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  1. Its not in the CA yet. You should be able to just set the repository to organizr/organizr.
  2. Only on buildtime, not runtime. A new image is now built, with the 5.0.1 version
  3. The password is hashed in the settings.json, your best bet is to reach out to the developers on github or trough discord
  4. You need to add a variable with the key `OOKLA_EULA_GDPR` and set it to `true`. The i updated the template to account for this now.
  5. wonder if it is your custom network doing some funky stuff, does it work with the default bridge?
  6. Can you do post a screenshot of the settings for the container?
  7. Yes, it is still working. Does the container log say "starting services"? Are you using the new port "6595"?
  8. We have atleast 15 templates that are set up like this, and this is the first time i have heard it is being a "problem"
  9. It's left empty for you to decide the port that should be exposed to the host, since port 80 is normally used by unraid itself.
  10. That is already filled, the webserver runs on port 80 inside the container, map any port of your choosing, and it should work without you changing anything.
  11. From my experience it goes back to the "not available" state when the auoupdater runs, doing a force update after enabling advanced view, shows it as up-to-date. This applies for all the images i use thats not from dockerhub
  12. Pretty sure its because of the image not being from dockerhub
  13. I asked the developer of the container to use a base that implements umask, i will update you on any development on my request
  14. I just spun up a new instance of deemix and it went smooth. I also updated the template with the new repo, should be live soon. I dont know how it will treat old installations, @Squid should add a deprecating warning, telling people to use instead of bocki/deemix
  15. This has all the premium features, so yes, it does OTP
  16. Pretty sure the scheme should be left as http
  17. Looks like you skipped over the part about downloading the xml, then putting it on your array first.
  18. overcome how? the application needs a mysql database connection.
  19. @dmynerd78 Seems like you need redis5 with overleaf. there is a few issues on it, check out this issue.
  20. hi @isaw Seem like there has been a update for the container since my initial testing. you just need the container port 8080, i will up date the template later today. the warnings you see are supposedly expected.
  21. as long as the domian is resolving to the ip of your reverse proxy, and it uses port 443 locally there is no problem
  22. Personally i have my domain go trough my reverse proxy locally too.