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Parity Swap did not work - (IO errors?)

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Ok I tried to do a Parity swap where I replaced a 2TB drive with the 12TB parity drive and then put in a 14TB drive.  Seems simple enough- Ran the parity swap and when it got to 100% it stopped and didn't acknowledge and the GUI asked me to do it again.  I thought it was an issue with a previous issue so I upgraded to the latest unraid 6.12.10 and redid the parity swap.  Now it got to 100% and its went back to say Stopped. Upgrading disk/swapping parity.  I look at the logs and now I'm seeing a ton of red.    Thoughts? I'd prefer not to do it by replacing parity and rebuilding and then replacing data separately but will if I have to.   



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Shut down and reseated cards and reseated cables.   Looks like its not recognizing the old 2TB drive now so....umm... hopefully this parity swap will work this time otherwise....I may have to do it the old fashioned way.  Can I swap parity with one data drive emulated or....no?  


Also it looks like its copying right but I was watching on  the ol' youtube vids and its notsaying copying on the new parity drive.   it does say reading....   

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