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  1. Hi, Can someone sanity check what i'm doing please. I have a totally brand spanking new server, with brand new drives. I am therefore needing to decommission the old server and migrate data to the new box. Rightly or wrongly, i've turned off the old server, and have manually mounted each of the old drives (using UD in RO mode!!!) and coping the data directly using rsync -avzP (in a screen session) direct to the disk share rather than using fuse (to remove the overhead) - i've broken parity while this occurs, I'll then readd the parity drive to rebuild parity once copy is complete. This has recreated the share scheme on the new server (I wanted to start from scratch so haven't used the existing USB) server is on trial license atm. But none of the unraid existing share permissions are applied (other than linux perms) When the data is fully copied - any reason why I can't stop new server, copy the existing Pro.key to /config and copy all /config/shares/ over to the new stick, thus setting the shares as they were before (users are identical as only one user), and allowing me to use the automated replace USB stick key regeneration? I need to manually recreate dockers etc (which is fine) Sound like i'm making sense? Am I doing anything that strikes you as bad?
  2. How are you accessing the Login URL? Via Reverse proxy? If so you'll need to create a new variable called PAPERLESS_URL and specify the domain / subdomain you are accessing from. For instance: PAPERLESS_URL=https://paperless.domain.com
  3. its under advanced settings (change the slider from basic view) under "Extra Parameters"
  4. extra params are in docker advanced in unraid. I think like yayitazale said, you need to concentrate on one part first. get the docker frigate container up, web interface working, GPU accel showing on web internface, then worry about mqtt / homeassistant reporting / alerts / integration next. Flub
  5. @Lunch I had the same issue as you, but in my case (and I suspect this isn't the best solution although worked for me) I checked config had the hwaccel line I added "--gpus all" into extra parameters And removed nvidia_visible_devices key in the template. I do question whether i had tried --runtime=nvidia but in the end the above options worked for me so stopped there. (GPU now shows in frigate Web ui and smi) I needed to get frigate back up quick so didn't have time to experiment with parameters. YMMV etc. Flub.
  6. interestingly the only error I get in my updated docker version is "gs-server: ===== UDP packets from Mediator not received, so connecting to this Server will be slow =====" (GoodSync (R) Ver OS: Linux-Debian stretch/sid) Because I block the mediator at my firewall. Dave
  7. They've moved maxmind into a docker mod. Not sure if it was previously configured and working if it'll stop working or not but https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-mods/tree/swag-maxmind Dave Edit: I also needed to cycle the docker twice to get it to download, first time "enabled" the mod, second time downloaded the database
  8. I ordered one of these which arrived yesterday, which should allow both TPU to be seen via a single PCIe lane. When I can find time to remove the server from the rack and test I'll reply back Dave
  9. Hi, (Unraid 6.9.2) I'm looking at the Wiki (link) for shrinking the array, and this doesn't mention anything about dual parity and if this actually matters. I have spent the last few months clearing down and moving data between disks to prepare to remove some drives with questionable SMART stats. I now have the overheads to remove these drives. I intend to use the rebuild parity method as I don't want to zero the 6 drives i'm removing. I assume I am ok to just follow the instructions, and it'll rebuild parity OK with dual parity assigned? Dave
  10. I'm using unifi on my Frigate instance. What resolution have you set the rtsp to? I have detect pointing at one, and record set at a higher res cameras: front: ffmpeg: inputs: - path: rtsp://link (medium) roles: - detect - path: rtsp://link (High) roles: - record detect: width: 1024 height: 576 fps: 5
  11. I have also seen this, I assumed it was me "faffing" with TS change ffmpeg options, then the reversion back. Luckily I've got frigate cache set to /dev/shm therefore it can never kill anything in the UnRAID GUI etc. Flubster
  12. Also ich777's plugin has a page in settings that shows the detected TPU's IIRC (I can't check right now as I'm back to using USB until my Dual Edge TPU -> PCIe adaptor appears) Flubster
  13. I've also noticed that the default recording format has changed so if you have explicit output_args defined you may want to review them (changed from mp4 to ts) Audio is now recording by default - the entire reason I had a output_args ffmpeg override anyway. RRB
  14. try removing the password from the redis container. you've got it set to allow a blank password (ie no password) but then have a password set. Either set ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD to no and specify the redis password in the paperless-ng config or blank the password in the REDIS container config Dave
  15. I maybe being dense here, but the UnRAID GUI should not be accessible from the internet anyway so what benefit would this have? Services should be behind reverse proxies - and using SWAG / NPM (I personally use SWAG but assume its in NPM) fail2ban is implemented, as well as geoip database lookups to block country subnets etc.