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  1. Hello Can someone help me figure out why chapters are not working on the official docker? Am I missing something ? Or do these take a loooooooooooong time to aquire. Thanks
  2. Does XFS Encryption cause overhead slowdown when drives fill up? Also how does one change the passphrase password when starting the array? I thought Limetech was going to implement this
  3. I am on the latest unraid offcial, would like to find the option to change the passphrase , i am not using a keyfile.
  4. I am on the latest unraid offcial, would like to find the option to change the passphrase , i am not using a keyfile.
  5. how do you change your passphrase on the newest version, ? I thought limetech was going to implement this in the GUI?
  6. can someone please explain what is the issue with the sleep plugin? I am running a Asrock Taichi z370 motherboard intel cpu . The server goes to sleep but when the keyboard is pressed the server boots /hard drive spins but I get no picture? The system is clearly on but can no see anything on the screen , so i have to press the power button to shut it off. I am using the IGPU on the processor and have turned on S3-S4, 5 in the bios , nothing sees to work What could be the issue? I tried using a ps2 keyboard thinking it was something to do with usb being plugged in . Not sure what else to do? can you help suggest something? Maybe I need a ASUS motherboard? different brand? dont get this
  7. Thanks , I guess its probably not worth the hassel i might transfer 300gb-400gb every 2 weeks
  8. sorry had to revive this thread Do you guys use the "verify" option in teracopy when copying over files ? Not sure if this is required especially copying over movies i.e. ,mkv. I hate to screw up a file
  9. Worth it to upgrade to 10gb switch and network cards? I guess if my cache ssds are in raid 0 , and say I am running a 2 TB NVME drive could i transfer 1000 mb /sec? over cat 7? i guess once my data is on the array , transfering it back to my desktop client would bbe slower? since the data is on the mechanical?
  10. thanks great info. You wouldnt happen to know how to awake from sleep using the plugin? My motherboard does not have a S3 option just S4-S5 i have no idea what this means but when I come out of sleep it is just a blank screen Thanks
  11. I do not have the option S3 wake in my bios intel Asrock z270. All it shows is S4-S5 wake When I go to wake unraid it shows a black screen , what seems to be the i ssue? Thanks
  12. Sorry for the long overdue reply. several months later lol Just got my server up and running 192TB using a 24bay norco filled up 7700k intel "will be upgrading to a 10900k in a few months" 32gb ram 3600mhz cas 15 2080 TI for plex transcoding two 2TB 860 EVOs for cache I am about to start a parity for my array so it is protected. I read on here you should not copy anything until this is completed. I understand why I also know its not best to assign my paritiy drives just yet , i might use two 12tb drives so I will wait until everything is copied over about 72tb Will install my 2080 TI after everything is completed and I setup plex to use the gpu for transcoding. So since I got all the experts on , is there anything I should be aware of? Also when I go upgrade my CPU /MOBO what do I do? Just install everything and then what? Sorry for the newb questions, i am going to start watching space invader again soon
  13. Just curious if i I should be adding hdd serial numbers on the outside of the case on each removable hdd slot so I have a better way to track where the hard drives are ? What is the best way for a 24 bay hdd array ? Thanks
  14. correction 2TB SSD i got two for cache