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  1. Probably a dumb question, but I am new to docker. I see in the plex GUI that an update is available; do I update using that link, or wait until there is an update for the docker container? Or are docker container updates not necessarily related to updates for the program they contain?
  2. Gotcha, thanks! Just wanted to confirm the parity drive shouldn't be accessed very often so I can spin it down quickly
  3. Hi everyone, I'm just curious how often the parity drive is accessed? Is it just during the daily moving from cache to the array, and then during parity checks? Thanks!
  4. In case anyone finds themselves in this thread with the same issue, this thread mentions disable p states and that worked for me!
  5. Hi everyone! I have Unraid all set up and am loving it so far, but just have one question. I'm monitoring my CPU frequency using the command 'watch "cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep \"^[c]pu MHz\""' in the terminal, and noticed that my CPU never seems to "wind down" into lower CPU frequencies. It always seems to be above or around the base clock of 3.5GHz. The CPU is an i5 4690k for reference. I double-checked the BIOS and C-States are turned on, power saving is turned on, and voltages and frequencies are set to auto. htop also shows that load average is less than .1 when I am looking at the frequencies, and CPU usage is normally never above 5% per core when it's idling like this. I'm just wondering if this is normal? Normally on Windows machines I can see my CPU go down to 1600mhz or 800mhz when idling, but those Windows machines also didn't have 7 docker containers running. If this is normal, that's fine. I'm just looking to make my system as power efficient where possible. Thanks!
  6. To add to this, there is an awesome spaceinvader one video detailing how to use Krusader.
  7. I started setting up my unraid setup last night, but am having a hard time adding my old data drive to the unraid array. My setup consists of two new hard drives, one new SSD, and one old drive with data. What I did was: Install the new SSD and new hard drives, with SSD as a cache drive, one HDD as a data drive, and the other HDD as a parity drive. Install the unassigned devices plugin, turn off PC and install old data drive Started up PC and mounted old drive as an unassigned drive and used Krusader to move data from old data drive to the relevant user shares on my new data drive When all the transferring was done is where my problem began... I stopped my array, unmounted the unassigned drive, and added it to the array as disk 2. However, I cannot save the configuration because I get an error along the lines of "Invalid expression. Cannot add and remove disks at the same time". How can I fix this error? Is it because the disk is moving from unassigned to the array, which appears to unraid as being removed and then added? When I first setup unraid, parity started to be calculated so I paused it because I still had data to transfer, could this be the issue? I tried canceling it to start fresh but that didn't seem to help. Currently, I'm having parity calculate while I'm at work, hoping that once it is calculated that I'll be able to add the old disk to the array. Will this fix the issue? Will parity have to be recalculated when I do add that old drive? Thank you very much in advance!