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  1. Lieber JörgHH, Ich habe dir nicht stumpf den Thread, sondern meinen Post verlinkt. Dieser Post beschreibt sehr umfangreich wie man IGPU passthrough umsetzen kann. Mein Post enthält außerdem alle nötigen Quellen als Referenz. Ich hatte dich nämlich so verstanden, dass du den Thread verwirrend findest und die nötigen Informationen dort über alle Seiten verteilt nicht findest. Solltest du Probleme mit meiner Anleitung haben, kannst du aber gerne auf mich zurückkommen. Ohne korrekte Fragen oder Probleme zu diesem Thema kann ich dir hier leider vorerst nicht weiterhelfen.
  2. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/45385-intel-igd-integrated-graphics-pass-through-support-march-2016-update/?do=findComment&comment=855769
  3. Sorry, for the late response. Looks like you got your answer here. Have you checked the documentation? The variable PAPERLESS_FILENAME_DATE_ORDER you are using means something different: PAPERLESS_FILENAME_DATE_ORDER=<format>: Paperless will check the document text for document date information. Use this setting to enable checking the document filename for date information. The date order can be set to any option as specified in https://dateparser.readthedocs.io/en/latest/settings.html#date-order. The filename will be checked first, and if nothing is fou
  4. The online app store lists it as available (https://unraid.net/community/apps?q=paperless#r). I haven't removed it. So, I have to investigate once I'm home. Update 1: I broke the template with the latest update Should have checked before submitting the changes. Will fix it now and try to get the changes to the CA ASAP Update 2: I submitted the fix for the template. We wait for getting it merged. Sorry for the trouble guys Update 3: The template is available again
  5. I think concurrent access to a file based database such as SQLite is kind of a problem sometimes and results in issues like "database is locked" messages. When you are the only person using the paperless-ng instance this shouldn't be a problem though. I never tried running paperless with PostgreSQL and therefore cannot tell what's the improvement gain. I have no need to switch, because I have no problem with the SQLite database so far. Maybe @CorneliousJD can give some insides here?
  6. Glad you got it working. No problem, you are welcome. Creating this template was no effort for me tbh. Credits go to the new dev Jonas Winkler for improving paperless. There is no requirement for the document name. The guesswork feature you are referring to was removed in version 0.9.9. The Redis database is just used for checking if a document is finished processing. Make sure you replace the IP in the template with the machine running the Redis database. The documents are stored in the Media folder. Make sure that this hos
  7. Ich habe nicht die komplette Diskussion verfolgt aber UD kann ein Skript ausführen, sobald eine Festplatte eingebunden wird. Ein Beispiel findet sich im ersten Post des UD Threads.
  8. Have you stripped away parts from the stacktrace? Is this stacktrace from the web UI? Does the docker container log contain more information? For me the error "name or service not known" looks like a typically docker container resolution issue. I've seen such errors when you register or link a service that resides outside the container and the application tries to find it inside container. How does your Redis environment configuration look like? Any chance you linked something else with a symbolic name that is not known to the container? I also wonder why the container name is "ene
  9. I feel you. I run an English system too, because I prefer having technical terms in English. There is a feature request here to do so. Raise your voice.
  10. It is bound to your browser localization. Is it set to german?
  11. The environment variable PAPERLESS_DATE_ORDER of the original paperless meant something different. AFAIK the date format is adapted with the localization setting. Have you tried to change it to German? Also see this issue.
  12. I was asked via PM how my home assistant integration with paperless-ng looks like. As stated in (3) I use the pre and post hooks to execute web hooks in order to check via home assistant whether the processing failed for uploaded documents. Thereby, I receive notifications about the import status. In the following you can find the scripts and automation: Pre-consumption script #!/usr/bin/env bash # https://paperless.readthedocs.io/en/latest/consumption.html#hooking-into-the-consumption-process echo Begin pre-processing script echo - Original filename: [${1}] curl -X POST http:/
  13. Change "[IP]" to the actual IP of your Unraid server or the server that runs the Redis service i.e. or something. Localhost would be inside your docker container causing the "connection refused" error. Let me know if that helps.
  14. Do you have Redis installed as container and configured in the paperless-ng template?
  15. Backup ist ein Thema bei dem man wirklich sehr viel Zeit verbringen kann. In einer finalen Ausbaustufe empfiehlt es sich der 3-2-1 Backup-Regel zu folgen. Bevor du dir aber aber Dinge wie Offsite-Backup und unterschiedliche Speichermedien Gedanken machst, solltest du ein solides lokales Backup deiner Daten haben. In Unraid hast du verschiedene Arten von Daten wie z.B. Anwendungsdaten, VMs, deine persönlichen Daten, etc. die zu sichern sind und unterschiedliche Eigenschaften aufweisen. Nicht für alle Daten ist immer die gleiche Backup-Lösung geeignet. Beispielsweise machen konventio