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  1. The developers recomend using a reverse proxy for https.
  2. So your domain resolves to bitwardens ip when local? or to your npm instance?
  3. The container doesnt create a self-signed certificate, so it cant serve https over port 443. Can you use the external address locally?
  4. This is the settings I use, this account does not have 2FA enabled.
  5. @Mattyfaz i read the issue. I Wil add that path when I am at a computer, or you can create a pull request adding it Doing it now
  6. From my limited testing, it does that if the video is in fact set to `max`
  7. I am seeing the same. Could you reach out to the developer on Github and raise a issue? Unless this is something @Glassed Silver has told the developer about.
  8. @noja @CODEG33K I have updated the template, but you should update yours manually. Edit the container path to be `/app/audio` and `/app/video`
  9. I added the following to my reverse proxy for the admin panel location /admin { return 404; } I only access the panel locally using the direct ip.
  10. I have no idea. Reach out to the developers
  11. Did you past the whole log from containerstart in the post?
  12. @gshlomi I updated the path, even though i have data in in multiple directories. I haven't gotten to play with prom other than just have it running and scraping telegraf
  13. @Glassed Silversre you trying to launch it with a separate mysql database?
  14. You should reach out to the developers I have never heard about that, and have no idea on how to troubleshoot it.
  15. @gshlomi Thats what the docs say, yes. However I had no luck using that when updating the template. I will however check again.
  16. Classical example of a bad configed reverse proxy. You can start with replacing the server_name to your bitwarden domain. This is normal when trying to login over http with chrome.
  17. What to think about what? That chrome takes a firm stand and not let people try to do actions that are supposed to be secure, over a insecure connection?
  18. Yup, that did it. here is a small annoyance, the sub menu link break when you change or update the container, because it relies on the hash
  19. The add button throws this on the popup
  20. It seems like I lost the ability to add buttons, persists after a reinstall
  21. Would be great if one could choose a icon based on the current containers in the folder.
  22. Is the time in the container correct? check with `date` in a console to the container. First guess is that the database is in read-only mode, checked the container logs?
  23. So the issue you guys are having, is that chrome disallows insecure connections and cryptokit. It makes me believe that the reverse proxy isn't fully over https.