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  1. And I may yet! I have quite a few VMs throughout the network, but right now it's a problem for days in the future (thin client)!!
  2. One of the reasons I have stuck with the 1.3.15 version of deluge is its ability to use the thin client, which I far prefer over the web client. But progress moves on, and I far prefer having the port forwarding OpenVPN with PIA, so a small price to pay. (And the legacy servers are retiring at the end of the month!) I do have a question, however. I force upgraded the newest binhex image, set it up, everything works pretty spontaneously. Thanks for all the quick, hard work, binhex!! The connection to CA Toronto resulted in a port forward connection. I can see this through one of my
  3. Mine is currently Key 6 in the config screen with a container variable: STRICT_PORT_FORWARD, but it is not a drop down selection. you have to actually type in the setting (yes or no). Don't know enough to know whether or not the Variable name needs to be the same, but mine is Variable name: Key 6. Re using the port forward endpoints, I have had success with STRICT_PORT_FORWARD = no, still using the Canadian servers that I knew were portforwarding before all this, but then manually entering the port forward port in the settings in my stand alone deluge gui app (not web-gui). The por
  4. How is ESXi 5.5 working for you? Is everything working as it should, including the Health Status? What bios are you running on your supermicro? Regards, tm Health Status appears to be working fine, although I haven't really stressed the unit as of yet. Bios on Supermicro is v 2.+ (I'll record it next time I reboot the system - a few days away). 5.5 appears to be working similarly to v 5.0 that I had a very small amount of experience with.
  5. After watching this thread (and drooling on occassions) for well more than a year, I finally acquired the last hardware components for an ATLAS-like server setup. After a couple of days tinkering, I got it all up and running! ESXi 5.5, unRAID 5.0.4 all running in a Norco 4224 on a Supermicro X-9SCM-F and a single M1015, flashed to IT mode (on the Supermicro board!) with 16 GB memory (first upgrade will be another 16 GB early in the new year). The only issues I had were on the flashed M1015, and only then because I was looking for the LSI BIOS and the screen never showed up. Only to find ou