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  1. Ahhh...ok. I'm still on the old release so I was wondering. Thanks.
  2. Is this release (2021.01.08) ok to be installed on 6.8 or no?
  3. Anyone getting no scraping success from TMM today? manual scraping with not v4 returns no results. I'm able to get information from a different iteration of tmm on my laptop.
  4. it really only does that if its a folder...not a file but I'm trying it with that transitions folder.
  5. These are my shares - I'm trying to put it into a folder (transition) because if the movie shows up as a folder it creates a share for it. If it I have Sab download and put the completed files into the Complete Usershare. from there Filebot automatically grabs it, changes the name and dumps the completed file into the TBC folder. I used to have Handbrake then encode the file and just dump it into the cache root share. I'm trying to write it to the transition share to see if that was it. From the cache share I would create a folder for the file using files2folder an
  6. So i thought I fixed it by just giving guest access read/write access but now its just creating it after mover finishes. I'm not even sure where to look to fix this. Share information is still above.
  7. thanks hugenbdd Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
  8. Hello - Now I'm having an issue w/ mover and if I'm reading this right its because mover doesn't know where to put the files? How can I fix this? Here's a screen shot of my settings - and this is what the syslog says - Dec 26 04:30:16 Skynet crond[2002]: exit status 255 from user root /usr/local/sbin/mover &> /dev/null I've included full diagnostics. I noticed this after I figured out my issue with the other issue. I can invoke mover manually but that sort of defeats the purpose right? skynet-diagnostics-20201226-1326.zip
  9. Thanks team - I think I had it figured out now. Must be how I mapped the network drive was jacked....
  10. So it did it again when I moved movies from my cache/play drive into movies. It added it as a share - I looked at the settings on my Movies share and it looks correct but maybe I'm not seeing it right. So its supposed to be in movies (duh, right?) this is the share settings. which looks right to me but obviously something is jacked up. Thoughts? Do you think its a weird Samba issue when I mapped the network drive to the movies share?
  11. Flash drive? no idea. I had it set up to put the completed into the cache drive but I had no clue it was creating .cfg files like this.
  12. How can I delete these files off the drive? Can't right click t delete because there's no options and I tried deletng from radarr and then deleted radarr but its still there So I see all the weird .cfg files. Those are all movie files. If I delete do You think they'll actually link to the data files?
  13. still no docker for this? Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
  14. It won't recreate the file/share cfg with values already in the system or no? Would you recommend to delete all of the files in that folder then? I'm guaranteeing its Radarr because it never did this when I wasn't using Radarr.
  15. It's the root of my cache drive. and then this is what I'm seeing - (explorer wise) Do you think if I go through and delete the cfg files it would screw anything up?