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  1. John_M

    Unraid OS version 6.6.5 available

    The k10temp module only reads the CPU sensors. If you want to monitor motherboard temperatures and fan speeds you need to load the module for the super I/O chip. In my case it's the it87 module (with a forced device ID) but see here: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=IT87-Linux-Driver-Axing Hopefully someone forked the code before he deleted it.
  2. John_M

    Unraid OS version 6.6.5 available

    Not exactly. For an explanation, see here:
  3. That's possible. There have been a lot of USB flash-related problems in this support section over the past few days. Like you say, it could be a coincidence though.
  4. John_M

    (SOLVED) Upgrade to 6.6.5

    That's a nasty way of disabling the mover.
  5. John_M

    DVR app?

    Since you already have Plex you could use its built-in DVR facility. It works with my HD Homerun DVB-T box.
  6. John_M

    (SOLVED) Upgrade to 6.6.5

    You need to remove the -p 80 from the emhttp line. It used to accept a port number but it's now done differently. Make sure you don't remove the ampersand (&) though. You must have added the last line, concerning the mover, for your own reasons. If you no longer need it you can remove it too.
  7. John_M

    (SOLVED) Upgrade to 6.6.5

    It's difficult to tell you what you need to remove if you don't tell us what yours contains! The stock /boot/config/go file looks like this: #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp &
  8. For the record, you can have gaps. The problem was that, having done a New Config and tried to start the array, you had committed that new configuration. It was only a test, in order to discover which disk was the parity disk, so doing another New Config with everything in the right place was the correct thing to do.
  9. John_M

    Server crash

    With faulty RAM all bets are off, so well done for finding it. Hopefully you're now in a good position to complete the parity swap. Post again if you need any more help.
  10. John_M

    Random Reboots

    It would be useful to confirm that the BIOS is configured not to restart when power is restored after an outage, so as to eliminate a number of possibilities. In other words, with situations involving the loss of power it should stay off and not reboot.
  11. You can use the built-in nano editor from the Unraid command prompt - it's very Linux aware
  12. John_M

    Server freezes every 8 hours

    Seeing that mismatched pair of DIMMs made me cringe! It might be ok but I'd try running with just one of them for a while, or replace with a matching pair.
  13. John_M

    Can no longer access WebUI

    In that case you certainly don't need it. Type diagnostics at the console and post the zip file it creates in /boot/logs.
  14. John_M

    Hard Linking troubleshooting steps

    The Mover is hard link safe (and also symlink safe). Perhaps the inode discrepancy you're seeing is a feature of the proprietary FUSE file system. P.S. Bumping three times in a week is bad form.
  15. John_M

    Can no longer access WebUI

    Do you need it to have an IPv6 address? I don't use IPv6, myself. If you want to, you can reset networking to the "factory default" by deleting or renaming /boot/config/network.cfg and, if it exists, /boot/config/network-rules.cfg and rebooting.