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  1. bump still trying to figure out if this is my only option to setup FTP sharing outside my network? After watching those videos part 1 is easy , part 2 holy cow
  2. I picked up a Synology 2 bay for 218j just for cloud stuff, this seems way too difficult and looks like it costs money to setup a domain. i will be using unraid though just for plex , will have 192 tb
  3. ok i watched the video this is perfect for my needs,
  4. when you say alittle harder does this mean i am better off getting a NAS that will be easier to setup?
  5. So I have not built my unraid server yet but not sure i want to just yet until i figure out alittle more about the dockers. I was thinking about getting a cheap NAS with built in software i.e. Synology for 200.00 but I am trying to figure out if Unraid can do the following 1. Share files by instantly creating a link for someone to use to download a file off my network 2. Cloud backups such as photos, OS, and view files on the sever from any location Thanks
  6. good idea i have heard of doing that for each bay before putting in all the drives into the backplane.. oh yeah i will make sure the power is split between the cables thanks again!
  7. Thanks for the info you seem to know alot about unraid and how it works. I do not plan on typing any commands in linux i do plan on backing up to spare drives every few years I do have newer power supplies gold evga 800+ watt and i am pretty sure i will not mess up my backplane by inserting the molex backwards , I am using a cheap 24 bay norco with the updated backplane and sas connections
  8. I will be backing it up but not daily and once the data is written and the drive is full it will be only used to read and will most likely not be left on all the time. Its a plex server , and I have been running a JBOD for about 5 years with no issues for plex . Btw you seem like you been on the unraid forums for awhile monitoring peoples experience with unraid , how many have completely lost data with a 2 parity setup? If so what was the cause ?
  9. i understand backups but i have 190tb which is no in my budget to pay for more tb space to back it up, and i think i will be fine with 2 parity unless my house burns down or i get robbed. Also from my understanding data only reads off one drive so i am sure my drives will be fine especially when they are all WD reds..
  10. do you guys run 2 parity? or 1 what do you r ecommend for a 24 bay array? I was thinking about going with 1 parity since really i dont see more than 1 drive going bad at any given time i will be on a really good UPS
  11. ok so you are saying i can have all 10tb drives for data and have 8tb paritiy that doesnt make sense
  12. If i have a unraid 24 bay drive and 2 drives are for redundancy if a drive fails are they two drives need to be the largest drives in the array? I am running 8- and 10 TB drives
  13. my bad looks like my LAST PCI express port is giving it issues on my Z370, i moved it up one slow and it works , such a shame i wanted to add SLI in the future update will work fine now on last port but slight longer delay on bootup for some reason.. Running 13 HDDS 8 on mobo and 5 on the SAS ports