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  1. Ahh that makes more sense, I see what you're getting at. Will test this when I get some time later today.
  2. Sorry for the confusion; random.file was written to the same disk that a very high bitrate movie was streaming from (disk 18). I'm not sure which disk random.file was written to when I aimed it at /mnt/user/movies/random.file (haven't looked for it yet). The kids movie, I'm fairly certain is on another disk in the array. All operations went smoothly so now I am having trouble even replicating the issue I began with (where the movie would freeze for 5-10 seconds, and there would be no data coming in via the network during that time).
  3. Thanks for chiming in @mgutt It's been running for ~10 minutes w/o issue; have to go back to monitoring the kids.... will edit this post later after the dd command returns. EDIT: kids now want to watch a movie too; so this will be a real stress test haha. EDIT2: dd command finished root@Tower:~# dd if=/dev/random of=/mnt/user/movies/random.file bs=128k iflag=count_bytes count=128GB 976562+1 records in 976562+1 records out 128000000000 bytes (128 GB, 119 GiB) copied, 1954.55 s, 65.5 MB/s Everything seems to be working remarkably well ...two movies playing (one on Plex via transcoding, BTW thanks for your in-memory decoding guide)... I guess whatever I have had going on before, it's no longer an issue? ...maybe I should test some CPU intensive tasks too...but I can do that later. EDIT 3: Just wanted to say thanks again for your debugging steps.
  4. It's running now; I'm getting occasional hangups in the stream; here is a screenshot when during one of those freezes... for the most part its playing well. The `dd` command finished root@Tower:~# dd if=/dev/random of=/mnt/disk18/movies/random.file bs=128k iflag=count_bytes count=128GB 976562+1 records in 976562+1 records out 128000000000 bytes (128 GB, 119 GiB) copied, 2241.48 s, 57.1 MB/s root@Tower:~# Given the movie (mostly) played w/o interruption, not sure what to make of it.
  5. I have a 2x E5-2680 v2 CPUs; I use dual parity drives inside a Supermicro CSE-846 chassis. My situation I don't think is Plex specific; and unfortunately I couldn't replicate last night while watching a high bitrate video (video is 82615 kb/s), but I did just upgrade from unraid 6.8.3 to 6.9.1. When streaming very high bitrate video (on VLC for examples) periodically the video stream will outright stop for ~10 seconds... and then resume. I have assumed this was due to some other write operation to the array; but I cannot be certain. I should point out things did get better over NFS vs. SMB; but I suspect that's just because the faster file transfer allowed for faster buffering (getting NFS mounts on macOS took me a while to sort out, I should probably post a guide about that!) I'll try and monitor things in iotop and the "System Stats" page on the webui and see if I can get a better idea of what else is happening when this occurs. As your issue involved Plex transcoding, and mine seems to have to do with just general file read operations, I'll create a new post if I'm able to reproduce more consistently. Thanks for chiming in!
  6. thanks for the suggestion @primeval_godI wasn't even sure where to begin w/ looking for issues here.
  7. Hi @mguttI'm curious if you got some resolution here... I've noticed my video streams have to pause/buffer while another file is transferring to the array. I'm hoping to come up with some settings to prioritize plex streams.
  8. I have this same motherboard; ...that's curious why everything is grayed out...I had to specify a network connection and have it register "connection successful" before even attempting to do anything else... here's a screenshot of my settings.
  9. I just implemented the suggested work around, I set the temperature limits for the hottest running drive, and set temperature limits for my array disks individually.
  10. you can definitely modify the thresholds from within the app; you need to go to config settings and select sensors from the drop down. Careful removing a fan, you cannot get it back (unless you factory reset the BMC controller). On my x9 board, I can only set the thresholds on increments of 75. For example I can set a threshold at 750, or lower it to 675, but I cannot set it to 700 even.
  11. Figured this had been requested before, with 167 pages in the thread, and the search results for "temperature" was still at least 3 pages.... was hard to determine what the current status is. Thanks for the suggested workaround!
  12. hi dlandon, Thanks for maintaining this plugin, it's amazing the functionality it provides! I didn't see if there was a feature request for this already, but I was hoping you could offer functionality for different temperature thresholds? I have a SSD as an unassigned device, which runs hotter than my spinning disks, and often get numerous warnings about excessive temperature and such. Thanks again for your work on this plugin, it's been an absolute life saver!
  13. I did, those settings should be captured in fan.cfg, but aren't easy to read, here a screenshot from my GUI These settings have kept things pretty quiet for me hard drives never get more than 45C during a party check. Next time I power off the machine, I'm going to install the Noctua low-noise adapters for my CPU fans, and the 2 fans connected to FAN5/6 (but I haven't done that yet).
  14. Attached are my fan.cfg and ipmi-sensors.config files which reside in /boot/config/plugins/ipmi Keep in mind the settings there are for the fans I'm using, in the configuration I have. I have Noctua iPPC 3000 fans connected to FAN1/2/3, and I have some Noctua 80mm fans connected to FAN5/6. The CPU fans (92mm, can't remember the model) I have connected in a y-splitter connected to FANA. One of the things I noticed is that once you remove a fan setting from the config, there is no way to add it back, until you restore the IPMI controller to factory settings, so careful removing fan settings from the sensors config! ipmi-sensors.config fan.cfg
  15. Thanks for chiming in @jonpI didn't for you to answer support tickets on a weekend! I bought this GPU ages ago, to say I got my money's worth out of it would be an understatement, I'm okay with retiring it. I suppose before I buy a new GPU, I should re-purpose the P2000 GPU into one of those slots to make sure passthrough works as intended and that it is in-fact this GPU that is causing the issue, I'll update this thread if I turn up anything else of interest.