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  1. Maybe its time to upgrade breakout cables... they must make 6 GB breakout cables right? WL2000GSA6472C_WOL240266532-20180515-2136.txt
  2. Hm.... I only ask because i have one disk that I keep having issues with because it'll fail but then pass Smart test. None of the attributes I have are set to 0. Should I change it? I've actually been thinking that it could be an issue w/ just the one part of the break out cable since it fails and then passes so often. Should I post the info?
  3. Hello - oh wise unraid peoples - Does anyone know of an app or program that interprets SMART files? I hate to bother people here continuously.
  4. That worked! Now to wade through all of these apps! Thanks Squid!
  5. Ummm. seems like the server is down? (which is weird) Is there a backup or mirror ftp site?
  6. Ummm. seems like the server is down? (which is weird) Is there a backup or mirror ftp site?
  7. Hi Kizer - I'm thinking of making the jump to Plex. Only because I want to be able to watch on my ps4 and computers in home (I'm not interested in streaming too much). My one question is can I stop using third party scrapers to pull metadata for wall papers and such?
  8. Thanks for helping me out.  there was a cabling issue.  sorry about that.  I'm going to delete that post


  9. hello - I hate to revive a dead thread but I had the same happen. Now I've had it run the smart test and everything seems fine again but now the status is the disk is emulated. Should I stop it, drop that disk and restart and then put that disk back and restart to get thee disk online?
  10. Thanks everyone. I just went ahead and did it. Now I'm checking out dockers(what have I got myself into). I do wish notifications worked though
  11. Hi everyone! It's been a long time. I'm glad some of the old faces are still around. Anyways, I'm still a pretty basic unraid user in that I just use it primarily for storage. I also am running v. 5.0.6 (The last V5 iteration). V6 seems intriguing in that it seems to be able to do so much more than 5 or 4. Should I upgrade?
  12. Any easy way to check if your breakout cables going bad?
  13. Yup. I'm going to say it's the HD. Moved it all around, changed the break out cable to different locations.
  14. Yeah...I'm going to check all the cabling tomorrow- I'll let you know. It's weird because I was on a couple different slots.
  15. TX 750 corsair....The only reason why I wasn't thinking power is because there are a few HD"s on each card already...