on a separate Rpi. When one goes down, the floating IP switches in an instant to the other instance. You might want to check it out, so your family can browse the web while you work on your server.
  11. Good news, localization is coming with Unraid 6.9 (English Master). In this context, Limetech were looking for professional translators in Arabic, French, Mandarin and Spanish here. Let's see what is coming. Maybe we can add more languages with a community-driven approach in the future.
  12. * Do you access your VM from another device via VNC? * Have you tried a wired connection? * Have you tested other remote accessing software such as nomachine, splashtop or parsec? * Do you have the same bad experience when you plug in a monitor directly to your MB port and use an attached keyboard and mouse? * Does Windows recognize your UHD 630 in the device manager with correct drivers loaded? * Have you tried to download the latest UHD 630 drivers from Intels Website? They usually perform better than the one shipped with Windows.
  13. Unraid: 6.8.3 Component: Docker, UX Type of issue: cosmetic, minor 1. Using the update button from the context menu (see docker-update-0.png) does not open the "Are you sure" dialog window (see docker-update.png). However, when using the update button from the docker overview, the dialog window pops up just fine. 2. Once a docker update is available, the update entry in the context menu is placed first (see docker-update-0.png). Usually, there is the start entry (docker-update-2.png). From an UX perspective, reordering the entries in the list is misleading for the user. The user is used to have the start button placed first, he has the intention to start a stopped container, muscle memory kicks, he accidentally clicks on update. No dialog window warned him due to issue (1). Impact of this issue: Both issues in combination will cause accidental updates of docker containers. docker-update.png docker-update-0.png docker-update-2.png