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  1. John_M

    Cache drive 2 constant errors?

    It's a firmware bug. I don't have any Crucial SSDs myself.
  2. John_M

    replace cache drive

    On the Shares page click on each named User Share in turn (eg. system, appdata) to open its properties page. For each one that has "Use cache disk" set to either Only or Prefer, set it (temporarily) to Yes. Click Apply and Done, then move on to the next User Share.
  3. John_M

    Unraid Crashing

    AMD-Vi and IOMMU are to do with hardware passthrough to a VM. The ATA error messages are about a SATA link failing and the disk dropping offline. The controller repeatedly tried to re-establish the link but doesn't get a response. Grab diagnostics before you shut down to check both power and data cables.
  4. John_M

    replace cache drive

  5. John_M

    Sick to my stomach after update to 6.6.7

    Not without the diagnostics from the time it was experiencing the problem. Since you've rebooted at least twice since then, they are long gone. Do you have notifications enabled? If you do it will let you know by email or other notification agent if there's a problem and in the meantime you can get on with enjoying life instead of worrying about it.
  6. John_M

    Unraid Crashing

    Given the title of this thread, you do indeed need to concentrate on stability in the first instance. Once you've achieved that then do whatever you want - at your own risk, of course.
  7. John_M

    Unraid Crashing

    Ryzens don't overclock by much. The 1000-series is already close to the limits of the silicon so there's not a lot to be gained. The 2000-series in particular, using Precision Boost and XFR2, do pretty well by themselves if you keep them cool enough. I really wouldn't do it. Don't turn off C-states if you don't need it. Try the Power Supply Idle control in the BIOS first.
  8. John_M

    Backup to external hard drive

    Subdivide it into horror and comedy, then. It was only an example that I gave you.
  9. John_M

    WTF type error

    Not so much the behaviour of the plugin - all it does is backup the files where you tell it to. It's simply a consequence of the destination disk not being mounted.
  10. John_M

    Unraid Crashing

    AM4 motherboards are especially picky but getting better with each BIOS release.
  11. John_M

    Parity disk missing

    That seems to be a common problem at the moment.
  12. John_M

    Unraid Crashing

    Don't overclock it. Overclocking is for gaming rigs, not servers where, above anything, you want stability. It will precision boost all cores to 3.2 GHz for most of the time under load - the Wraith Spire is good enough for that. Don't overclock the memory controller either. So 2666 MT/s or lower, depending on your RAM configuration. Install the latest BIOS and look for the Power Supply Idle control. The default is low current - set it to normal current. Brand new is a good time to test it. Bad DIMMs happen but being new it will be easy to replace. In any case, reputable brands have lifetime warranties.
  13. It's the same, pretty much. $200/year is $16.67/month, so maybe no so weird.
  14. It's a common misnomer, like calling the 8P8C modular connector at the end of an Ethernet cable "RJ45". Molex made a connector and patented it; AMP made a similar but incompatible "copy"; Shugart used the AMP version on its original 5.25-inch floppy disk drive; it became the standard for floppy and hard drives; Molex eventually made a version compatible with the AMP one. So you can buy them made by TE Connectivity (AMP), by Molex and by any number of third parties but the original design was the AMP "MATE-N-LOK". Real Molex connectors are used elsewhere in PCs for motherboard power, CPU power, PCIe power, SATA power, on many modular PSUs, etc. EDIT: But the smaller four pin 3.5-inch floppy disk power connector is also an AMP design, not a Molex. See the Wikipedia article for a potted history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molex_connector
  15. It isn't obvious from your post what you're trying to achieve and how it's causing you frustration. But to answer the question in the title - yes, if there are a lot of them.