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  1. I am gonna test this once i have done some drive migration
  2. You cannot "change" port when running in host networking
  3. I have been running it the whole day with cache as /config. Wasnt that fuse stuff sorted out? As i said, this is the first time i have seen using the user mount has caused any issues for me (i know other peaoples trackrecord are way worse in this area)
  4. My config is on user, as it has been the last 3 years. I will try a few hours on cache (it took 15 minutes to crash after starting it the last time)
  5. Just visiting to say I see this too, when said container is running, after jumping on the beta. (embarrassing, since I made the container) I did manage to get a dump of the syslog as it happened. It makes me believe its something with the php we ship in the container.
  7. I have no idea how to do that on NPM, you might have some luck with adding some headers with the advanced settings for the location. We have a article on this problem in our docs. This what you should add: proxy_buffer_size 128k; proxy_buffers 4 256k; proxy_busy_buffers_size 256k;
  8. Depending on how you set it up. The last guide I saw needed you to change the hostname/forward ip, on the auth location.
  9. This can be expanded to use apprise as a notifying agent.
  10. @Jomo Did you get the new auth location going? the sample in swag should be updated
  11. Would like to have this resolved before 6.9, but its nice that its resolved there. I dont know how often dockerMan check for updates (can you change that?) As for my CA concern, doesnt a "new image" now currently not respect the registry? Imagine lsio changing the templates all at once, wouldnt those show up as new in CA?
  12. As you might now, DockerHub will be doing HUGE changes that affects users, read more HERE. The TL;DR is that each ip is only allowed to do 100 unauthenticated pulls in a span of 6 hours. FYI checking for updates counts as a pull. Logging in to a dockerhub account only doubles that. So for the request: Currently dockerMan only works well with images from dockerhub. Once you use another registry, it looses the aspect of being "up to date". This is troublesome for people and organizations that has, will or is currently migrating to other registries (Personally I now push to G
  13. NOTE: You exposed your plex token, you should revoke all logged in sessions in plex to generate new ones The snippet doesnt seem to have any attempts to use the auth
  14. And you restarted SWAG, and still got that 500 error? Paste nginx logs
  15. Is Organizr running? I assume it works hitting organizr itself?
  16. You need to update the organizr-auth file in swag
  18. Did you change the mapped port, or did you use the default mapped port of 9876?
  19. Changed how? the \ needs to be there, because they are escape-characters. the config becomes malformed without it
  20. Its purely a cli based container, and opted not to add in the recent linuxserver template push