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  1. Wow! That's taking advantage of the service haha! I hope the unlimited sticks. If they switch to the 5TB for every user, it's going to kind of suck. May have to look at establishing a library and share the encryption keys amongst people who pay to have access. I have something like that set up for a remote server at the moment.
  2. It also says to contact Google Support every 90 days to request more storage.
  3. Did you notice they updated services summary to 5TB for 5 or more users instead of unlimited? I feel like restrictions will be coming in the future...
  4. How long is the loading time for your movie? Is the file over 30GB? Could you post your mount script?
  5. Have you done a reboot since adding the uid/gid? Can you do an "ls -l" inside your "GoogleDrive" folder and paste the results?
  6. Is it a large file you’re trying to play? What is your internet speed? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Add the below to the mount script and it will mount it as the nobody:users permissions. # create rclone mount --uid 99 \ --gid 100 \
  8. Good luck! I'll be waiting to see how your transition goes. haha! 😂
  9. I'm hoping that's the case, and that they stick with it. My fear is they get everyone switched and then start enforcing the limits. Only time will tell. I'm going to wait until they do it I think. Once forced, I will voice my concerns about losing the unlimited data and hopefully get something in writing from them about it.
  10. I wouldn’t condone not fixing you original issue and to do some more troubleshooting. If you need a temporary solution in the meantime, I believe Q24 in the FAQ below will do what you are asking.
  11. I just got mine as well. I wasn’t too worried before because I had heard that the Enterprise Standard had the unlimited storage just for $20 a month, but I saw today after the email that you need at least 5 people in your organization…. I’m hoping they offer some type of grandfathering for the G Suite users, but if they don’t, anyone want to start a Google business?…. Hahaha
  12. If you go with the exclude route, you could try something below. Then just exclude the local. Just my quick thought without thinking about it too much. data |-----> mount_mergerfs | |-----> gdrive_media | | |-----> tv | | | |-----> google | | | |-----> local | | |-----> movies | | | |-----> google | | | |-----> local | | |-----> downloads
  13. The CA Backup puts it all into a .tgz file, so it makes it nice and simple. The file can get pretty large though. mine sits aroung 70G.
  14. It is definitely a VPN issue. Did you update the .ovpn files as I posted above? You should delete everything but the .ovpn file in the openvpn folder of your container. I didn't need anything but the .ovpn file.