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  1. John_M

    Trouble migrating to new flash drive

    Where are you copying your config folder from? If from you old suspect flash device then it could indeed be corrupt. If from a backup then it's less likely to be corrupt but more likely to be out of date.
  2. Would a disk outside the array, mounted using Unassigned Devices be a possible solution? I'm thinking of a hard disk of 1 to 2 TB capacity, which should be enough to handle your downloads and post-processing but cheaper than an SSD. It would avoid spinning up the array disks unnecessarily and would leave your cache for those applications that would most benefit from its speed. I don't use downloaders myself so I'm not entirely sure of your workflow but presumably you need space to assemble segments of files and when they're complete you may decide to rewrap/transcode/re-scale/subtitle them before finally moving them onto the array.
  3. John_M

    Wrong disk but SN matches

    I think it's likely. The trouble is that it isn't a human-readable file. If you try to view it in a text editor you'll see your disk serial numbers embedded in it but it's essentially a binary file with no easy means of interpreting its contents. Maybe the system ought to keep a second copy on the flash device.
  4. John_M

    Why do my write speeds make no sense?

    Assuming you mean parity checks, this would be a concern. Perhaps you have some bad cables or bad controllers causing CRC errors. Your diagnostics would reveal any problems like that.
  5. John_M

    Unraid OS version 6.6.6 available

    It's detecting it correctly, as 8 TB. It's it "memory" of the disk that's wrong. It's expecting to see a 4 TB disk, so probably a corrupt file on the flash.
  6. John_M

    Unraid OS version 6.6.6 available

    It looks as though your boot flash might be corrupted. You can check it in a PC. You could start a new thread in General Support and post diagnostics.
  7. How do you know? No two of them have remotely similar serial numbers. You might have bought them at the same time but they could well be from different batches and even ones from the same batch won't behave identically. Most hard disks fail either very early in their lives or at a ripe old age. In fact, a lot of Unraid disks get replaced before they fail because their capacity is no longer considered adequate. Yours are neither young nor old - they're somewhere in the middle and they're fine. I notice you said which is completely the wrong approach. If you don't have confidence in your parity disk you really don't want to re-purpose it as a data disk. Remember that to rebuild a failed disk you need all the remaining ones to be perfectly readable. In fact, of all the disks in your array, the parity disk is the most expendable because on its own it holds no useful data, whereas any one of your data disks holds a complete file system. I feel happier with dual parity. I think it's more important, not just on larger arrays, but when larger disks are used because then rebuild times become quite long. Only you can decide whether its a justifiable expense in your case.
  8. John_M

    Cache pool full, but not full

    You do know that the release version of Unraid 6.6 has been out for some time, don't you? The current version is in fact 6.6.6.
  9. Your disks are fine. Stop worrying about them. Just follow trurl's advice and act on any warnings you receive.
  10. Why don't you post your diagnostics and get an opinion based on the SMART reports of your disks instead of FUD from your friend?
  11. John_M

    Equal Spread Loading of Data

    MC doesn't have the most modern looking of interfaces but who cares when it's easy to use, powerful and gets the job done reliably?
  12. Oh yes, you're right. Now, why the &@£$ do they do that?!
  13. John_M

    USB Flash Creator on Windows 10 - ERROR

    I've had problems using the Creator tool* with certain USB flash devices (notably the popular Sandisk Cruzer Fit) but I've never had a problem with the manual method: https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_6/Getting_Started#Manual_Method_.28Legacy.29 *Did you try running it as Administrator? I don't understand your second paragraph at all, I'm afraid.
  14. Well, in that case, according to the table: So it's single rank and DDR-2666 should be fine.
  15. There are ten entries for that part number in the table you referenced. Some of them show dual rank/double sided and some show single rank/single sided, depending on whether they use 16 x 4 Gb or 8 x 8 Gb DRAM chips. For example: and It isn't simply a difference between the Ripjaws V and Trident Z brands - both come in both configurations. The part number you gave me is too generic. When I checked on G.Skill's site it said single/single too. Presumably it only shows the newer type with the bigger chips.