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  1. click turn windows features on or of and the add roles and extra features wizard popped up from there i installed the services you suggested and it didn't work (same error) but i had an idea and managed to fix it. if you have this issue just install those services and then go to control panel/credentials manager from there click on add a windows credential. now enter your ip or computer name, username, and password and it will work btw if you enter your ip and you try to access from your computer name or vise versa it wont work you have to add the name. (you can add both at the same time) hope this helps someone in the future
  2. this was the first thing i tried to do (people already said it in this thread) so i tried and there is nothing
  3. its a fresh install of windows server 2016 and i just get that error i didnt do anything just installed it then i installed the drivers and tried to access the shares and i get this i can ping devices on my network just fine and if i put ip of other computers i get the login promt but not for my server ip
  4. so i made a windows server vm and i want to access my array but i cant connect to my arrays samba for some reason i get this it works fine if i try to connect to my workstation i get the login prompt and samba works fine from workstation and other computers. i can also ping the server ip just fine
  5. yea thats what i use atm but it would be very useful if they are added to the os just like how much ram is used you could also do that before but now its much more convenient
  6. it would be nice to be able to see the throughput (tx and rx) that each docker is using just like the ram and the CPU usage from the docker tab. and a button next to the advanced view to switch them between bits and bytes
  7. now it's fine! the bios update must have cut some voltage like you said because it used to be stable thank you now how do i mark as solved?
  8. I forgot it did that before i even oc'd but i will lover the clockspeed to like 3.7 from 4 and test if its stable at that i will test tomorrow
  9. I also left memtest64 run for a day and it was also fine
  10. Yes I did but I let Aida 64 and other stress test software run with my windows boot drive and it's fine
  11. I am on the latest stable version 6.70, amd 2700x, mobo: asus prime x470 (bios: American Megatrends Inc. Version 4207. Dated: 12/07/2018) and yes i disabled global c - states when I put my system in full load after a while it will just hang. it will stay open but it won't do anything. tried pinging the server and it doesn't respond. constantinides-diagnostics-20190619-1300.zip
  12. I tried logging out and back in again and it still doesn't work. I am logged in with user george that has read and write permissions
  13. i managed to get sshpass working only if i write the command in terminal i put it in a script like this and it doesn't work