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  1. John_M

    New Unraid Light Theme Option!

    As perhaps one of the most vocal critics of the dark theme I appreciate your making the effort to produce a light theme. I find it much easier to read. Thank you.
  2. Do your tests using a cabled connection.
  3. Maybe not exactly what you are asking for but it will give you an idea of how files are spread over disks - go to the Shares page of the GUI and click the Compute button for your chosen share. That will show the disks currently used by that share and the space occupied on them. If you browse your chosen share - click the folder icon on the far right - the information for each file includes an indication of which disk it is located on. In the case of folders it shows which disk(s) each one is on.
  4. John_M

    Still locking up

    I meant the DC power distribution within the server: the power supply, cables, any splitters or backplanes, any nasty Molex connectors, the high current 12 volt supply to the CPU. Lots of weird faults end up being power supply related. Try changing the schedule for trim if it's on your list of suspects. What else happens around that time? The mover? If you really want to fix the problem you need to break it down and start eliminating things. It's your choice whether you live without some services for a while and maybe narrow down the problem or live with a permanently unreliable server.
  5. If you insist on using them you might want to disable IOMMU (otherwise known as VTd) in your BIOS. It could possibly save you some grief... or it might not. You won't be running any VMs until you've sorted your server out anyway.
  6. John_M

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0-rc1 available

    No, I'm not. Why are you making assumptions about my setup based on your own choices? My 1000 series systems use the first configuration you mention and neither the RAM nor the memory controller is overclocked, as I have said several times. That's a pair of single rank 8 GiB DIMMs. I know all about bus loading when using unbuffered RAM, thank you. I also know there are overclocked speeds included in the QVL - what I don't do is use any of them. I said that I make sure that the RAM I choose is on the QVL, not that I settle for anything that just happens to be listed there. Therefore, in the eyes of AMD I am not overclocking, as I have repeatedly said. Paul, I don't disagree with what you're saying, in general. But I do resent your assumption that you know more about what I'm doing than I do. I only ever use a maximum of two DIMMs and if I needed more capacity I would use dual rank if necessary and reduce the speed accordingly, but so far I haven't needed to do that. Isn't that precisely what I said I do? JEDEC profiles don't go above DDR-2133 so that's the speed it runs at out of the box. Enable XMP and you can run without overclocking anything at the lower of the rated RAM speed and the rated memory controller speed. The latter depends on the generation of the processor and the number of physical chips loading the bus, as Pauven implied. Anything faster is an overclock. Enough! This is way off topic.
  7. If the UD drive can't be unmounted you won't get a clean shutdown. The best you can do is try and if it fails you'll need to force it. Before you do though, how far have you got with recovering your data? This thread is long and complicated with a lot of twists and turns and a few tracks off to the side. You were copying data from two emulated disks onto a UD drive so you're heavily reliant on all remaining array disks being perfectly readable. It seems like you've already forced an unclean shutdown and you can't continue as things are so shut down as cleanly as you can and remove the UD drive then shrink your cache and use the freed up port to reinstate the UD drive so you can continue rescuing your data. That seems like the best way to move forward from where you currently are.
  8. If you want to remove the HDD from your cache pool and revert to how it was before you added it then follow this procedure:
  9. John_M

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0-rc1 available

    I'm afraid I don't understand what you're saying. How are they overclocks? What is being overclocked? Do you mean XMP? XMP is disabled by default on AM4 motherboards and the fastest JEDEC timing is used: DDR-2133. I enable XMP and then choose either DDR-2666 or 2933, depending on the CPU (and the RAM, of course - I aim to buy DDR4-3000 at the moment but sometimes 3200 happens to be cheaper. I have some DDR4-2666, which I run at 2666. I buy RAM for each project and always choose from the motherboard vendor's QVL). Nothing is overclocked: the memory controller is in spec and the RAM is spec.
  10. If you want a simple two port controller that fits in a PCIe x1 slot get something that used an ASMedia controller, like an ASM1061 or 1062 which works out of the box. If you want an eight port controller that fits in a PCIe x8 slot get something with an LSI/Avago/Broadcom controller. The Dell Perc H310 is a popular choice but you have to cross flash the firmware, which can be a headache for some people. Avoid cards that use Marvell controllers.
  11. John_M

    Cannot get full network speed over WAN

    WAN test? Were you really asking why your Internet connection was slow? Perhaps your service provider was having problems. If you can move files around your LAN at 1 Gb/s then everything is fine. If your Internet connection isn't up to spec that's a question for your ISP.
  12. John_M

    6.6.0rc1 Pre-Clear

    I believe the problem that was causing it to spam the syslog with PHP errors has been fixed and I understand that the maintainer has been working on the internals. Whether or not it works with 6.6 I don't know but some people have reported that it gets stuck at certain points under unRAID 6.5.3. I suggest you check the support thread and then decide whether you want to try it - you may be able to help with its maintenance if you have a problem and submit your logs.
  13. You have a cable or controller problem. The controller keeps resetting the SATA link: Sep 3 22:25:03 Shinagawa kernel: ata14: hard resetting link Sep 3 22:25:03 Shinagawa kernel: ata14: SATA link up 1.5 Gbps (SStatus 113 SControl 310) Sep 3 22:25:03 Shinagawa kernel: ata14.00: configured for UDMA/66 Sep 3 22:25:03 Shinagawa kernel: ata14: EH complete It's your Unassigned Devices disk. The controller has lost communication with it so it can't be unmounted when you try to shut down, hence the lock up.
  14. John_M

    Netowrk Issue!

    It looks like the keyserver is down: MBP:~ johnm$ ping keys.lime-technology.com PING keys.lime-technology.com ( 56 data bytes Request timeout for icmp_seq 0 Request timeout for icmp_seq 1 Request timeout for icmp_seq 2 Request timeout for icmp_seq 3 Request timeout for icmp_seq 4 ^C