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  1. Unraid 6.10 has built-in support for splitting the scheduled parity check into multiple shorter periods. See Settings -> Scheduler
  2. The first step to diagnosing is to try a different browser. In fact, try as many browsers as you can. Are there any nginx error messages in the server's syslog? Post your diagnostics whenever you make a bug report.
  3. Those plugins shouldn't be a problem if they are all up to date but you can test by booting into safe mode, which ensures that no plugins are loaded.
  4. It's Disk Utility, in the /Applications/Utilities folder.
  5. I looked for documentation about the about the scrub and balance schedulers that were recently introduced for btrfs volumes. What kind of scrub is done on a schedule? Is it a correcting one or a read-only one, given that there's a choice when a scrub is run manually? What kind of balance is done on a schedule? Is it a full one or one based on partially filled extents? Does the presence of the Block group usage parameter imply that it's the latter?
  6. It looks like you have a problem with your "dockers" pool (corrupt 515432): Apr 25 11:52:19 Unraid1 kernel: BTRFS info (device sdm1): bdev /dev/sdm1 errs: wr 0, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 515432, gen 4
  7. Maybe something in this thread might help:
  8. That looks like a hardware problem to me.
  9. Can you enter the username (it can only be 'root') and password manually? Browsers store username/password combinations against the URL of the page. If you're using https the URL has changed from https://<hash> to https://<local ip address with dashes>.<hash> with this update.
  10. A Samba bug? See here (from page 7 of this thread):
  11. Nov 14 16:23:38 NIKOS-TOWER kernel: amdgpu 0000:0a:00.0: amdgpu: amdgpu: finishing device. According to the syslog snippet you posted you are loading the amdgpu driver which will prevent the card being passed through to a VM. Either stop loading the amdgpu driver or, if you need it for another AMD GPU, bind your 5700XT card to the VirtIO driver on the Tools -> System Devices page. As mentioned in the release notes, at the top of this page, which would explain the different behaviour.
  12. My upgrade from 6.9.2 to 6.10.0-rc2 was uneventful, thank you. Shouldn't that say 'Network traffic' instead of 'General Info'?
  13. It looks like you have the Turbo-write plugin installed. I believe it's responding to the spin-ups and spin-downs, rather than causing them, but it might be worth disabling it temporarily just in case.
  14. I'm not sure how I was meant to know that.
  15. Some HBAs don't support trimming SSDs. Your diagnostics would show how yours is connected.
  16. Corrupt file systems aren't restricted to old devices. Run it again, without the -n option.
  17. You're trying to rebuild Disk 2 but your Parity disk is disabled (see the red cross next to it in your screenshot) so the array can't start because there are too many missing disks. Do you still have your old Disk 2? Is it completely dead? Unfortunately, your new Disk 2 isn't particularly healthy, either. Do you have backups of your important data?
  18. Have you run a file system check on the cache, in case there is corruption?
  19. It seems to be re-starting every minute or so. You said that if you stop that particular container the error messages continue? Try setting it not to auto-start, then reboot, start the array, wait for a while with it not running and if the error messages do indeed continue then post new diagnostics. You might have another problem that's hidden in all the noise. I have no experience of Transmission_VPN so you should check its support thread to see if there are any known issues and then check its configuration and/or re-install it.
  20. John_M

    Latex in Unraid

    Alternatively, you could set up a Linux VM, running your favourite distribution and install whatever packages you want.
  21. The problem container has ID 8a49c72ca63f2abb0a1377cb1d795dac4f10e3167cd3582351deaa48aa277d99. If you go to the Docker page of the GUI and turn on Advanced mode the first 12 hexadecimal digits of the ID of each container are displayed. Does that help you to locate it?
  22. You are correct to say that the Mover doesn't move duplicate files. However the two items you highlighted are directories. You need to compare their contents in order to determine which is the newer version of each file, assuming that's what you want to do.
  23. The file doesn't exist. You are using a manually defined location, so did you ever create the file in the first place?
  24. Something isn't working. It seems like the smart-one.cfg is being ignored. How about editing file manually? You might need to stop/start the array to make it register.