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  1. I have been a user for a couple years and something about the amount of control unraid gives me while also being user friendly has made me love it since the moment I started.
  2. That fixed it, can't believe I never knew that you can just manually force drive formats on a disk by disk basis. Thanks for the help.
  3. I have been having a weird issue where when I add a new drive to my encrypted array it doesn't get formatted to an encrypted fs. See below for a screenshot of my drives, for whatever reason Disk 3 doesn't get encrypted. When adding the new drive I remove any partitions, add it to the array, and it gets formatted but not to encrypted xfs. After first having this issue I noticed that in my Disk Settings my default disk format had reverted to regular xfs somehow, but changing it to xfs - encrypted didn't fix the issue. Also, a slightly unrelated question, is it possible to have my cache drive be anything other than encrypted btrfs? I would like try it with xfs or just remove the encryption from just the cache drive. Is this at all possible or is the cache drive locked into btrfs? Thanks for any help
  4. You need to set up a persistent name for the usb device based on its usb-id. There is a tutorial for doing that here http://hintshop.ludvig.co.nz/show/persistent-names-usb-serial-devices/ You will also probably need to figure out how to get unraid to regenerate the udev rules every reboot.