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  1. nvm, I think I found the behavior... Its under the track selection tab, correct? Check the boxes of the codecs that I want to pass through, and then choose the fallback codec that I want the others to use when its not a pass through codec? Am I understand this behavior correctly? thanks.
  2. Hey guys, quick question about the auto encode with watch folder. How do you control the audio tracks? When I save my preset, it never changes the audio. usually I convert to Opus for everything, weather it be 2.0, 5.1 or 7.1 surround. How can you have it default to that behavior for the watch folder? Sorry if this is a simple question, I've never used Handbrake before, and always used Staxrip on my Windows machine, but wanted to start using my server to do this, since I was doing a lot of 4k h265 re-encodes. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Hey guys, to all that are trying to get Shawly's up and running, here is what I did to get it to run. 1st, add Port variable of 38008 2nd add Data Path called /games and point it to the folder that holds your ISO folder (which must be called PS3ISO, this is where I was messing up), not the actual folder with the ISO's in it. 3rd go into WebMan setup and turn of scanning of LAN, and input your Unraid server IP address. 4th Save and restart PS3 PS. This is where I ran into issues. It may be due to having almost 8 TB of ISO's and over 900 titles, but IRISMAN crashes, and I can only access the games via WEBMAN web setup under games/net. But even then it only showed 180 games. I'm going to reach out to Aldostools and talk to him about it, and see if there is a size/quantity limitation or something. But if you have a smaller amount, maybe it will be fine. To test whether the docker is an issue or ps3netsrv, I'm going to install a Windows VM and test it that way and see what happens. Just wanted to help out anyone trying to run this, because it took me several hours to figure it out with the help of Shawly himself, who was awesome by the way.
  4. Here ya go. I tried several different times. I even tried Fat32, to see if that would work, then I was gonna try to reformat on top of that if it did, but alas, they all failed to format. Any help would be great. For now, i'll just go back to the old way, but just wanted to bring it up in here just in case. Thanks. storageplex-diagnostics-20200112-0507.zip
  5. So, Im trying to format an 8TB external USB drive as exFAT and it keeps failing. If I mount it on my Windows 10 PC, when I plug it in, and mount it with the Unassigned Devices plugin (yes I have UD+ as well), it will mount, but as soon as I start copying things, it says there is not enough disk space. It has about 7.4 TB of usable disk space, and Im only copying like 3.5 TB worth of data. The reason for the exFAT format is this drive is for my Nintendo Switch and that is what I use. Any thoughts? Here is what the drive log said. Jan 12 04:39:54 StoragePlex unassigned.devices: Unmounting '/dev/sda1'... Jan 12 04:39:54 StoragePlex unassigned.devices: Unmount cmd: /sbin/umount '/dev/sda1' 2>&1 Jan 12 04:39:54 StoragePlex unassigned.devices: Successfully unmounted '/dev/sda1' Jan 12 04:40:02 StoragePlex unassigned.devices: Removing partition '1' from disk '/dev/sda'. Jan 12 04:40:12 StoragePlex unassigned.devices: Device '/dev/sda' block size: 15628052480 Jan 12 04:40:12 StoragePlex unassigned.devices: Clearing partition table of disk '/dev/sda'. Jan 12 04:40:12 StoragePlex unassigned.devices: Reloading disk '/dev/sda' partition table. Jan 12 04:40:12 StoragePlex unassigned.devices: Reload partition table result: /dev/sda: re-reading partition table Jan 12 04:40:12 StoragePlex unassigned.devices: Creating a primary partition on disk '/dev/sda'. Jan 12 04:40:12 StoragePlex unassigned.devices: Creating a 'gpt' partition table on disk '/dev/sda'. Jan 12 04:40:12 StoragePlex unassigned.devices: Formatting disk '/dev/sda' with 'exfat' filesystem. Jan 12 04:40:12 StoragePlex mkfs.exfat: failed to open '/dev/sda1' in read-write mode: No such file or directory Jan 12 04:40:12 StoragePlex unassigned.devices: Format disk '/dev/sda' with 'exfat' filesystem failed! Result: mkexfatfs 1.2.8 ERROR: failed to open '/dev/sda1' in read-write mode: No such file or directory. Jan 12 04:40:12 StoragePlex kernel: sda: sda1 Im kinda at a loss here and don't fully understand it. Normally I just copy from my Windows 10 machine, but thought I would try this to see how the speed compared versus over the network.
  6. idk, just seems odd. So running with this theory, do you think that after I download some files, and do something with them, before moving them to their final location, do you think I should run Mover, to get them out of the Cache folder, then do the moving around stuff that I do. It just seems like a bug. To me, and maybe I'm just looking at this to simplistically, if shares are set to not use the cache drives, any files going into that share, the system should know, don't put it on there, and if it was on there to begin with, then move them off. Its not the end of the world, just behavior that I wasn't expecting. I normally didn't use a cache drive before because there just wasn't enough room for the things I was doing, but then I said screw it and got 2x1TB SSD's and through them in, in Raid 0 just to test and play with it.
  7. Yes its intentional. None of them are inside another. I understand that Mover wont move them as their folder is set to No. What I want to know is how they ended up there to begin with. Those files weren't there before. The only folders that I have Cache turned on, is Bittorrent Downloads, JDownloader, and Newsgroup Downloads, the others are set to No. So Im just curious how the system put them there to begin with? I completely understand all you have said, Im just trying to figure out why the system put them there. Thanks..
  8. And I use the Help function all the time on the settings one of my favorite past times
  9. I just don't understand if Use Cache is set to No, shouldn't the files never go to the cache drive then? I did mover, for moving the files from my Downloads, etc. Just don't know how things I'm moving from my computer to some shares, go to the cache drive when I specifically turned them off on those. But here is the diagnostics. storageplex-diagnostics-20191020-0259.zip
  10. I have the setting Use Cache: No set on most of my shares, except some like Bittorrent, downloads, etc. However, I noticed that the 2x1TB cache drives that I setup in Raid 0, was getting close to full. So I went in the drive and took a look, and it had a whole bunch of Shares that I specifically turned cache off in them. Also, when invoking Mover, it never comes close to moving everything. Like this time, it moved maybe 200 GB, but left the rest. What is going on, and how do I fix this? Thanks.