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  1. Hi guys My server is super slow since i did the 6.8.1 update. Just notice after reboot some error's in log Can someone tell me if the drive is failling ? SSD should be the Patriot_Blast i think Thx unraid-smart-20200112-2224.zip unraid-diagnostics-20200112-2140.zip
  2. I just delete the vm config in unraid and create a new vm config and it worked. Thx
  3. I think so. Can i just redo the vm without deleting the vm itself ?
  4. Hi, I'm getting error when i try to start my vm. It happen when i reboot the server. Message is internal error: Did not find USB device 0764:0501 thx unraid-diagnostics-20191219-2236.zip
  5. Hi guys i'm getting an 8 tb hdd failure i think. Can someone tell me what to do I got the smart report. thx unraid-smart-20191111-1252 (1).zip
  6. Ok So opening a game from the share is somehow fast as it was on the gaming pc ? thx
  7. Hi all, Just a quick question. I'm running out of space on my gaming rig. And I got a lot of storage left in my unraid server. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to make a share and map it to my gaming rig and transfert all the games on it. Would it be a good solution (would it be fast enough got a 1gbit connection between them) thx
  8. local media work fine on plex. How can i know if i'm ban ? Just tried to download a file from gdrive and i'm gettint api ban warning.. Its probably because i did a full scan of library.. Can you tell me what folder i should map in plex please mount_rclone or mount_unionfs thx
  9. I everbody I need help since today i'm not able to watch anything that is uploaded to gdrive. I got 2 server map with rclone and the script. When i tried to load something its just a cercle turning and nothing. What can i do I did reboot and manually start the script without problem thx
  10. Getting the samething also Envoyé de mon Pixel 2 XL en utilisant Tapatalk
  11. Hi all Just notice my unraid was super slow. Try to reboot and now one of my hdd is in device is disabled state. I changed the cable and power and nothing is my hdd dead ? thx unraid-diagnostics-20190706-2147.zip
  12. For me its working great the only thing right now is that it takes a couple of second to load a movie from the gdrive Envoyé de mon Pixel 2 XL en utilisant Tapatalk