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  1. Perhaps it just takes a couple minutes to push the share out. In the time it took me to reread the instructions, then to post my query, the share now shows up and I can access it just like any share on the drive. I had opened a new file explorer (from Win 10) to view the share, but when I went back after posting, the share was there. Thanks again, handy tool.
  2. Love the app, thanks for creating it. Just trying to mount and share the drive to get things started. The drive is shown on main. Its an NTFS drive already formatted. It mounted the drive and i can see it in Main, and click on it to access files/directories. I've gone into settings and turned on SHARE. When I go back into settings I see "Mount Point: 2TB_Scratch_Disk". But I'm not seeing an SMB share available. If I go to http://SERVER/2TB_Scratch_Disk, a blank page displays. I've reread through the instructions in the first post, but must be missing something. Thanks in a
  3. Sorry, should have said. Version 6.8.3 2020-03-05. If 6.9 has a new kernel, then perhaps that is the resolution. Is there a way to validate plugin compatibility with 6.9?
  4. I continue to see this error every few minutes. I've researched the problem with the developers of GoodSync and they have identified it as an update needed to the kernel. Is there a formal process to get this reviewed with the UnRaid team? This is what the developer posted as a response: William replied (2020/12/20 01:23 pm EST) I googled it and think they say that you need to update kernel. you can do the same search. You wrote (2020/12/20 12:32 pm EST) Are you aware of a solution or way to suppress the message? William replied (2020/12/20 11:32 am EST) this is a known bug
  5. I guess I'll just watch it. I have 2 parity disks, so if I lose one, no big deal...
  6. Duh, now that you put it that way... I ran an extended test last night. HE is at 100? How is that possible? 22 Helium level 0x0023 100 100 025 Pre-fail Always Never 100
  7. Would it help to run the disk through Preclear a couple times?
  8. Apologies, attached! I've not rebooted since the error was displayed.
  9. I've had FCP identify a problem with my primary parity drive. Upon investigation, I don't see any errors in the SMART report (see attached). Any ideas what FCP has identified? ERRORS FOUND SUGGESTED FIX parity (HGST_HUS726060ALA640_AR11021EHJAHKB) has read errors If the disk has not been disabled, then unRaid has successfully rewritten the contents of the offending sectors back to the hard drive. It would be a good idea to look at the S.M.A.R.T. Attributes for the drive in question Begin Investigation Here: Parity Settings According to the disk information in Parity Setting
  10. I've been adding more and more drives to my system. Today I received the below status message and it stated [FAIL], but I had to search the list three or four times to find NOK. I'd like to make a suggestion for improvement of this email. Where would be the appropriate place for that? Did a search for suggestions, but didn't find anything. I'd like to suggest a simple carriage return be placed after each disk report. Also, putting the [OK] or [NOK] or [WHATEVER OTHER STATUS] at the beginning would make it easy to scan and find the offending drive. Something like this...
  11. Thanks ChatNoir, but the problem I have is that none of the disks or devices on the system appear to be available. There's nothing in /MNT and then there's the errors I saw regarding enumerating the boot USB. When the computer boots, it sees all the devices (i.e. I see the BIOS messages that the drives load, and I can see them in the BIOS if I boot to BIOS, BUT...when unRaid boots, it can't find the USB drive (BOOT) and thus nothing loads. I have no idea where the unRaid OS is actually loading from. Quite puzzling...
  12. Any thoughts on how to get the diagnostics off this 'netherworld' boot drive?