Onboard SATA vs LSI 9207/9211

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A quick that must probably has been answered before but my search fu isn't working today.


Due to a catastrophic mobo error, I have to quickly replace my board and get my server up again quickly.  The board that's arriving is an ASUS TUF B365M-Plus Gaming

After recently upgrading to 18Tb disks I can use the 6 onboard SATA + 2xM.2 with ports to spare.  I also have an LSI 9211-i8 controller that's in the current dead server and a recently purchased 2nd hand Dell HBA, which is an LSI 9207-i8.  


What's going to give me the best performance, all on the onboard SATA, or on an LSI running on the x4 PCIe slot?  Would using the x16 slot make a difference?


If we're talking miniscule differences I might go the LSA simply because the cabling will be neater.  Any advice would be most welcome.

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