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  1. From what i have read i should not set my ups to shut off, because it will or may not (Tripplite). Although it seems that setting it to shut off after the computer shuts down would be worth trying? Anyhow does this look good enough to just get my server shut off if the power goes out? I set it to 30 seconds and assume that will be what happens versus runtime or batt level? Is there a safe way to test this and see if it is working? maybe just start the server but not the array and unplug ups from wall? See attached screen shot of config. Thanks.
  2. FrozenGamer

    CyberPower ok to use with Unraid?

    Darn , i missed that window, my brother is just flying out now! - hope fully i can get some feedback from someone who has used this one specifically with that one - easy to get from costco and have a friend bring back. Scary stuff that the last link i shared though.
  3. FrozenGamer

    CyberPower ok to use with Unraid?

    I have an option for my brother to pick up one of these cyberpowers and bring it to me in alaska in just a few hours. sounds like a bit of a gamble but that it will most likely work for the shutdown only from what i have read so far. - or not - seems like anything i can find has a problem in the forums -
  4. Ok, if i understand correctly no dice on the quick check of 6tb drives but since i have fast reads, my next parity check should be a lot faster.
  5. Splitting the 2 parities to different Chassis improved speeds by 30 to 50 percent. Speeds around 20MB/s for mover now. (EDIT) - maybe it didn't but it went up higher than ever before initially... I am thinking digging around for an old SLI capable motherboard and see if i can put 2 sas cards in instead of 1. As far as switching out the Parity drives, if i can locate 2 8tb drives that are, or 6tb drives (since i haven't incorporated any 8tb into this array for data) --- Can i try a parity check with write to some test drives without messing up my 2 8tb seagates? just shut down, put originals back in for parity and start it back up?
  6. Ironically i am seeing 6tb drives for 109 finally coming down in price!
  7. Parity check without correction speeds are about 90MB/s to start, which seems to be fixed. When i am using mover i get 10 to 15 MB/s still while writing to parity. I have considered splitting the parity drives - so that one is in one chassis and one in the other and doing a move to see if that changes things. Any other suggestions?
  8. FrozenGamer

    Slow Parity Sync/Rebuild

    Rebuild done.
  9. FrozenGamer

    Slow Parity Sync/Rebuild

    My rebuild will be done in about 6 hours. I will do the xfs repair on disk 2 as suggested. Any other troubleshooting tips for tonight?
  10. FrozenGamer

    Preclear plugin

  11. FrozenGamer

    Preclear plugin

    If i install preclear plugin as per instructions on post 1, using gfjardim, will it work on 6.5 unraid? Or are there still problems?
  12. FrozenGamer

    Slow Parity Sync/Rebuild

    I will wait for it to finish in a few more days. then start with that xfs repair you recommended and the tunables. Do you know why it continues to write parity drives past 6tb when the only drives larger than 6 are the parity drives? is it just putting additional parity in to fill the space?
  13. FrozenGamer

    Slow Parity Sync/Rebuild

    I have been looking for documentation to show that it is 1GB/s. But i cant find it. I believe that is what it is though.
  14. thats what i thought! thanks johnnie