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  1. Have your tried changing md_* tunables in the disk settings? That made a huge improvement for me, as I too was stuck at 40MB/sec regardless of what cards I used until I increased those settings. Here's the thread with more details.
  2. Lev

    Choice between systems

    I'd pick the -e board with the Xeon for your use case. In fact for 99% of use cases I can think of the Xeon is the better pick, go with that and don't lose and sleep on it 😀
  3. Lev

    6.7.0-rc5 Warning Illegal String Type

    The root cause was smart-one.cfg and for some reason it had the following two lines that must of been leftover artifacts from the past. smType=" " smPort1="10" Mystery solved. 😀
  4. Lev

    6.7.0-rc5 Warning Illegal String Type

    I'll post details as soon as I find how I resolved this. There was something in my /boot/config/ and after I deleted the file(s) have resolved the warning message and it no longer appears.
  5. Lev

    How do you guys work with more than 24 drives?

    Helpful tips @hawihoney, thank you! I would have likely run into some of the same situations you have already, much appreciate the advice.
  6. Lev

    6.7.0-rc5 Warning Illegal String Type

    Typo. I edited the post so as not to cause more confusion. Thank you @trurl
  7. Lev

    6.7.0-rc5 Warning Illegal String Type

    New test conducted. I boot my server using a new installation of UnRAID 6.7.0rc5 on a new USB drive using a trial key. The warning messages do not appear. Knowing that, and knowing that rolling back to 6.6.6 also do not have the warning messages lead me to believe there must be something existing defined in my /boot/config/* files that 6.7.0rc doesn't like and creates that warning message. I'm thinking of doing a diff compare of each of my /boot/config/* files against the clean install but what should I be looking for? What is an example of a 'illegal string offset type' that I can use for reference?
  8. I'll test again with a fresh installation and report back.
  9. I noticed my Dashboard stopped reporting CPU, memory and network usage and it had just been working previously. I found disabling/enabling SMB in the settings was the trigger.
  10. Lev

    How do you guys work with more than 24 drives?

    @hawihoney I think I'm going to try this too. how's your setup running these days? any additional advice you'd add?
  11. Dynamix color theme is Black. The shadow box windows and confirmation windows do not appear to adhere to the style guide and remain white, some examples are PluginUpdate.png and UpdateConfirmation.png On the other hand, some window boxes seem to have a light shade of gray, see SystemInfo.png I wasn't sure the right place to report this one @bonienl. If this is a feature request, feel free to move it.
  12. Lev

    6.7.0-rc5 Warning Illegal String Type

    I guess I did do it right, just it didn't resolve suppressing the warning messages. Just confirmed by testing rc5 @bonienl. If you submit anymore pull requests, I'll give it another test.
  13. Lev

    6.7.0-rc5 Warning Illegal String Type

    I copied the changes, but not sure how to reload emhttp. I tried the command "/etc/rc.d/rc.nginx restart" which I think is correct but the warning messages still persist. Did I do it right?
  14. Lev

    6.7.0-rc5 Warning Illegal String Type

    @bonienl If I copy your changes in pull request #463 is that the correction you made? I have some time today so thought I could give it a test and give you some quick feedback.