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  1. I've had this "An unexpected network error occurred" problem for years in Unraid. I'm still on Unraid version 5.0.6 and Windows 8.1, and the problem has continued to happen only with Unraid, not other NAS.
  2. I know of the following ways to view pdf files on iOS: - email it as an attachment to myself and open the email. . - drag and drop pdf files into iTunes and sync it with device. - some free pdf apps like PDF Viewer allow you to use a web browser to upload files to the device. - cloud providers such as Dropbox etc As far as I know these methods don't allow direct access to the network share, the Unraid server in this case, without syncing or transferring pdf files first. Does anyone know how to do it?
  3. I have one folder on my Unraid 5.0.6 server with files that cannot be renamed or deleted ("You need permission to perform this action"). These files' contents can be read and written to by everyone, however. These files can also be moved indirectly by moving the parent folder, but the files cannot be moved directly by themselves. Using Windows File Explorer, I tried to go into the folder's settings: Security -> Advanced -> change owner (currently: nobody), but it will not let me ("Access is denied"). Trying to enable inheritance: access denied. How can I take control of these
  4. That's interesting. I haven't checked the official releases lately but I didn't see obvious references to dual parity on at a glance. This seems like an important new feature. If you guys didn't point it out, I wouldn't know anything about it. I think they could advertise it more prominently on the website. I'm still on 5.0.6. Some tips on upgrading to the latest version? I tend to avoid upgrades unless there are new features I want.
  5. That would mostly depend on the number of disks you intend to use. What about 10 disks, or 20?
  6. What about memory size and speed, what would be too small or too slow for say dual parity?
  7. How do we get dual parity now? Edit: I just saw it's a beta feature in unRAID Server Release 6.2.0-beta18. Does it seem reliable yet?
  8. I'm looking for benchmarks on how differences in CPU and memory affects file serving performance, eg CPU PassMark vs MB/s, or memory size/speed vs MB/s. I'd like to build a new Unraid server for file serving only, so if it doesn't make much difference, I can keep costs low.
  9. I upgraded to version 5.0.6. Problem came back and I can't fix it. The user shares are not accessible unless I use the public setting now. Any ideas?
  10. It seems to work, thanks. Update: also had to run the New Permissions utility to get the permissions working.
  11. I just booted up a new installation of version 5.0.6 with default files and no previous configuration files. I am trying to bring my old 4.7-based array back up again. Can I do this simply by assigning each of the old HDDs in the array to the right device slots (parity, disk1, disk2, etc) in the new server?