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  1. Odd plex change after update: So I updated from version To After doing so I noticed that I could not play any media. The error was the media was not found. So, I checked the path and I noticed the path now said: /media/media/Movies - So a second '/media/' has been added to the path which of course means that everything now doesn't work So I checked the Libraries and all of them appear to have had this inserted in the path. So I thought if I edited the Library path, it would fix it and the media would be "found" I tried that but it was reset back to the double media path. I even browsed and let plex find the paths with the browse for media option. However, when going back to see if the changes were made I see the double meia has been set yet again. Has anyone else seen this or noticed after this update? I think I can roll back to the previous version if there is an issue. In Unraid, there is a path for media, it has not changed in the update, I took a screenshot before updating and it's the same.
  2. Brief information: I purchased this in April 2020 and up until about a month ago its been working fine but I did notice it complained about a few drives that I plugged into the right side of the shelf (the right most shelf). I would try to run preclar and come back to see that the drive disconnected itself. I moved the drive to a slot on the main rack of the PC and it ran pre-clear fine. This week one drive just disappeared after a random crash. I wasn't sure what caused the crash but the sever was just off. I rebooted it and let it run a parity check then I noticed the drive was missing. I tried to stop the array and add the drive back but every time it failed. I moved it to another slot where it would appear then disconnect. This process repeated itself. At the suggestion of the person I bought this from he said to try to connect it directly to the backplane without the interposer. When I did the drive only read as 2.2tb (its a 12tb drive). I swapped interposers from some empty slots I even tried the second controller on the DS4246 and only got stranger behavior. ie: very slow plex playback, plex being unresponsive. I have attached the diags to see if there is any clue in there or I'm open for suggestions to try something different. I guess overall I want to know or if it seems as if this is dying and I have to replace the shelf Thanks
  3. @trurl Thanks for splitting this and I have gotten the problem worked out. The issue was, the cache drive suddenly disconnected itself from the array which caused ALL of these problems. I was (with help) able to move the drive to another slot on the disk array then remove the other instances that had been created from lack of a cache drive. I am happy to report the array is up and running smooth now.
  4. So this happened yesterday. I went to turn on plex to play something in the background while being on hold for a call and I noticed that Plex was down. I thought it was odd so I went to look at the docker but Unraid didn't show any dockers running. I went to the docker tab and I saw an error that said the docker service was not active. So, I went to the settings, and it said that docker services were installed. I turned them off, then turned it on back again and got the same error. So, I did a clean reboot to see if that would correct the issue. When unraid came back up no dockers were installed. I went to community applications and reinstalled the missing dockers. Here is where I don't understand what happened. When plex came back up, it was like a fresh install nothing was there. No libraries nothing. So, I noticed all of the other dockers are in their setup states as well. This has never happened before and even after setting things up after upgrading unraid things came back to the way they were. I have included a copy of the diags just in case. While starting over and re-building the plex libraries is not the worst thing in the world setting up every other docker would be a pain. Any thoughts?
  5. Sorry its in a drive array. I'm beginning to suspect there is something wrong with that slot as I moved it, restarted it and its on the zeroing phase now.
  6. Hi, I was trying to preclear a disk that is need to replace a failing disk on my array. However during pre-read this disk failed on preclear. Is it possible that I just have a bum new disk? preclear_disk_WD-CA036EAG_9560.txt
  7. I haven't been able to find anything yet on pulling a report from a drive in an enclosure. I'm still curious as to why this drive is now showing up as unassigned.
  8. The images from above are from re-seating the drive. It now shows up as an unassigned device. Here are the new diags.
  9. Update: So I still have Disk 17 being emulated but I went back and I saw this: After re-seating the drive, I noticed a new unassigned drive showed up. It has the SN as the "missing" drive I also downloaded the smart diagnostic from this drive. I'm looking for suggestions on what to do from here? I'm not sure if I can mount this drive and replace it or tell it that its drive 17. Thoughts?
  10. Ok reporting back. I have fully shut down the array and re-seated Disk 17 - Powered back up and its still saying not installed I can try to move it to a different bay, its in a disk shelf to be sure. I'm open to all suggestions
  11. @JorgeB - You mean check the physical connection correct?.
  12. So so this morning I awoke to this message: So one of my drives is disabled and its a relatively new drive. I wanted to make sure I do this right to see if drive is damaged or if it can be saved. I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks I also have included server diags.
  13. Thanks for the thread. I'm going to look at it as I had to swap to a 1U Supermicro. My 4U would not boot reliably and I would still like to revisit that one day to try to figure out the issue and maybe build a second server. Sounds like you have been on Unraid for a while. I know there are so many things I'm not doing right with my setup and I'm trying my best to learn.
  14. So the caching pool new to 6.9 did interest me but I haven't taken the time to really learn how to set it up properly and how it can best function on my server. When you hard to rebuild, did you have to start from scratch?
  15. So as I mentioned , I had never set this up but would be willing to do so if this will help me performance wise.