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  1. my bad looks like my LAST PCI express port is giving it issues on my Z370, i moved it up one slow and it works , such a shame i wanted to add SLI in the future update will work fine now on last port but slight longer delay on bootup for some reason.. Running 13 HDDS 8 on mobo and 5 on the SAS ports
  2. Thanks for the response. Just curious though.. I bought 3 of these Dell H310 and flashed them with IT MODE , two will be used for a future unraid built , the other Dell H310 will be used in my desktop PC using windows 10. I just received some forward breakout cables just researched and would seem i have the correct cables.. However upon booting into my windows 10 PC. The Dell H310 controller is conflicting with my motherboards sata controller but making most of the HDDs disappear. Upon unpluging the Dell H310 it works fine.. My only theory is that I need to flash the bios onto the car so it can recognize the 8 HDDs on the Dell H310. Or is there something I am missing? My norco 4224 build uses SAS to SAS so that should not be an issue with my future plex server build using Unraid. But since learning to flash I assumed this IT mode Dell card could be used as a SATA BOD controller on my windows 10 PC. Thanks for your help man!
  3. oh i think i get what you are saying , so since i bought the dell h310 it will say in the OS dell HBA 6GBPS , the LSI card will say LSI and stay LSI in the subsystem because in the end it doesnt matter since both cards are using the same driver and IT mode
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-H310-6Gbps-SAS-HBA-w-LSI-9211-8i-P20-IT-Mode-for-ZFS-FreeNAS-unRAID/162834659601?epid=19006955695&hash=item25e9b3b911:g:3TgAAOSwTf9ZWHPf see photos
  5. OIC thanks for the input.. I guess I was expecting my board name to change to LSI 9211 when listing the info in dos. Maybe the confusion is on ebay where resellers are selling a former Dell H310 and showing a screen shot of listing the info in dos where it shows board name "lsi 9211 8i" So i guess there is no way to change it? Because from my understanding you could flash a firmware to make it LSI which mine is in IT mode. Users on here seem to think LSI firmware is the best , i thought i used the wrong firmware ,
  6. Can anyone explain why my Dell H310 crossflash firmware with LSI shows Dell 6gbps sas hba under windows? Also after the flashing It still says Dell 6gbps sas hba next to BOARD NAME? Everyone else I see online show LSI 9211!? I did not flash any bios onto the cards as I want faster bootup times. Thanks!
  7. Awesome thanks and should be no problem in windows 10?
  8. hey thanks for the info.. I noticed under windows 10 it is listed as a Dell 6gbs SAS HBA i was curious why it was not listed as a LSI , i guess the name cant be changed. I am on P19 , also can this reflashed IT mode card be used under windows 10 also? Hopefully it will work with 8tb or 10tb, i think i read somewhere it should not matter
  9. Can someone lead me to the right direction or be kind enough to provide a link to the lastest firmware . I would like to put my dell H310 to IT mode using the latest firmwares or does it really matter? Also is it a waste of time to flash the bios onto the card or will this just increase boot time ? I heard everything can be seen in unraid anyway
  10. CSIG1001

    Is preclear still important?

    question what if you have 24 drives to preclear?
  11. Update looks like i will be using a i8700 paired with a Classified FTW , my 850+gold psu and a Hyper 212x,. Should net me a higher cpu passmark for plex even at stock speeds vs a 7700k at 4.7 ghz, Is there any reason unraid would need a beefy video card other than to help plex transcode? The super nova 650 will be sold and will use the 240 rad in a different pc build in the future. What a deal 219.00 shipped to the house. QTY PRICE EVGA Z370 FTW, 134-KS-E377-KR, LGA 1151, Intel Z370, HDMI, SATA 6Gb/s, USB 3.1, USB 3.0, ATX, Intel Motherboard Item #: 134-KS-E377-KR ($219.99 each) 1 $219.99 EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G1+, 80 Plus Gold 650W, Fully Modular, FDB Fan, 10 Year Warranty, Includes Power ON Self Tester, Power Supply 120-GP-0650-X1 Item #: 120-GP-0650-X1 ($109.99 each) 1 $109.99 EVGA CLC 240 Liquid / Water CPU Cooler, RGB LED Cooling 400-HY-CL24-V1 Item #: 400-HY-CL24-V1 ($119.99 each) 1 $119.99 Promotion Discount Coupon #: DC:518-JU-7416-01 1 ($230.00) Subtotal: $219.97 Tax (0.00%): $0.00 Shipping via UPS Ground: $0.00 Order Total: $219.97
  12. Its ok because i have to take out the fan bracket when i run my cables. I have left over 120mm fans which are quieter and produce better airflow. Just ordered Six 32" SAS cables for 24.00 shipped.. Not bad , will have alot of extra cable and will just zip tie them off. 15 inch cables in the norco were kinda short,
  13. I was going to go with Nocua 1300 pwms figured id save myself 42 bucks buying 3x fans then I found my 2xcougar fans 800-1500 RPM with anti vibration pads down in the basement, and will be using a 120mm corsair fan that lights up red. The corsair fan is not as quiet as the cougar but i am sure this combo fan setup in the Norco 4224 will help with noise and airflow alot vs the stock fans which i heard were atrocious . I will leave the 80mm fans at the rear stock. Not too concerned about noise since this case will be in the basement where it is cool and dry
  14. Thanks I will go ahead and order my sas cables and run the SSDs off the motherboard with Sata cables.. Makes sense thanks johnnie should i be concerned about buying sas cables on ebay that might be only 3gbps?