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  1. I don't think the CPU stalls are related to your original question. I just noticed them when reading your diagnostics. I don't know what is causing them but I would look for a newer BIOS or try a different kernel, which means a different version of Unraid.
  2. sh and no: Diagnostics need to be grabbed when the "fault condition" is present to be of any use. There are no gateway timeouts logged. st: Lots of call traces caused by CPU stalls: Jun 14 20:30:41 STiLL kernel: rcu: INFO: rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU Jun 14 20:30:41 STiLL kernel: rcu: 4-....: (59999 ticks this GP) idle=8ca/1/0x4000000000000002 softirq=22290380/22290380 fqs=13683 Jun 14 20:30:41 STiLL kernel: rcu: (t=60001 jiffies g=38409161 q=2336951) Jun 14 20:30:41 STiLL kernel: NMI backtrace for cpu 4 Jun 14 20:30:41 STiLL kernel: CPU: 4 PID: 6520 Comm: unraidd Tainted: G O 4.19.41-Unraid #1 Jun 14 20:30:41 STiLL kernel: Hardware name: ZTSYSTEM CONGAREE12 /A9DRPF-10D, BIOS 1.08 07/06/2012 Jun 14 20:30:41 STiLL kernel: Call Trace: ...
  3. The ASM106x series supports 6 Gb/s SATA III links. It uses the standard ahci driver module and "just works", unlike some Marvell-bases controllers, which are problematic. It supports TRIM on consumer grade SSDs. It supports PCIe v2.0 and is backwards compatible with v1. The actual throughput will be limited by the PCIe slot. I'm not implying anything but I use ASM1062 controllers and I'm happy with them.
  4. Your diagnostics zip (Tools -> Diagnostics) might give a clue as to why it's happening.
  5. If you want an even simpler dual port SATA card that fits in a x1 PCIe slot look for one that uses an ASMedia ASM106x chip.
  6. If you add together all the container sizes you get around 13.3 GB. 36% of 40 GB is 14.4 GB. Is that a problem? I think you're imagining a problem that doesn't exist. Is the space used within docker.img actually increasing?
  7. By default Plex does regular maintenance of its databases, adding new media, purging old removed items and refreshing its metadata but it's also highly configurable so the answer really depends on how you've customised it. You'll find a lot more information on the Plex forums as this isn't an Unraid-specific question.
  8. I don't know about floppies, but CD/DVD/BD drives (/dev/srX) definitely count.
  9. Keyboards and mice don't count but I thought that the virtual disk-like things might. I know that unassigned physical disks that are connected at the time Unraid boots - whether by SATA or USB - do count, as do optical drives.
  10. Do these additional devices count towards the maximum number of connected disks supported by Basic and Plus licenses though (Pro is unlimited)? That could be a potential issue.
  11. You're accessing your BIOS setup remotely, using IPMI or whatever your motherboard manufacturer calls it. That's why you're seeing the AMI virtual keyboard and mouse. Have you got a manual for your motherboard?
  12. I'm glad you found a solution.
  13. No. Don't change it. What you have is correct..
  14. Perhaps you ought to explain why not. Of course, it's completely unnecessary and will wear it a bit but it isn't going to destroy it, is it? I'm not sure it warrants a warning in bold, red and with capitals. I don't see how it would do any more damage than filling it up with files and then deleting them, which is how a lot of people use an SSD as a cache disk. Are logic zeros more wearing to write to NAND flash than a random mix of ones and zeros? I don't know. I'm just curious.
  15. AFP works fine with High Sierra 10.13.6 and Unraid 6.7.0 for me. I can't test with Mojave as none of my Macs are new enough to run it - it doesn't seem as though I'm missing much though, except for a load of hassle and incompatibility.