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  1. Good day! The next version of Machinaris is now available: v0.5.6. This is a patch release with minor upgrades for many bundled components. Machinaris - On RaspPi, allow configurable status update frequency when running a Machinaris fullnode/controller. Machinaris - Fix for launching harvesters on RaspPi devices, avoids missing bladebit error. Machinaris - "Disconnect Selected" feature now available on Network | Connections page. Machinaris - Improve Summary page to better separate Chia and Flax blockchains. Chia - Update to version 1.2.7. See their changelog for details. Flax - Update to version 0.1.2. See their changelog for details. Bladebit - Update to version 1.1.1. See their changelog for details.
  2. Thanks! Unfortunately, with Chia pools being a late add-on to the Chia protocol (months after initial release in March), there is no way to perform "Single-click Farming" right now. You're right that the sequence is: 1) Launch Machinaris, create/import your private mnemonic pass-phrase. 2) Switch to Settings | Pools -> click 'Get Mojos' link, enter your public address to the Chia faucet 3) Wait days! for both the initial blockchain sync and the mojos to appear in your wallet. 4) Switch to Settings | Pools, once you have mojos, select a Pool and join. 5) This creates a PlotNFT which you can then use to Plot with. Can't plot until you have this "pool_contract_address". Chia devs are saying they are going to improve this in coming year. I sure hope so... Yes, consensus seems to be that creating a new Pool in Unraid, with NO parity enabled, and adding your disks there, meaning a single volume mount into the Machinaris container, can work well and be a simple approach. I'm using individual unassigned devices (5 only) and a bit of free space on my main array. This also works, but is pain at 30 devices. I wouldn't recommend using your main Array to hold all your plots. Plots shouldn't be protected by Parity (causing lost disk space). Hope this helps!
  3. Flax is a bit different. It will get there within a week. See their release note here.
  4. Glad to hear it's working for you now. Regarding the Summary page display of 'Chia Farmed' and 'Flax Farmed', that's a count of blocks won by your farm. It's different than the Wallet display which shows your current balance, including pool payments, etc. Hope this helps!
  5. Sorry to hear that. This has affected a few users of Machinaris over the months, as well as regular Chia (CLI) users. The guidance is force a reset of the Chia wallet which seems to get into a bad state sometimes. Stop the Machinaris container Delete folder on Unraid: /mnt/user/appdata/machinaris/mainnet/wallet Start the Machinaris container Wait 15+ minutes for initial Machinaris status to be updated, then wait for wallet to re-sync from network peers in a day or so. Hope this helps.
  6. Good day! The next version of Machinaris is now available: v0.5.5. Thanks to all those who tested and provided feedback during the release cycle. All contributions are appreciated! Chia - Update to version 1.2.6. See their changelog for details. Plotman - Update to version 0.5.2 with support for the Bladebit in-memory plotter. Plotman - Avoid use of tty for container platforms such as TrueNAS to allow plotting without `-t` docker flag. Machinaris - Improved status reporting efficiency and better logging.
  7. Welcome back! Good to hear from you again. Don't hesitate to ask questions on the Discord server for a faster response than this list. Unfortunately, a Docker container remains similar to a small VM in that when a container is restarted all processes inside (including plotting) are stopped. At this point there is no way to resume a plot after a system restart for either the Chia or Madmax plotter. So, if using "Backup/Restore Appdata" plugin, you can set Machinaris to 'Do Not Stop' under Advanced Settings as shown here. There is some risk to getting a live snapshot, but you can always perform manual backups once in a while to minimize the risk. Hope this helps!
  8. Hi, did you import an existing Mnemonic Seed-phrase (Private Key) when installing Machinaris? Had you previously started pooling using other Chia tools before coming to Machinaris? If so, the Standard wallet appears immediately on Machinaris setup. However, when importing a mnemonic, Machinaris must wait (day or more sometimes) for the Chia blockchain to sync up completely before it sees that an existing Pooling wallet (plotnft) exists for a given key. It's possible the 2nd Pooling wallet was created by Machinaris before the blockchain was synced enough to know about the first Pooling wallet? This is a guess on my part. Regardless, you can just choose the "pool_contract_address" from your preferred Pooling wallet for the purposes of plotting (plotman.yaml). The other plotnft can be ignored.
  9. Great, glad you got it sorted. Welcome! Only times I've seen this in the Chia debug.log is when the Chia services didn't start-up cleanly. Chia devs are looking into memory leak issues with latest Chia binaries which may be the source of some performance issues lately. If Chia still doesn't seem to be responding after 10 minutes since startup (as verified by "chia farm summary" and "chia wallet show" in the container), I would recommend either restarting the Machinaris container or you can do a "chia start farmer -r" which restarts just the Chia services. Hope this helps!
  10. Welcome! Thanks for sharing the screenshot. I would recommend restarting the Machinaris container via the Unraid Docker tab. This should restart all services, including Chiadog (and Flaxdog) that is shown as stopped. Please let me know here (or on our Discord server) if that doesn't sort the problem.
  11. Good day. The /mnt/user/appdata/machinaris/plotman folder holds plotman.yaml. That same folder holds a dated backup copy, taken every single time you clicked the Save button on the Settings | Plotting page. Are you saying that all those files are missing or that entire parent folder structures are missing? Regarding a blank settings area shown on Settings | Plotting, please share your /mnt/user/appdata/machinaris/logs/webui.log file here so I can see the source of the problem.
  12. Version 0.5.4 now available with fixes for recent Machinaris and Chia issues: - Chia - Update to version 1.2.5. See their changelog for details. - Machinaris - Fix for Chia 1.2.4 SSL issue seen on plotter-only systems. - Machinaris - Displayname for Workers tabs of Plotting and Farming pages. - Machinaris - Fix for partials chart on Summary page. - Machinaris - Fix for plotting log view.
  13. Hi, please ensure that you click 'New Worker' button on your Workers page before launch the Machinaris Harvester. Both Chia and Flax certificates will be automatically installed on the Machinaris harvester from your Machinaris fullnode/controller.
  14. Hi, this manual copy step for regular Chia is unnecessary for Machinaris workers. To start a Machinaris worker on your local network: 1) Visit the Machinaris WebUI of your main system (controller & fullnode) 2) Click on the Workers page. Then click 'New Worker' on that page. 3) Complete the Wizard form that appears with details about your new worker system. 4) Take either the Docker run or the Docker compose and execute on the new computer. The Worker will automatically connect to the Controller. Look for a new row to appear in the Workers table. If the workers is harvesting, check the Farming page and select the Worker by name, then View Chia Logs to ensure that harvesting has started successfully. Hope this helps!
  15. Hi, it's possible you're encountering the Chia SSL issue that has resulted in new v1.2.5 from them. Please try to switch to the test image of upcoming Machinaris v0.5.4 which now has Chia 1.2.5 and other fixes. Set your Repository to "" and restart the container. Any further such errors, please attach: /mnt/user/appdata/machinaris/logs/webui.log and also apisrv.log Thanks!
  16. Good day! The next version of Machinaris is now available: v0.5.3. Thanks to all those who tested and provided feedback during the release cycle. All contributions are appreciated! Worker page for each worker shows Warnings for certain configuration issues. Farming page now shows current disk usage for each drive (free and used) Plotting page now shows recent disk usage for each drive (free and used) Summary page now charts recent blockchain challenges and partial proofs Fixes from feedback received by users on the Machinaris Discord. Thanks all! Chia - Update to version 1.2.4. See their changelog for details.
  17. Hi, please add a Worker IP Address to the Wizard that opens from New Worker button. Right now, the Machinaris fullnode/controller is trying to resolve a hostname on your LAN of "chiaharvest" which may not be resolving to a local IP. By setting an IP for the worker, then the controller will use that IP without any DNS lookup. Hope this helps!
  18. Hi! I recommend retrying the Flax wallet sync by: Stopping Machinaris container Deleting this folder from your Unraid filesystem: /mnt/user/appdata/machinaris/flax/mainnet/wallet/db/ Start up the Machinaris container again This will get Flax wallet syncing from zero again and hopefully it will work better. Issue could be due to db file corruption. Hope this helps!
  19. Glad to see you got this sorted out on our Discord server. For others on this thred, the suggestion was to use the following Plotman settings: tmpdir_stagger_phase_major: 5 tmpdir_stagger_phase_minor: 0 # Optional: default is 1 tmpdir_stagger_phase_limit: 1 # Don't run more than this many jobs at a time on a single temp dir. # Increase for staggered plotting by chia, leave at 1 for madmax sequential plotting tmpdir_max_jobs: 2 # Don't run more than this many jobs at a time in total. # Increase for staggered plotting by chia, leave at 1 for madmax sequential plotting global_max_jobs: 2 Thanks again to user doma for this great improvement to Plotman.
  20. Good day! The next version of Machinaris is now available: v0.5.2. Thanks to all those who tested and provided feedback during the release cycle. All contributions are appreciated! Changes: * Machinaris - Docker images now available for Apple M1 and Raspberry Pi OS architectures. * Chiadog - Update to new v0.7.0 to support for parsing partials and solo blocks. * Chia - Update to patch release of 1.2.3. See their changelog for details. * Flax - Update to version 0.1.1. See their changelog for details. * TrueNAS - Support for Machinaris deployment via helm chart. Issue #78 - Big thanks to @kmoore134 for this! * Machinaris - Daily Farming Summary now available on Farming page for both Chia and Flax. Add new plot type column. * Machinaris - Pools - Show each Pool's status including link to your pool provider. List pool point events on Summary page. * Machinaris - Workers - Use hostname for Worker display name, even when using IP addresses behind the scenes. Also show versions. Automated harvester setup. * Machinaris - Connections page has link to test your router port forward for farming. * Machinaris - New public website with launch Wizard for generating first Docker run/compose of Machinaris:
  21. Hi, not sure I understand. Please provide some more details. Also take a look at setting up a single Machinaris Controller (fullnode) and multiple Machinaris Workers (harvesters,plotters or both):
  22. Currently, plotman be paused on the last plot creation, likely in an error state. You can just Kill the last plot job which will remove the stale temp files. At that point, you can continue to farm without further plotting. Hope this helps!
  23. Sorry to hear that. Machinaris is simply a WebUI in front of the standard Chia binaries, bundled in the Docker image. I've been on a week's vacation, so I missed this post. If you decide to try Machinaris again, please try dropping into the Discord server for more interactive assistance.
  24. Good day, your mnemonic seed phrase is the private key that points to your wallet and plotnft on the blockchain. Please ensure you are using the same seed phrase on both your Windows and Unraid systems. See: Once fully synced, check your Settings | Pools page (or enter "chia plotnft show") at the Docker console for Machinaris. Hope this helps!
  25. Hi, try the following to investigate the issue of plot count, run via the Docker Console for the Machinaris container on Unraid: env | grep -i plots_dir chia plots show chia farm summary If the "plots show" includes some folders you're not expecting, they can be removed with: chia plots remove -d /some/container/directory If all above is correct and you're still seeing incorrect Plot Count on both Summary and Farming page, then please consult the logs looking for errors.