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  1. Normal humans often can't see all the ways messaging can be interpreted (this is why we have comms people) The most offensive sounding things are often not intended in that fashion at all. Written text makes communication harder because there are no facial or audio cues to support the language I expected our community developers (being that they've clearly communicated in text behind screens for many years) would understand that things aren't always intended as they sound. In this regard, I support @limetech wholeheartedly. Nevertheless the only way to fix this is probably for @limetech to privately offer an apology and discuss as a group how to fix, then publish back together that it's resolved. (30 years managing technical teams - seen this a few times and it's usually sorted out with an apology and a conversation).
  2. Did you read the beta 35 notes? It seems that there's some new methods for deploying drivers and modules. They actually include in tree AMD GPU too. At first I was thinking this was going to save the day - then I realised we still have to compile it against the new kernel right? I've found these particular new Unraid beta's to be the worst betas I've ever used for some reason, so I think I'll stay away until they at least put the new linux kernel in.
  3. Something I noticed the other day. I think it let's you roll back one version and if one version ago happened to be stable, then you were in luck. But for me, to get stable on, I had to download it manually. I'd say this is a bug, but maybe it's always been like that.
  4. I've recently been wondering about the speed of rebuild's / checks on USB. I have a 5 bay USB 3 box that came from a QNAP. It's seen in unraid. But I think it will be too slow.
  5. Assuming you're not running any impacted 3rd party plugins like ZFS, you also need to ensure your cache drive is backed up. I'm not sure there's an automated way - I think you have to copy it somewhere else and reformat the drive after you've downgraded, then put the data back in. Could be wrong. It definitely kicks it out of the array though.
  6. I have Roon and it’s not crashing. The other server without Roon is crashing on occasion (not saying it’s same issue but just to say Roon shouldn’t be). Roon does push a disk while it’s scanning and so on so possibly something more down the i/o path given your comments about disks. Could even be sata cable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks - I actually installed a new version of 6.8.3 on my USB using the Mac install tool, which in the process wipes the usb stick. I copied over no config and installed ZFS from the App Store and somehow that ended up with the beta4 version of zfs. So I don't know. Anyway a bit of a learning for me! I have to wonder what is on that disk that's so problematic - I only created it recently. I have a suspicion it may have a duplicate mount point or something.
  8. Multiple times today. Never noticed it before. I'd say about three separate times (hours between) today.
  9. I am assuming that the one disk, had some ZFS config on it, that was interfering with the rest. The thing I don't understand is why it was playing havoc with the rest of the whole system. I'm relatively new to ZFS so I guess what do I know, but logically if the system is on a USB in a path that has nothing to do with the ZFS volume, this kind of extenuating circumstance should not happen. Until I know for sure I'll consider this my first ZFS drama. The awesome thing is that throughout, no ZFS data was lost, all pools were active and running. Tested multiple times - even did a scrub. Anyway, I am using kernel helper again as it's easier to keep control of ZFS versions and I did notice the nice ZFS export notice at the bottom of the screen - nice job!
  10. I unplugged one disk and it seems to have brought it back to life. I'm just going to pretend I fixed it for tonight. Too scared to look at it again for now.
  11. Yes, it usually runs on USB3.0, but for this I'm using USB2 to be safe. I half thought it was ZFS again, but known good versions of ZFS and precompiled kernels with ZFS are also triggering the problems. I am unable to provide diagnostics, they don't run, not even in console which is what the attached file above is about. I tried syslog, but nothing is getting logged. It seems the system can't create (or thinks it can't create) files. I can create files in the console though. So I think it's broken too, which is what I was expecting to be honest.
  12. I use /mnt/x y z I've just reformatted the key and this time not copied the config. It was all working fine until I added ZFS. I note that only the beta of ZFS is now being offered not stable, which I think is a huge mistake given it's the stable 6.8.3 I have installed. @steini84 perhaps you could implement something so that stable / next can be chosen for ZFS. Anyway, I'm back to believing it's a ZFS issue. I don't know why it is. I'm going to try the community kernel and see if that sheds any light. Community Kernel (Unraid Kernel Helper) same result (using my normal config though, but I did prove it did this with none of my config also). This is a nightmare. The only thing I can say for sure is it only appears when ZFS is installed. But earlier known good versions of ZFS also exhibit the behaviour.
  13. This really has me stumped. I am unable to run diagnostics, even from the console. The GUI has text strewn through it, docker and vm menus are missing, but oddly still working, actually behind the scenes it is still running but I'm not very happy about it. Background: I moved the server. Oh and I Licenced it, it's a second machine and I was on trial mode. OK that shouldn't be too bad, but I also decided to move my SSD's from a fixed bay to a hot swap bay. That also isn't too bad, and they are still working so I don't think it's that. I've done a memory test, but not an extensive memory test. I've ruled out ZFS I believe and besides the file system is working fine. Symptoms I have seen include mostly USB related / looking challenges. I've reflashed and copied the config quite a few times now. Because it's a new USB I tried the old USB too. That's turned out with the same issue. I've used a config backup I made before this happened. I've downgraded from the beta to stable and it still happens. Check out these screenshots - weird text where the shouldn't be. Even getting told that VM's won't start because my hardware doesn't support VT-d, which it does and the VM's are running in the background. I'm sorry but I can't post diagnostics -see output below. I hope my hardware hasn't died - but would have thought that would show up in either disk or memory related errors, which it hasn't. And not that the docker and virtual machines are showing up as running (and are running fine when I connect from my laptop). Any ideas? I have to admit, I'm stumped. What am I missing?DiagnosticErrors.rtf