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  1. sorry for late response. i have not run into this so i don't know what it would be, i would say it could be a network or firewall thing. edit: just looked at your older post and you said you used chrome have you tried clearing the cache and/or using a different browser? in my case i use firefox
  2. have you tried to use 192.168.1.xxx:30000 in this case you would need to add in the port number unless you have a reverse proxy setup.
  3. might be a proxy error or forwarding problem and i still don't know much about that. this is what i am using and it works for my setup
  4. restarting the docker should fix permission problems i have not been able to get specific user creation working in a docker image yet so i added a workaround for now that just needs you to restart the docker.
  5. im glad you got it working again.
  6. The way i have things set up is that the appdata folder is all of the files from the foundry zip file and the settings/userdata is in my game saves share. the foundry zip file should have everything in it and the configs should be created automatically upon docker start. at least thats the way that i have the template setup
  7. this is the docker setup that i use for foundry and it has been working well. i have not run into the error that you are having so im not sure what you can do i would try to reinstall the docker and see if that helps..
  8. With the new docker folder setup is it going to be possible to migrate existing dockers to that setup without data loss? or how would that work? If someone already asked and i missed it im sorry.
  9. i have changed the docker template to be able to put the save data and the appdata in different places. for installs that are already running you would need to move the data yourself. you will need to edit your docker and change the appdata Config Path from /foundry to /foundry/fvtt and then add a new path container path needs to be /foundry/data and you can map that to whatever share you want and that should work.
  10. you have a very good point. I overlooked that option and will work on a fix for that as soon as possible.
  11. you can do this by simply expanding the show more settings and setting the past that you want to store the files in and it will work that way. i set it as app data because that is the most common way to do it. the options file should be in mnt/user/appdata/FoundryVTT/data/Config hope this helps
  12. no problem. my group just started using it and we wanted an easy way to run it 24/7 so i thought it would be good to make this docker and share it with others to make things as easy as possible. i will also be improving the docker so that it is clearer as far as errors go.
  13. i am sorry it was not as clear as it could be i am going to fix that in a future version.
  14. you need to buy and download FoundryVTT as i can NOT provide the files myself. This docker is just to make it easy to run it on a server. I will update the description to make it more clear as well. you can buy it here https://foundryvtt.com/
  15. Support for FoundryVTT docker Application: FoundryVTT Application Site: https://foundryvtt.com/ Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/fithwum/foundry_vtt/ Github: https://github.com/fithwum/foundryvtt Please post any questions/issues relating to this docker you have in this thread.