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  1. Noted, and I read that any reads or writes slows down the rebuild operation. Thanks again for the help!
  2. Got it and rebuild has started. I'll repeat the process for all of the other disks. One final question, I turned off the dockers for this process but it does bring the array back online. Should they be turned off or it doesn't matter? Thanks @trurl and everyone else who chimed in!
  3. Hi @trurl thanks for pitching in. I have: Stopped the array unassigned the problem disk started the array verified the emulation Disk 5 is the disk. I have clicked on it to view the emulated contents. Now, here's the part I'm fuzzy with - I can copy the contents ( I have used unbalance to do this before) but I am not sure how to kick off the re-build process to put that disk back into place and have it rebuild.
  4. @Vr2Io Sorry for the extra reply. Just trying to make sure I understand the procedure. Stop the array, physically remove the drive then restart the arrray? I just wanted to be sure.
  5. Ok @JorgeB, Just asking can the parity rebuild from 5 drives that have been "lost" ? I'm also just going to double check, stop the array, remvoe the device, start the array, it should emulate the drive then reassign and rebuild. Just wanted to make sure I am understanding correctly. Thans just trying to be extra cautious @Squid can you verify?
  6. Just an update, I swapped the old card with the one that I had in previously, I get the same results. Should I try the revuild process that @JorgeB mentioned above?
  7. Before I moved this over, I had a drive fail. I removed that drive and re-built the array after removing this drive. I took an image of the drive layout before doing all of this with the new configuration just in case the drive information was lost.
  8. @Vr2Io to give more details: The disk shelf is a Netapp DS4246 - When I had it in the older (dying) server I was using this card - LSI SAS3801E // L3-01123-04E PCI-E 3GB/s Dual Port - to build a new machine while the old one was up I bought another card - LSI Logic SAS3801E PCIe 3GB/s miniSAS 8-Port Host Bus Adapter with 2x SFF-8088 That's the listing of the card currently in the new server - I can swap the older card into the new machine if you think this will help fix some of the issues. I thought the cards we identical. I have the old card and can swap it out to see if that will help thing
  9. So.. I'll try to have as much detail in this as possible: I have a unraid happily installed on a server for over 2 years. Everything was fine: Last year in march I added a disk shelf and added more drives. Still fine, I noticed about 2 weeks ago my server would not boot up from a reboot. The MOBO was complaining it had no memory. I managed to get it up and working but have to take the memory back to the DIMM's I used when I bought it (roughly 1/2 the memory is gone the machine would not post with it in there) So now with the sever limping along, I decided to order a ne
  10. Makes sense. Just wanted to be prepared for any future moves. Thanks!
  11. Ok.. wait after restarting the server it has retuned to normal levels. I guess I'm more trying to understand what happened?
  12. So this happened the other day. I was organizing some Plex Media into folders like A-M and N-Z. After doing that, I noticed that almost half of my cache drive was used up. I'm guessing this is in relation to the move. Can I recoup that space?