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  1. So I'm guessing because there's no broadcast DNS that means that its dropping, right? I have it set in the the network settings to but periodically its been doing this the past few weeks - any thoughts? I'm guessing its my router from at&t fiber because it...sucks.. if I restart it'll work again but I have handbrake running so I can't do it right now but I want to stop having to restart it.
  2. Hello - It's been working until now when I went to shut it off and now when I restart its giving me a tun5 not connected. Any thoughts? I changed nothing. nevermind - I fixed it.
  3. Does anyone know of a scraper that you can input an actor and it does it thing looking for anything that person has been in?
  4. I used to but it kept red balling random drives. I finally gave up and ordered some LSI's and no problems.
  5. yeah I want to know what the bottom plug in screen is as well. looks good man.
  6. I'm just curious - How are you guys handling files after encoding? obviously it just sits in the completed folder but has anyone figured out a way to automate it so 1. it keeps the smaller of the files 2. it automagically puts the completed file into the array/share?
  7. What are the chances that we could get a utilization or used/open for unassigned devices in the dashboard instead of going to the main page? or is there already a way to do it and I'm just an idiot.
  8. @comet424 yeah that's how I have mine. Is it weird that the torrents I've downloaded from Rarbg didn't work through here but it worked through my normal computer? I did try my private tracker (which is the crux of this whole change by the way) and that works for downloading and uploading (I had to run a chmod command) *welp* I changed the watch path to the same drive and it downloaded just fine. That was weird.
  9. Transmission was working - I was running out of space on my cache drive so I bought a 1tb SSD and wanted to change the downloads so when it downloads it puts it on the 1tb SSD that is mounted via unassigned devices (SSD is mounted in rw/slave) but now I'm trying to check it but its not even connecting to tracker. would a copy of the settings.json file be better?
  10. Testing it right now but it doesn't seem to be connecting now.. it adds a file just fine but not connecting to the tracker Yeah so it lets me write to the UD - folder but if I want to move the files to the completed folder in that drive it says I don't have access. I can't even find the disk through krusader to try that. back to the drawing board.
  11. I'll check it out. It was working when I was using the cache as the downloads folder so I didn't think my issue was there. When I moved to UD is the hiccup - hence my post on here. Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk I am set up for RW/Slave in the downloads folder...
  12. Is there a wiki/online faq somewhere? Ok I give up - I need some help. I want to use One Unassigned devices drive as my downloads folder. In that folder it can be kept in its original state or reencoded and set up to get put in the array but it has to stay out of the array. RN its in the cache but I don't like how the cache operates when there's multiple disks. So I got the SSD to show up through explorer but I can't write to it (I need to move the files from where it is now to the new drive. Do I need to enable passthrough for that or am I going the wrong way. The drive log is showing like this - Jun 13 19:40:40 Tower unassigned.devices: Mount drive command: /sbin/mount -t xfs -o rw,noatime,nodiratime,discard '/dev/sdf1' '/mnt/disks/SATA_SSD_20050610241806' so it's got read/write access, right? What am I doing wrong here?
  13. Is it possible to set the cache pool scrub to work automatically? or am I not seeing it.