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  1. The Preclear plugin has its own support thread here:
  2. How are you entering your key? Make sure there isn't a space or carriage return/linefeed at the end.
  3. You don't have VT-d enabled. Make sure it's set to Enabled (not Auto) in the BIOS. If it still doesn't work, perhaps the BIOS is broken.
  4. The thing that changed is that /root/.ssh is now a symlink to /boot/config/ssh/root/ so that keys are preserved without them needing to be copied from the flash device every time you reboot. If you have modifications to your go file that do that, you need to remove them.
  5. That was not my suggestion. Did you read the thread?
  6. It's impossible to comment further without more information. Your diagnotics might reveal something. Have you tried this?
  7. Apart from a bit of a wobble during the initilisation of the CPU cores, which seems to be fairly common on both AMD and Intel platforms these days, all seems well until Apr 11 19:23:51 SuperGrid kernel: python3[7232]: segfault at e40c5384 ip 000014dd57fa4bd4 sp 000014dd50c21610 error 6 in[14dd57fa4000+1000] Apr 11 19:23:51 SuperGrid kernel: Code: 85 ed 75 8a 80 fa 3d 74 4d 80 fa 0d 74 a0 80 fa 0a 0f 84 d7 01 00 00 80 fa 2e 0f 84 a6 01 00 00 83 ea 2a 45 31 e4 49 83 c1 01 <41> 88 51 ff e9 69 ff ff ff 0f 1f 00 66 0f ef c0 f2 0f 2a 44 24 04
  8. Although support hasn't been added by the Plex devs yet, you can switch back to the lastest version of the application and the latest version of mauimauer's container now. The only thing that doesn't work is HDR tonemapping.
  9. I don't use encrypted volumes, myself. Maybe this post will help, though: There's more discussion here:
  10. I don't know, sorry. I use Mode 6 with Unraid at home. I've used Mode 4 with other hardware (broadcast television servers) at work but I only had to set up the switch as the rest of the hardware came pre-configured.
  11. You can achieve what you describe by simply using Mode 5 or 6, which work with a cheap, dumb switch. Mode 4 is capable of faster (i.e. 2 Gb/s to a single client, in your example) but, as the text you quoted says, everything needs to be compliant.
  12. Yes. Don't forget to run them without the -n option. Both file systems are damaged, which is why they are not mountable. If it says you need to run the check again with the -L option, then do so.
  13. Your first priority should be to make sure your RAM is good. Anything else is pointless if you have bad RAM.