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  1. I hate to revive an old thread, BUT. I would also LOVE to see a shadow copy. Parody is awesome, but being able to set a certain directory to be shadow copied to all drives would be awesome. Or maybe even let you pick how may/which drives to copy too. I know you can do some hacky stuff with rsync and user scripts but its a lot of moving parts for something that can probably be build in without too much trouble.
  2. Bump. Any help would be appreciated. I'm not sure why it keeps talking about ipv6 as its disabled.
  3. It's free, just login with your cloudflare account. Cloudflare does have to be your nameserver though.
  4. It is on the cloudflare website. Then click Access>Tunnels
  5. Looking at the syslog it may have originated with some network issues. I don't understand them though, there is some veth ipv6 stuff but I don't have ipv6 enabled. Unless it was some sort of VM but those were all off at this time. (I don't use vms very often so I only turn them on when I need them) I guess it could have been left over from the last VM run, I have no idea, just spit-balling here.
  6. Here is the syslog I was able to dump. I am on 6.10-rc1 if it matters. Also, I've had similar issues before the upgrade. Well, similar as in hangs but i wasn't able to capture the log before. syslog_errored.txt
  7. Do these screengrabs help anyone tell me what the heck is going on? Is my CPU trash or something? They come up anytime I try to load the webui or any of my containers from the webui. However, If i access the box itself it will let me login to the terminal.
  8. Alright, looks good so far. Since this is still in development. Can you add the option to show more than 12. 25, 50 would be nice. (If there are that many) maybe make it save as a preference.
  9. I will gladly test this out too. One question before I install. Does this beta version get updated when you push changes?
  10. Okay, posting a non-solution but answer incase anyone else notices this. Turns out if you access unraid through a reverse proxy (internal only) the problem happens. If i access by IP i no longer have this problem. The reverse proxy I'm using is Nginx-Proxy-Manager and it is using a lets encrypt ssl and websockets is enabled. (it needs websockets for the console and terminal to work) If anyone happens to be in a similar situation and has a solution to the delays that would be awesome.
  11. Sorry, I meat is it gonna support v3 of the docker-compose.yaml files? For a while portainer only supported v2 of the .yaml files and most things you see online use a v3 version and they don't ALWAYS convert well.
  12. Also interested in how the WebUI integration will will. Also, curious if it would be possible to support compose v3
  13. I use Edge, so its chromium based.
  14. Has anyone else noticed that in 6.10-rc1, when you pull a new image, it doesn't show the progress in real time. It only shows it when it finished, Like it looks like the UI has hung, but then shows everything at once. The same thing happens when you update containers. The screen that usually shows it pulling images is white until they are all done, then they are populated.
  15. @fmp4m, I checked there (with advanced options checked) and that option is not there, just the type of 'macvlan' or 'ipvlan'