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  1. I think this is macvlans doing.
  2. What is that based on? I see no problem with this setup.
  3. What you hit is a security measure with macvlan prohibiting bridged container to talk with the host, its not really easy to circumvent.
  4. It comes down to preference, really However it does offer some things which pihole doesn't, like dns over tls. It also allows you to do alot of the things you would do by modifying dnsmasq on pihole, in the webui.
  5. I just spotted a change which came live after my initial research, I will research this some more. I just did this on my VM, and it worked fine.
  6. Yes. But the variable gets set, with the value of NULL, which makes the container shutdown. I wont remove it because I feel like its the best way to get started, even though you don't need to do it this way. Depending on how you tried to add the second one, it may have tried to use the template from @cheesemarathon
  7. It's not really. However the container wont run if its blank and marking it as required forces the user to fill it, and I agree with the method SpaceInvader showed in his video to create the user. Using the admin page works independently of allowing signups. Does your original container use the mpbrasil repository?
  8. Roxedus/docker-TS-DnsServer Technitium DNS Server in a container Does not use port 80 or 443 to do it's blocking. It just voids the requests. Offers DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS Integrated support for using a proxy-server for requests The list goes on
  9. @ShinseiTom Interesting, I found the issue where the reset was mentioned. I will keep that in mind. I find that error weird though.
  10. It should show up soon. A debug commit made it trough. Sorry about that
  11. The author is aware of it, and marked is as a not vital bug, The Issue
  12. Bitwarden, the selfhosted password manager. Templated by Selfhosters, used by many. Featured in this video by @SpaceInvaderOne FAQ: Q: I get ` An error has occurred. Cannot read property 'importKey' of null` when trying to login. A: This is expected when trying to login over HTTP, especially in Chrome. This is a security measure by the browser, not a bug.
  13. A template repository from a group of Unraid users that wants to bring more awesome containers into this community. We already have 40 containers in Community applications, Including; Bitwarden_rs, Huginn, Paperless and Tdarr. Templates with their own support thread: Paperless Paperless-ng Bitwarden_rs Tdarr & Tdarr_aio Templates we offer, with their own support channels: Adminer - App Support: GitHub AirConnect - App Support: GitHub BW_Plex - App Support: GitHub Chevereto - App Supp
  14. I love how easy it was to get started. I was a real novice two years ago. I would love to have discord as a notification agent (or a configurable webhook agent), so i can have pretty embeds
  15. I want to restart nginx, without restarting the whole docker, prefferably by using docker exec letsencrypt nginx -s reload But all i get is nginx: [error] open() "/run/nginx/" failed (2: No such file or directory) Is there any easy fix i can do on my end?