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  1. Hi all With luckybackup is there a way to limit the transfert download or upload speed. Using it with an rclone share thx
  2. Hi all Just a litlle question about the transcode folder. If i enable the igpu intel does the transcode folder works ? Because i don't see any files in my transcode folder when i'm transcoding movies thx
  3. @DZMMHi quick question for you. I always get api ban bust the 750 Go per day i thought with the command you add --drive-stop-on-upload-limit it would stop before. Do you know if its still working ? Thx a lot have a nice day
  4. Hi Main goal is to have one folder with all my local medias and gdrive So Main folder = Medias + Gdrive So i think mergefs would worked for that But the only issue that i'm trying to solved is if i want to move things from local media to gdrive automaticly how i do it. (uploaded) Exemple downloaded files that are in my local media and can be uploaded in gdrive thx again
  5. so if i want to put a local folder i need to add it in this ? # Add extra paths to mergerfs mount in addition to LocalFilesShare LocalFilesShare2="ignore" # without trailing slash e.g. /mnt/user/other__remote_mount/or_other_local_folder. Enter 'ignore' to disable Wait i need to add my folders in MountFolders=\{"downloads/complete,downloads/intermediate,downloads/seeds,movies,tv"\} # comma separated list of folders to create within the mount option ? And can you explain how the files in merges fs are going to be uploaded since the upload script is optional ? please thx again
  6. would it be better if i move my folder with mergefs ? does the upload script works with that also ? thx a lot
  7. hi yes i changed that but i would like to upload a specific folder and not have to move it in mount_upload is it posssible ? thx again
  8. Hi guys, Got a quick question is there a way to change the upload script to copy a specific folder and encrypt it and sync it with gdrive ? For exemple i wan to copy mtn/user/plex to gdrive with the option copy and not move how should i change the upload script ? thx
  9. Hi all looking for help to understand hardlink and torrent with gdrive any informations ? Also mergefs thx
  10. O wow it worked Omg been searching for 2 weeks @binhex Thank you so much for the help !
  11. @binhex I did try to reinstall qbitorrent from scratch still having the same issue. Edit: I checked the qbitorrent logs and i can only see this on the rease it failed to add rss feed: Reason: The connection to the remote server timed out Any idea ? thx
  12. Hi all Anyone has tried to sync or copy a gdrive account to another gdrive account throught this rclone script ? Looking for help or maybe hits if its possible in another way . thx all