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  1. @wgstarks Would that be as simple as just browsing to the flash drive and just copying everything over? to a backup folder?
  2. I have a quick question: To be cautious as a lot of us have invested lots of time in our Unraid setups and configuration, what would be the best suggestion to backup unraid before attempting an upgrade? Just in case something goes wrong. Also, are there any suggestions on running chkdsk or anything before attempting the update? Thanks
  3. Lately, the cache drive has been filling up. It's currently sitting at 71% and may calm down to about 60% or so. Just wondering why its filling up recently. I don't have caching turned on for my plex directories. Second question: Is it time for anther cache drive? Unraid 6.7.2 Drive model: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB Thanks!
  4. Hey there! I had a question to the group: I have moved over just about every application I had running on separate computers and this is the last one. I have this up and working happily on unraid and would like to move over the directory from the "old" server. Is there a procedure for copying things over or do I just copy the directories over and call it a day? I guess what I'm worried about is mylar not picking the existing or new existing books up. Any advice?
  5. Here is where I'm getting it: I'm also on 6.7.0
  6. @Night_Fury Make sure you Edit the container and click the advanced switch in the upper right. Make sure this line is filled in: Then save the container and you should be able to get tot he web UI
  7. So, weird question here: I installed Emby to compare to plex so I began setting up my libraries. I have a folder called action. I set this up but only to discover that TWO action folders have been created.??? There is no option to remove one without deleting it. Am I stuck deleting this and then resetting this up and going thru the long process of image downloading etc? Thanks
  8. Odd recent issue: So I have been using this and its been great. After about a month I have one library that has re-encoded and its saved me a ton of space. So, one weekend I decide to let the machine rest a little. It can get the fans revved up pretty fast when converting a 1080p file. So I stopped the container. When I went to start it back up, nothing had been processed. No errors nothing. I knew I had some files left and I checked and event pointed the container right to that directory. Still nothing. I checked the logs and there are no errors. Right now it says its not finding anything to convert. Anyone else experience this? I also even deleted the container and re-installed it. Still no luck. I'm going to restart it and turn the debug logs on and see what it says.
  9. Correct! And that;s what was going on. Thanks for the tips!
  10. So, I have a question about unriad permissions. I will have a need to run filebot on TV shows to correct show names and also on Movies to fix Movie names. But, I'll be doing this sometimes over the network. I have found out hat sometimes I can modify the files and sometimes I can't. What should be the permission so that I can do this and which user should own the files. Also, once I figure this out, it should be a simple to do a chwon user -R for all of the directories and files (I may be missing some info for this command) Thanks!
  11. Thanks @Josh.5 I know I speak for everyone when I say Thanks! I love this tool and it's helping a lot. Still being an unraid newb, is there a place where I can see what was fixed or added for a new push?
  12. @Josh.5 is there a way to have this container spin up with only 2 workers? I have found that 2 work just fine without having the fans on my machine prepare for takeoff. However, when I start it up I have to tick down the number of workers each time.
  13. Thanks I just wanted to check as if I que this bad boy up and let it run then stop it and run it again, it would load shows that already have been encoded. I haven't watched closely enough to see if its skipping them or processing them.
  14. One other question: Does the optimizer skip shows that have already been h265 encoded?
  15. So.. one more question on this: Is there a utility that will stop and start this docker on command? It would be nice to let it chug away at the library during the night when everyone is asleep then have it turn off in the morning.