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  1. No, i have no idea on the projects roadmap
  2. This thread is related for support for the templates themself, app support is only a bonus.
  3. Considering unraid is the only plattform offering this, its not unreasonable to ask users to somewhat keep up with the updates for a container.
  4. Wil FCP or CA warn users if any or both of these is true?
  5. Perfect, that's how I was hoping it behaved, will work that into our generator
  6. Will this potential feature support branch-specific values? as in a readme for main, develop etc when using the Branches tag
  7. Is there a way to fully emulate, and test how a template would be shown if it was a "true" CA template? mostly wanting to test Branches, and the extra links showing in the CA card
  8. This "fix", is needed because the container gets forcefully shut down, before mariadb has successfully shutdown, this is usually isn't a problem, as mariadb is nice, and usually manages to recover from a dirty shutdown. The docker update plugin uses 10s as the default time before killing a container, which does not suffice.
  9. Because the config you posted expose it on, not That's why I asked, and waited for a answer To clarify, in this context is supposed to be substituted with your real domain
  10. And you open
  11. Swag does not list active configs. Do a ls in the proxy-conf and see if it is named correctly
  12. What logging? Follow the fantastic step-by-step provided by @yogy in the recommended posts
  13. It has no appdata, its all in the database. However I noticed the mount for the images got lost, the container path is /var/www/html/images, it will be in the template soon.
  14. Radarrsync is pretty pointless, as radarr has the functionality built in now, IL remove it when I get to a computer
  15. I did see it behave like it should a few minutes after Squid replied with his success, I just wanted to wait a few hours to confirm. It does look solved, I would say. As for the cause, all the token stuff worked everywhere else I use them, so its a mystery to me.
  16. Some time during the 25th the Docker update check function stopped working for images hosted on GHCR, other repositories like Gitlab seems to work fine. I'm inclined to think that this is due to some change done by GitHub, but automations using the same method to authenticate seems to still work, which brings my suspicion back to Unraid.