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  1. @theonewithinUnraid doesn't work like FreeNAS because ZFS isn't supported (yet). I assume that you're trying to connect to datasets. Personally I've only used image files on ZFS on unraid, which work extremely well. If you want to try a dataset because that's how all of yours are, I suspect you will have to look into the whole disk-by-id or something like that. Otherwise it is possible to convert them to an image using qemu convert.
  2. I’m pretty sure I was able to run about 30 dockers in less than 5G of space - but I’d have to check that. What you can do is just stop the docker service, rename the image file / directory and restart the service. If configured as you say the image file / directory should be much smaller. I have seen some docker images not playing nice with the appdata by default so with this you can see which folder is growing amd investigate from there. if one folder is growing you will likely find you’ll have to increase your image file size or allow more space for the folder Indefinitely.
  3. One of your dockers almost certainly has a cache / temporary / cancelled files or similar contained within in. My guess would be qbittorrent vpn. Since you have it in a folder, you should be able to figure that out with du -sh /folderpath. Also, I do believe that you would save space - because the difference between the 20GB image file and the actual docker space (in your case 3GB difference) is still a difference. The main exception to this is when you have compression on the filesystem hosting the image such as ZFS - it will recognise the image files blank space and compress i
  4. Kernel build is more flexible and you can compile things in as you know. Plug-in is less flexible In that regard and simpler when kernels change. Yeah each has its pros and cons. But yes as far as zfs goes I think there is no difference other than occasional version mismatches which are usually inconsequential.
  5. Ah yeah, that annoying app data folder that sometimes insists on creating itself in a location not set in the defaults!
  6. That doesn't seem to make a lot of sense does it. I assume you know about zpool upgrade and that shouldn't be impacting this. Assuming you're using the plugin, perhaps just uninstall and reinstall the zfs plugin and reboot. Also make sure this is the latest unraid version as recent versions were problematic. Also, if your docker is in a folder rather than in an image I would suggest trying it as an image. Docker folders on ZFS seem to be hit and miss depending on your luck. Can't think of anything else to try right now.
  7. Just came across this today on our local auction site. Basically an 8 bay device connected with an SFF-8088 (or SFF-8644) cable. They have a USB option too, but obviously this is the winner. Supports linux.
  8. I get that you want to make the best of your disks, it is in my experience generally recommended to give ZFS whole disks due to the way it works. That said I think you can give it partitions. What I'm not sure about is if you could give unraid partitions. This configuration is probably going to be terrible performance though. I'd suggest replace the 10TB disks with what you buy, then create a ZFS mirror with the 10TB disks (assuming you want the bigger ones in unraid. You can still use both disks to store things, you can't get around losing two disks for parity though unless yo
  9. Good answer, this question gets asked so often, I wish someone would just include it in dev tools or something. Clearly there's demand.
  10. It didn’t work for me either but haven’t tried lately. While I prefer folders it seems risky if there’s no confirmation that something has been fixed, changed it added. It might break at next upgrade. So will stick to images for now.
  11. Thought I'd have a squiz at this, but am getting page does not exist - in case anyone wants to fix that.
  12. Gotcha. I wish I had developer mates around so I could learn from watching - I reckon there would be a ton of basic dev stuff I'd be good at. I'd be a bit scared of losing my life to IT though - it's bad enough already!
  13. It's pretty hard to beat ZFS when it had over a billion dollars spent on it and has been around for 30 years. Compare that to BTRFS being open source and a little over 10 years. But it's the denial of any issue on BTRFS that concerns me, you're never going to get a good file system if the project is going to deny there's anything wrong all the time or worse ask why you would even want these things fixed! Oh and thanks for the podcast @ConnectivIT good to have actual examples explained for everyone. It's been a year since then, so hopefully one of the devs heard it and did somethi
  14. So no redundancy for your dockers then?
  15. I heard a rumour, last time I tried it didn't work because Unraid needed some kind of ZFS drive compiled into docker or something - I'm not really sure why everything has started working - so I'm nervous to change more. Perhaps Unraid guys included basic ZFS libraries in the new version of unraid or something.