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  1. thanks @trurl all advice is very appreciated as I am new, still new enough to be using the trial version of unraid infact. Thanks!
  2. @Squid So I am still pretty new to all this, and don't understand where it says pre-fail and old age are they just "normal states" for all drives regardless if its a new or old drive as long as they are working? I have a 1TB drive I got with some gear and don't want to use it if I just have to replace it in a month or so. Thats what lead me to this thread and the look into HDsentinel for the expected life left portion of the report. Attached is the report from unraid.
  3. The website doesn't give much info on how to, the only thing with any real info is the changelog and that doesn't exactly work as a guide.
  4. OK, so next question is there a way to download a recipe book or pdf or anything to Grocy, or do I have to manually enter everything????? Any suggestions on this at all? I would like to set it up so my partner and kid can just open the tablet and there it all is.
  5. Any chance this would work with a tablet and intergrate with a barcode scanning app or something? Or do I need a direct attached usb scanner? Great program btw very well done!!!