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  1. Question for you guys about Community Applications. So I use a bunch of hotio containers. Recently he updated all the paths to the icon images in his template. Is there a way to get that change to happen automatically. Or is the only option only to update the path in each template manually or remove all the containers and delete the templates and re-pull it from the app store? If this is not a feature to happen with 'non-impact' changes to templates could it be?
  2. I am trying to expose a port on the br0 network (so the container can have it's own IP on my network) and I am unable to expose a port. Specifically, I have two instances of NPM, one on the 'proxynet' customer docker network, for reverse proxy from the outside, that one works fine. I have another instance of NPM for internal use, that is on the br0 network so I can map a dns record like to that ip address and then use subdomains like to resolve services interally, however, I am unable to get it to use port 80 and 443. it keeps the same mapping of the other contain
  3. Does anyone know of a way to monitor docker network traffic? My router tells me my unraid IP is using internet bandwidth, i'd like to know where the bandwidth is going. So something like container name to traffic, or even container ip to traffic. Does something like this even exist?
  4. I KNOW deep down, I should wait for the video to come out... but dammit i'm too excited and have been waiting for a couple weeks! This is what happens when the container runs: Any insight? Are there things that need to be setup on Unraid before-hand? I do have the VM service enabled. EDIT: I'm also on the newest beta (6.9.0-beta-35) Although I'm pretty sure Ed runs the beta himself and I can't imagine him dropping something that will break when they release 6.9.0 so I don't think that is a problem.
  5. Oh my god. I'm an idiot. I updated the bios on the board and everything is fine now. I 'assumed' that since the mobo booted into bios and recognized the processor all was good. I was wrong.
  6. Hopefully someone can help. I just put together my new system 5800x and ASRock x570 Tiachi. I updated to the beta and everything before I switched CPU/Mobo. Now when I try to boot unraid it gets stuck on 'x86 Booting SMP configuration'. I'm not quite sure what to do now. My old system was a FX-8350 with a 970 chipset if it matters. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am fully aware of data protection via parity and off-site backups of important data, however, is there a way to duplicate a directory and files across multiple disks in the array? Like I would love to be able to create a directory or share called 'protected' (example) and have anything in that directory duplicated onto every one of the disks. Does anything like this exist for unraid or is this something I should submit a feature request for and see if it gains any traction. As always, thanks!
  8. So I have an issue everything was working fine, then it it just stopped. For some reason it won't import any files downloaded. I hit the console in the container and I can see all the files from there. Radarr WebUI sees the folders via the remote path mapping that is mapped to the correct folder as well. Any idea whats going on? EDIT: nevermind something was wonky and qbittorrent didn't put them in the right spot
  9. I have no problem updating whenever, I just wanted to make sure it was normal for this particular container to update so frequently. But I guess if you have it scripted to update the container on a new release and their release cycle is fast then it makes sense. Thank you for the info!
  10. I know workloads are probably different, but what do you idle at with your setup or power consumption. My current setup idles at 160-ish watts I wanna bring that down by about 100 watts or so.
  11. Bummer! I was waiting for the IRS to give me my tax return back and I was gonna jump on this. Guess I have to wait a bit.
  12. It’s always on the docket tab. Honestly I’ve never seen an update on the dashboard.
  13. @binhex, Do you really update this template daily, or multiple times a day. It seems there is updates constantly for this and the file sizes seem to always be the same. Just checking to make sure it is actually being updated that much and its not just some wonky config on my end.