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  1. I created this for my own sanity a while back.
  2. You do not need fail2ban, it is nice to have though.
  3. Go back to the local adress with /admin after entering the token, it did actually auth.
  4. @CorneliousJD Unfortunately doing a switch isn't that easy, template wise. The best approach would be to create a separate template for the new image to not break existing installs, and have fix common problems tell users to switch. I will do the first part now.
  5. @WeAreTheDynamite I would reach out to the project itself, as I cant see anything obvious either.
  6. You can delete the default action, of you define it in your jails, yes
  7. So the regex is working, the only thing is that f2b doesn't start
  8. Test the failregex on the command line fail2ban-regex /bitwarden/bitwarden.log /config/fail2ban/filter.d/bitwardenrs.local
  9. Ok, that logline indicates that f2b doesnt start afaik. I dont have any default banaction, but i imagine defining the same action twice isnt optimal
  10. The bitwarden filter that comes with fail2ban is not for bitwarden_rs. You need to create a new file, and use the correct failregex. This is the filter I use. As noted you have to call it something else than bitwarden.conf, i called it bitwarden_rs.conf
  11. The missing link tends to show when you use a registry thats not dockerhub
  12. You can use this method to install ipmitools and the sensors at startup, this way you can get auto-updates for telegraf.
  13. @m4gicfour Thanks, should be updated now.
  14. [mention]Squid [/mention] has there been some changes regarding the dropdown logic?
  15. I kept the beta tag since I no longer actively use the software, but I still maintain the image, for the times I do use it.
  16. Despite the name change, it is for Organizr V2. Migration should be very easy, just replace the repository field to organizr/organizr. If you used another tag, see the migration note on how the get the same result. Support thread for the Official container for Organizr V2 DockerHub: GitHub: Discord: